Danny! - Payback

Title: Payback
Release Date: September 25, 2012
Duration: 1 hour, 19 minutes
Label: Okayplayer Records
Album Type: Studio

1.  overture

2.  myintrotoletuknow

3.  little black boy

4.  get up

5.  evil

6.  even louder

7.  phonte

8.  sh*t starters

9.  overture (reprise)

10.  speed

11.  go that-a-way

12.  misunderstood

13.  i don't wanna hear that sh*t (remix)

14.  do it all over again

15.  keep your head to the sky

16.  far away

17.  payback

Danny! [seizes] upon his opportunity for catharsis, delivering an album of tightly produced meditations on the state of the [music] industry.

Gregory Heaney,  Allmusic


No lyrics available. Chell murders the track though.

[Verse 1]
I came from a bad block
Hoopties and rag tops
Boosters in flat tops, they was +Watching the Throne+
I used to walk through the ghetto
Barefoot, a pocket of stones
My homie told me stow the stogie behind the ear
So they would leave me alone
Befriended niggas in high places and low
They had one thing in common
They persuaded me to go
"Get out the hood," they'd tell me
Genius is never nurtured
In circumstances where virture is happenstance
I had a plan
Few times aborted them
False starts, 'bout four of them
Lucky for me, Biggie and 'Pac was reinforcing 'em
My beats were tweaked
'Til I was a beast, hurtin' 'em all
But fuck these niggas
Yo my circle was small
And it still is, I got that from Ghost and Rae
Back in the day, was so funny
Man they ain't like nobody
But people giving me grief?
Pop shots at competition
Hold on I'm skippin' ahead
What the fuck am I missin'?
My mission was simple
Simpletons slept, simple as that
Big dreamer regardless
Wimbleton's next, win all the stacks
Rode around in my Hyundai
With my demo tape blarin'
Without a care in the world
White folks would steady be starin'
Karen told me to get used to it
Since I was pursuin' music
Transcended the hood
Well-dressed so I look good doing it
The same niggas that told me to leave the ghetto
The same ones that hate me today
I must be special
God gave me a gift
And told me to share it, don't knock it
You don't like it?
Donald Glover just dropped a tape
Go cop it
I hear it's quote-unquote "progressive"
Might wanna go download that

[Verse 2]
Good as new
Oh your song got twenty reblogs?
Good for you
I'm thinkin' bigger than internet
With J-J-Jigga on line one, I'm set
Just a matter of time
'Til y'all realize I'm the best
Since I've been through this drama
I'll talk to these kids and they mama
I am Barack Obama
So I split my sentence with commas
Now see they call me a commie
And if the shoe fits, then fuck it
But if it don't, then suicide is committed, kick buckets
Now who's the king of these rudimentary ruthless rap lyrics?
Who can stare at his reflection
With a toothhy grin and crack mirrors?
Flip flop from rockin' hip-hop consumers
To puttin' out product
Hotter than water in Botswana and Ghana combined
The paradigm has been shifted
A pair of dimes and some bitches
Is all I need in this life of mine
Divine intervention
Fuck all that other shit
Almost sold my soul to Satan, baby
Payback was a suicide mission
'Til Okayplayer saved me
They said the industry is shady
And need to be taken over
Well here go my four-leaf clover, I'm turnin' it in
Hoping the world remembers me
As a rebel with raw talent
The devil in me, evil as Jekyll with all malice
So don't you ever try to front like I can't rap
Or my beats don't slap, i.e. don't crack
Jokes about a soldier
Whose whole composure is balanced
On a line thin as coke
That Rick Ross snorts in his palace
Na na na

[Verse 1]
Guess who's bizzack
Still catchin' flack for my prose
Don't make me have to read maps to you hoes
My life's an atlas, at last
Skinny nigga made it
And you see how I filet it like a catfish, that fast
The story starts in 1983
Maybe he will be one of the greats
But for now we'll call him baby D
Zig-zaggin' down the block
From the way he talk
You see he get his swagger from his pops
Pops wasn't there, wasn't fair
Had to seek direction
From his cousins, yeah
Gettin' into trouble was his predilection
Doin' dumb shit, not knowin' what he know now
That petty shit will have you cased up and locked down
If it wasn't for my Granny Faye
I'd probably never be the sensible responsible Danny today
"Boys will be boys", that's what my granny'd say
And before she went to bed I'd hear my granny pray

[Verse 2]
From the womb to the tomb
The fast life'll put you out
Sooner than you want to if you're destined for doom
You gotta play the hand you're dealt
But fortunately for me I had a little bit of help
Whether keepin' me in line
Or being quick with the belt
If I was smellin' myself
Eternal gratitute goes out to all the elders that felt
Compelled to share their wisdom
To a seed that was fixin' to succeed
They'd concede that they see somethin' in him
See him walkin' down the street
They'd just marvel and stare
Watch him put away his toys
And trade his marbles for a pair of textbooks
Yes, look at this beautiful boy
Black as the night, but he's bright
He's the new du Bois
The new Langston Hughes
Could've stayed a deviant
And joined a gang or two
But yo, thanks to you
I let that crap go
Black rose growin' from the pavement
Ashy nigga needed guidance and you gave it
You saved him

[Chorus: Amel Larrieux]
I know you're down
When you gon' get up?
I see you're down
When you gon' get up?
I know you're down
When you gon' get up?
I see you're down
When you gon' get up?

[Verse 1]
Wish that I could tell you it gets better
Man, it's kinda hard to stay positive
Positivity only gets you but so far
Shoot for the stars
You'll mess around get hit by a car
That's just the cynicism seizin' me
How am I supposed to motivate
When half these motherfuckers don't believe in me?


[Verse 2]
Wish that I could tell you it gets better
I see 'em tryin' to work the system
But I wanna make the system work for me
We're all connected through our imperfections
Octogenarians to junior in the nursery
Word, to say "it's easy to be a leader"'s misleading
We need some good examples
From the time that we teethin'
To be the change that we wanna see
That's why I never bother entertaining these wanna-bes
I know my own worth
And everyone should know their own
Irresponsible youth
Are causing mayhem
When they really need a confidence boost
I wanna be the one they look up to
But every now and then
I wake up in the morning, need some confidence too
Sucks but it's true
Lil' nigga with big dreams, it sucks to be you


Ayo, turn off that backpack kum ba ya bullshit, man
Roll some fuckin' weed up

[Chorus: Gavin Castleton]
Evil, I feel the sickness running under my skin
Father, when I get up to heaven, gonna let me in?
People will judge me
But I know they haven't been where I've been
I know the day's gonna come when I gotta repent
But until then, I just keep runnin' and runnin' and runnin'

[Verse 1]
I keep on runnin'
But I don't know where I'm goin'
The shit is just mind-blowin'
Surrounded by circus clowns
And I'm sick of the pie throwing
Ridiculous, I ain't knowin' where to locate my saneness
Whoops, I meant to say sanity, Danny! is brainless
Whoops, I meant to pray near this canopy bed
Too bad there's too many hookers layin' in it
Danny! is shameless
You lames just shuck 'n jive like Andy & Amos
Co-signed by two giants
Y'all still don't know who D. Swain is?
I'm sayin'


[Verse 2]
Ayo, was thought to be a pleasant guy my entire life
But something snapped in me, nowadays I ain't wired right
Paranoia got me feelin' like I'ma die tonight
Somebody gon' merk the kid
For all of the dirt I did
I swear I'm only human
But I'm one step away before the evil consumes him
Engraved in his tomb with a reputation in ruins
Y'all know the deal
I act aloof to hide that I'm real scared
Thought I outran my demons
Rearview mirror, they still there


[Bridge 1: Gavin Castleton & Aaliyah]
You wanna criticize me
But yo I don't know what to tell ya
(Don't know what to tell ya)
You wanna crucify me
But yo I don't know what to tell ya
(Don't know what to tell ya)
You wanna hold down me
I swear I don't know what to tell ya
(Don't know what to tell ya)
You wanna pop shit at me
But yo I don't know what to tell ya
(Don't know what to tell ya)
Only God can judge me


[Bridge 2]
Sometimes I feel like doin' a beat
Sometimes I don't
Sometimes I feel like movin' my feet
Sometimes I don't
Sometimes I feel like doin' a beat
Sometimes I don't
Sometimes we make you move your feet
Sometimes we don't

[Verse 3]
I'm evil than a motherfucka
Fuck yeah I claim it
Come and see me you motherfuckas
I walk the line between a saint
And a sinner, nigga
We're all the same, you think we ain't?
Guess again, my nigga
Came to the game, stole a loaf of bread to feed myself
Read 'tween the lines, it paid off, now my records sell
I got the feeling that you tryin' to judge me
Well, H-E-L-L, y'all can go to hell

[Bridge 2]


[Outro: Amber Tamblyn]
Father, forgive me
I'm not the daughter I should be
Now he's in a coffin off Grand Street
Should've kept his hands off me

[Verse 1: Danny!]
I don't do white music
I don't do black music
I make +Trap Muzik+, so crack two ribs
The next time you clubbin' and you throwing bows
It ain't a party 'til you leavin' with a broken nose
Walked in the door with an overcoat, older than Cicely Tyson
Tryin' to find a hoe would get with me
Aight son, time to wrap it up
Try to mack a slut
Preferably a sheltered undergraduate
You know the type, pseudo-feminist advocate
Leader of the chess club, closeted masochist
Marley T-shirt but she don't actually smoke or drink
Thinks Childish Gambino's actually dope
Bitch please
Come and kick it with a real nigga
My name is Danny Swain
I bait and kill strippers
Shorty hit me with the lazy wave
'Til I casually mentioned that I was Jay-Z's fave, swag

[Verse 2: Donwill]
Pulled the mask so you know it's me
It's all puff puff pass 'til I smoke yo' beat
One draw for the frail, exhale yo' inhale
I'm awfully swell, how you? Oh well
Thanks for asking, bang bang I'm blastin'
But not that shit, my bad I am it
The tour van laughin' like, "What y'all see?"
Never mind, I'm on stage with a mobbed-out seats
Damn Danny!, don't mention it or censor it
Ain't my opinion though, I don't really give a shit
Dan, ?uest fill me in, the fans said gimme this
We've been fam since the internet, like my penmanship
So when Bill said, "It better be good"
We respond with a classic in every hood
Moonlit 'til it was full time by puttin' in overtime
Payback's a bitch and I want all of mine

[Verse 3: Von Pea]
Lookin' like a new Joe and Darryl
Three stripes apparel
Lames throwin' up a fake cheese like Sbarro
While sub-tweetin'
"Sub" means "under me", have a nice weekend
Looking for a girlie to sweat her perm out
And leave my house on a natural hair journey
Do her like old New York with the plan
Park in her garage my Larry Levan
Oh Dan, whose name you say this time?
Wait a minute that's my nig -
Sike, anyway it's too late
Girl, let a nigga peel off your boob tape
I have this version of the album and the other
Wanna hear Pharrell, ma?
She was like, "I'm coming"
Left the release, she's born again
So I found us a priest
And she mounted the piece

[Swizz Beatz]
Everyday is showtime

We don't give a fuck 'cause we just
Drinkin', smokin', breezin', coastin'
I don't give a fuck up in this party, baby
We don't give a fuck 'cause we just
Drinkin', smokin', breezin', coastin'
I don't give a fuck up in this party, baby

Yo, what up?
D. Swain, Danny!
What up, it's Phonte bruh
Yo, I'm just checkin' in on you, man
I'm trying to make sure you good, like
I was, I was watching the news
Shit, I'm lyin' nigga
Don't nobody watch the news no more
I was reading Twitter, snd uh
I saw like, nigga
How many charges you facin'?
Goddamn! Dog, you- nigga
Look man, they...man
Ay, look bruh, look man
Don't do nothin' crazy, bruh
I know shit is kinda crazy but yo
Don't do nothin' crazy now
I know you bruh, like
Don't be goin' to Europe and shit
Yanahmsayin? You tryin' to disappear in Europe
It ain't good - hell, it ain't 'bout
Seven niggas over there anyway, so
You might wanna buy you some sandals, you could maybe
Blend in with the Africans over there, yanahmsayin?
Yeah bruh, don't go to Europe, man
And plus, you married, your wife she'll probably damn
Find you before the feds do
You know she got the tracking device on you and shit
So uh
Look man, just, look
I'm praying for you bruh
Okay? So just be smart, be cool
Don't do nothin' crazy, don't get retarded
Younahmsayin? Don't nigga it up
Just be smart, be cool and it'll all blow over
Aight? Shout me out later, bruh

[Intro: DJ Kay Slay]
Ayo this DJ Kay Slay the Drama King
And I'm rockin' with the little homie
Danny motherfuckin' Swain!
Producer! Rapper! Actor!
Whatever the fuck you want him to be, ya heard me?
This is the motherfuckin' Payback album
For you bitch-ass niggas
Let's go!

Oh my goodness
They ain't ready for this one man

[Verse 1: Agallah]
I'm Clark Kent in the booth, I turn to Swoopyman
You damn right I fuck fans, call me Groupie Man
Propane is the clique, we get it loopy, damn
Quiet on the set, action, I'm a movie man!
Ag the Don and Danny Swain
We the new Slick Rick and Daddy Kane
Y'all niggas Danity Kane
Pass the champagne, I rep the campaign
I rep Propane, we gooed out, butane
I'm so insane, trained to rock stadiums
They tryin' to hang with the bars like gymnasiums
I tell you cats to hold your heads like craniums
Bullets can't stop the flow, it's titanium
Victory I'm tastin' it, paper still chasin' it
Top five I'm erasing 'em, anthrax I'm lacing 'em
Presidents I'm takin 'em, ragged up, I'm raking 'em
Whole things I'm breakin' 'em
Shakedown I'm shakin' 'em, 'chea

[DJ Kay Slay]
Droppin that back-to-back heat
At you lame-ass motherfuckers
You already know what time it is
Kay Slay, Drama King, Street Sweepers

[Verse 2: Danny!]
I only roll with winners
Never lames
I keeps a bad bitch
I call her Etta James
She got a fat ass, tats homie
Plus the hooker's smart
She do my taxes for me
I keep my friends close
And my enemies closer
Got them guns tucked
Inside my penny loafers
Mayne, it's D. Swain on the track
Got them goons on speed dial
In case y'all niggas wanna scrap
Don't let the frame fool ya
I'll bust a nigga's head
I'll do my best to school ya
Don't trust a bitch with bread
'Cause a hoe with money
She'll call the body snatchers
Put a price on yo' head
Then throw a party after

Ladies and gentlemen, OMG
I know you didn't see this one coming
Straight outta Brooklyn, my former boss
Your friend and mine, El-P!

[El-P of Run The Jewels yo!!1!one!]
Yo Danny!
Yo I need you to get the cab man
Uh, $15 plus tip

[Verse 3: El-P]
Blah blah blah
Rappity rap rap
Blabbity bloo blah
(Peep the recycled verse on Pitchfork, pa)

[Verse 1]
Danny boy I love ya
You know you're like none other
I look, I look up to you
'Cause you're my older brother
But lately I've been worried for ya
Ever since you got that deal
It's like they all been thirsty for ya
I can't imagine how you feel
I'll keep it real
I know it's happenin' fast
I seen the work you put in
I know it's meant to last
But the way you're headed you can forget it
These beats ain't gon' keep you out of trouble
Ain't gon' keep you out these streets
Man you know what they say about that fast life
E'rybody got a fuckin' appetite
But as soon as a motherfucker grab a bite
They crash, right?
Look at Eminem, yo he crashed twice, spazzed out
I don't want you to go down that route
I'm signing off, sealed with a kiss
Sincerly yours, sis

Both feet on the ground
Never slowin' down
I know I'm gonna die
But first I gotta ride

[Verse 2]
Danny boy I love ya
You know you're like none other
I birthed and fed and raised you
Because I am your mother
What's this I'm hearin' about?
You out, you in the streets late
Boy I raised you better than that for Pete's sake
I know you makin' money
Of course your family's proud
But that same money can attract the wrong crowd
It's all fun and games
Until somebody points a gun at your brain
Sometimes your enemies and your friends
Are one and the same
And I tell ya, that line gets blurry quick
Think about your grandmother
You know she's worried sick
And me? I don't wanna be one of them mothers
That's called to the morgue
Because my son decided to live and die by the sword
And I'm so tired it's like, my soul's tired
What happened to the Danny that used to sing in the choir?
You were that little black boy that everyone appointed
As the next big thing
I think they're disappointed
Get your act together son

It's gonna get in you, child of the night
And the hood rolls on
How do I begin to do this shit right?
Get my hustle on
It's gonna get in you, child of the night
And the hood rolls on
How do I begin to do this shit right?
Get my hustle on

[Verse 3]
Three in the morning on the West Side Highway
And I got the top down
I'm cruisin', and been usin'
That marijuana nonstop now
Got Belvedere in that system
And UGK in that system
And way too many complications in my life to list 'em
This shit is gettin' crazy
My life is a rollercoaster
I'm closer to goin' postal
Can't control my composure
Last week I was attacked by the jack boys, a setup
Nobody gave me a heads-up, don't know who to trust
And everyone's concerned about me
My sister, my mama
But now my life it just consists of drama
What I'ma tell 'em?
They wrote me letters to better me
What I'ma mail 'em?
Runnin' low on these dreams, kid
What I'ma sell 'em?
Gotta get my head right
Before I'm beat like egg whites
Oh shit, was that a red light?

Type of nigga made prone to blow
Look homeboy, I know I'm your hero
But get your friend and your girl and um
Get 'em all, take 'em back down where you came from
Was a fan that I used to know
You're a stan and you gots to go
See the front door
No more freestyles tryin' to get signed
You out of time
And you just crossed the boundary line homie
No diggity, I already know I'm the shit
You illiterate son of a bitch, but uh
I ain't tryin' to be cocky
I'm not being rude
But you broke into my dressing room dude
Want my music? Here you go
Autograph, that's fa sho'
Backstage pass to my show
But why you gotta follow me to the bathroom yo?
What you think, I'm Big K.R.I.T.?
I don't play that shit
Need three feet when I piss
Don't get your fuckin' wig split

Why you botherin' me?
"D. Swain, check out my mixtape bro!"
Give me space to breathe
"Yo I'm sayin', can a nigga get a verse though?"
I think you should leave
You make me uncomfortable dog
Go that-a-way
And kill the attitude holmes
'Cause I keep enough fist to punch that away
Why you botherin' me?
"Yo D, I bought you a mixed drink"
Give me space to breathe
"Check out my beats, lemme know what you think"
I think you should leave
You make me uncomfortable dog
Go that-a-way
And kill the attitude holmes
'Cause I keep enough fist to punch that away

And stop poking me on Facebook too
C'mon fam, that's mad homo
Not that there's anything wrong with that
I like gay people, youknowwhatI'msayin'
Like I listen to Wiz Khalifa sometimes, you feel me
But, don't get it twisted
Fans are cool
It's the stans and the opportunists I don't like
You know the type
They just heard about you a week ago
Saw the Jigga co-sign, the Questlove co-sign whatever
Saw you on MTV
And now they all in your space after you get off stage
Talkin' bout "yeah dog, we rootin' for you man
I always knew you was gonna blow up but uh
Check out my Soundcloud, lemme know what you think"
What kind of fan is that?
You just tryin' to put yourself on my nig
Then you got the dudes that email you everyday on Facebook
Retweet all your tweets, knowwhatI'msayin'
Heard about your show and drove 3000 miles to see you
Then they try to get your attention
But you're too busy locking eyes
With the Lisa Bonet look-a-like in the front row
So now they mad
And drive 3000 miles back home
Defriend you on Facebook
Block you on Twitter
Untumble you on Tumblr
Leak your unreleased songs that they sucked somebody off to get
And talk mad shit about you online
Like "yeah yeah", knowwhatI'msayin'
On some "yeah Danny's a bitch
He snubbed me, he's lame anyway, fuck him"
Motherfucker I didn't see you
I didn't see you because breasts, my nigga
Because breasts
You mad?
You gonna cry bro?

[Verse 1: Lil B]
Yeah I'm so misunderstood
When I'm in the hood
Mindset so far like I'm in the woods
He left the game too soon like Tiger Woods
If I make a couple million, I'm good
They think that I changed since I drive a Bentley
I'm still the same man and my brain not empty
I still see the hate 'cause the game is in me
They try to take my F.O.O.D. 'cause they say I'm friendly
But they don't want no war with the beast that's in me
I leave 'em underground, now they life is history
Sometimes I feel like the world's against me
I keep my head up, stay away from ten feet
Keep cool, calm and collected
Jay-Z, you my fam 'cause our paths intercepted
In New York, respected
Live one life so it's always a blessing
Misunderstood ain't close to me
I'm the definition, I'm the hope you see
I came from the bottom, I was broke for free
Now I'm on top, you takin' notes from me
But stay humble, 'cause we all could lose it
They say life's a movie
We could lose it
Life's a movie, I'm misunderstood

[Verse 2: Danny!]
Now as I walk into the studio, smokin' some hash
With Lil B, I get a call from Rick's dad
Said his girlfriend Tina, she just went back to rehab
And when I heard it I just looked at my pad
Now see on the second hand, they've already been through a lot
When Rick and Tina got together she'd been off of that rock
For 'bout a year and change
Niggas tellin' Rick, "you're insane"
But when you love someone enough you get immune to the pain
Now Tina lost her mom and dad when she was young and was orphaned
Was raped at seventeen and had to get an abortion
She never trusted a soul, but she trusted Rick
Persistent little nigga, went to college and shit
He saw the beauty in her, but it was never enough
Because the taunting and the teasing Rick endured was too much
She didn't wanna put him through that
So she went back to do crack
Man... she ain't had to do that
She probably could've talked to Rick and Rick could tell her
To turn a blind eye to it all like Helen Keller
Instead she let it get to her and now she relapsed
Two steps forward and three steps back
I could've rapped about my hard times in this song
But heaven knows I would've been wrong
I wouldn't've been right, y'all wouldn't've cared anyway
It wouldn't've been life, it wouldn't've been good
So misunderstood

[Verse 3: Blu]
She didn't know me, she didn't want to
She didn't want to want to want you
She told a different story then I'ma goin' to
She kept goin' and goin', now I'm gone too
I'm in the liquor store nigga, don't fuck with me
Tryin' to get some dope to cope, a blunt and leave
I'm thinking 'bout a better day
She told me 'bout it back when I was proud
And told me she would see me out another way
But she never did, the devil stayed
Bought a dress walked around my house
Like she never came, dang
Ghostface Killah up in this bitch
I got a knife and a bat and a hammer, what's good?
I could bust your shit, cut your shit
Cripple a nigga, nigga crush your shit
Just to get up out the drama
I'm appalled by the god in this bitch
She think she's Cher
No Sonny she don't even care
It ain't funny, I'm a bear
Walk around bare-naked
Countin' money with a woman there
Naked in the chair in front of me
Understand? Didn't think so bro
Because the flow's so misunderstood
Danny!, Lil B
B-L.. you suckas!

[Verse 1]
Why'd you call me so late tonight?
Let me guess: somebody else
Has broken your heart, right?
I don't wanna hear that shit
If you think I do
You must be out of your mind, bitch

But I try to be nice
Really wish you'd leave me alone
Stop asking me for advice
Why you gotta put me in the friend zone

[Verse 2]
What the fuck do I look like
What'd I ever do
To make you think this was all right?
I'm not one of your girlfriends
Not your BFF
So what the fuck is you thinkin'?
I don't wanna hear that shit
If you think I do
You must be out of your mind, bitch


[Verse 3]
Trust me, I secretly hate you
Ev'ry time you call to whine
About what you've been through
No dude wants to be that dude
So I'm not the only one
The fuck you expect, boo?
I don't wanna hear that shit
If you think I do
You must be out of your mind, bitch


[Verse 4: 'Sup Boo (aka Danny! pullin' a Positive K with a vocal filter]
Niggas talk shit about the friend zone
Askin' for my number so they can bone
But I'm a bad bitch, ain't got no time for that
Still they wanna +Swallow My Love+ like Spinal Tap
The queen of rhyme is back with a healthy dose of swag
It ain't the friend zone, we just don't want your ugly ass
So I don't get mad off the silly pettiness
I say "to hell with it", say "oh well" with it
Danny Swain is known as a lame around these parts
Make dope beats but he's a simp at heart
I call him on the phone
Complain about my man
I know the nigga want me
I know it's 3 A.M.
But what's a girl to do?
Affection, need it constant
Attention, I'm a whore for that
I got some options
One: call this nigga Danny! on the telly
Two: make him think he gettin' all this jelly
Three: keep him as a confidant, you crazy?
If that's the friend zone to you, I'm sorry baby
Can't nobody see us in the 2012
Or the 2013
The hell?

I don't wanna, wanna hear that shit
Wha-what, wh-wha-what
I don't wanna, wanna hear that shit
Wha-what, wha-whaaaat
I don't wanna, wanna hear that shit
Wha-what, wh-wha-what
I don't wanna, wanna hear that shit
Wha-what, wha-whaaaat

[Verse 1]
And they wonder why niggas that made it
Sound so bitter on a record, why they filled with the hatred
Bumpin' The Minstrel Show six years ago
Damn they was sore
The critics said their angst made a casual listen a chore
And even I was like "dag, yo why they rappin' so mad?"
But now I get it fam
Being overlooked is a drag
That's why I take seven years of being resentful
Compose my instrumentals
Then I drop a classic album on you fags
But then that's when the wack reviews come in
When they purposely deduct a point or two from a ten
Like when you handin' in a perfect term paper
And the teacher takes away a point for writing in pen
It's the same thing
'Cause everybody knows that D. Swain's king
But they act like he ain't here or that he's not entertaining
They say he's self-absorbed and only talk about himself
Mothafucka I'm a rapper, what the fuck is you saying?

It isn't easy being everybody's secret
If underrated is a compliment then keep it
If you support an artist you should never keep it
To yourself and nobody else

[Verse 2]
Yeah I give you my hits with a personal twist
Put myself on front street
This the thanks that I get? I get it
You take my life and throw it square in my face
I'm only mentioned when you're looking for a charity case
Give me eight-and-a-half stars, hopin' I'll disappear
A month later twenty rappers emerge
And it's them you revere
For doing the same shit I did for years
Y'all gon' make me lose my mind up in here
Y'all gon' make me lose my mind up in here
Ask me would I press rewind
Nigga yeah

Despite the pain and disappointments I've experienced
I still would do it all again, again

Eh, I guess I can let this out the bag

[Verse 3: Danny!]
Yo we one and the same
Went from burning CD-Rs
Now we runnin' the game
Yo I used to sell these beats for 'bout a month and some change
Nonstop, just so I could cop some Ones and a chain
And a stack of records 'cause I'd rather mint these beats
So the process sorta like, lather rinse repeat
"Yo it's gotta be more to life", I would say to myself
I ain't makin' it for my health
Man I wanna make a name for myself
I named my price and it was scarin' 'em
So I had to low-ball, rap game was totalitarian
Finally found a decent asking price
Man it was so rough
I used to sell the same beat twice
Almost got my ass beat for that
They had a nigga writing everyone receipts for that
Linked up with my nigga Ill Shawn from the gutter
We would be up in the studio 'til dawn motherfucker
Makin' classics, Shawn was in a zone on the mic
I'd provide him with the beats 'til that fateful night
I spit a verse, Shawn was like "I didn't know you could write
Stick with me, and I promise you'll be straight for life"
After that he was literally my biggest fan
We sold dope in our respective fields, that was the game plan
'Til his girl called me, told me that my boy got knocked
Drugs found, ratted on by some toy cop
They sent him upstate
Now I'm back to square one
I had to trust fate, take my fucking snare drums
And keep pushin' with no days off
'Cause Shawn would promise me that everything would soon pay off
I used to call up all the stations, yo whatever it took
For me to get some freakin' leverage
Shook my creditors
Callin' for student loans, I was callin' up all the editors
Of all the magazines I wanted face time in
Nobody Facetimed him, yo I was gettin' annoyed
By then I dropped my first two albums but they didn't make noise
2006, you had to use the blogs for promotion
Shot heard 'round the world, what's all the commotion?
It's little D the skinny nigga with beats
The College Kicked-Out? Yeah, but he's working with heat
The Grammys loved Charm, the little opus that could
Despite the hype that record still sold wood
But we'll get to that
Figured out I took the long route
So I got with a sick ass clique and went all out
*Pssh* Well that was short-lived
Way too many egos
Trimmed the fat like pork ribs
We parted ways, I got back to me
Tried to collab with other artists
But they'd ask for a fee
You fucking losers, still got an attitude
Towards ***, *** and ***
Couple that with my imminent diminishing hype
Due to fickle motherfuckers that expect me to write
And record an album daily so I won't disappear
'Cause seven months is eighty centuries in internet years
And you'll see why I left
While y'all was askin' Where Is Danny?
I was asking questions too, "where's my sanity?"
Career wasn't going fast enough
Rappers comin' after me, steady passin' me up
That's what's up, I dug into my bag of tricks
Took it back to '03 when my swag was sick
Interscope stamp of approval, that's more bucks
Got little fanfare, but I'm getting warmed up
Re-release, Danny say hello to 12K
That'll make up for Alex and his selfish ways
I'm laughin'
"Danny yo, how'd you get them fuckin' cameos?"
Wouldn't you like to know?
They probably do too, man
Brother Questlover talked to Jigga
And Jigga told him I am that nigga
But 'round the egdes I'm rough
So Okayplayer signed a diamond
And buffed that motherfucker 'til that shit was shinin'
To reiterate, Jay co-signed him
?uesto groomed him, system boomin'
Thanks for tunin' in
And that's the story
You bastards bore me
Fill out my fuckin' FAFSA for me
I'm gone
I'm gone

With an exclamation point at the end of his name

[Verse 1: Danny!]
Nice girl, the type to wife up
A queen with a smile that could light the night up
Her dreams are a mile-high cream-colored pile
She ain't sing in a while but ignites the mic, yup
She really wanted to pursue a deal
So that her dreams'll come true for real
Self-esteem low
Her mama told her she's fat, the hell does she know?
Nobody told her that the haters smell defeat yo
To hear her tell it, helpin' someone else's dreams though
Is more fulfilling, what she feelin' inside
Is pretty obvious to everyone, she's livin' a lie
But she don't possess the confidence to give it a try
You would figure her fam would be her biggest fans
But all they do is insult her and make her quit her plans
They tell her "channel that energy try to get a man"
So she don't give a damn
Throw herself into chores
Forever moppin' the floors
Until it's spick-and-span
How many times you gon' mop that?
Stop that
God has better things in store
And it's not that

[Verse 2: Collette]
When in the midst of sorrow
You can't see up when looking down
A brighter day tomorrow will bring
You hear the voice of reason
Telling you this can't never be done
No matter how hard reality seems
You just hold on to your dreams

[Bridge: Collette]
Don't give up and don't give in
Although it seems you never win
You will always pass the test

[Chorus: Collette]
As long as you keep your head to the sky
You can win as long as you keep your head to the sky
You can win as long as you keep your head to the sky
Be optimistic

[Verse 3: Danny!]
Two kids, Ahmad and Winston
Their pops not around so the odds against 'em
Their mom workin' three jobs
Never stay at home
And the younger brother feelin' maybe God resents 'em
Girls like the way he makes 'em feel
But with a pen he's a pimp for real
No opportunties
Bitter brother, always sayin' "poppa ruined me"
Never got a phone call
Never got annuity
Never got a postcard
So that gave him every reason not to try so hard
He's an ill writer
Still tighter than the kids in his class
He'd rather sit on his ass cause he don't feel as hyper
As everybody steady tellin' him to get away
Send out some resumes
All he ever says is "hey, listen, you guys are buggin' out
While y'all care so much?"
It was easier for him to use his dad as a crutch
Nowadays, you can find him smokin' grass from a dutch
How many times is you gonna get high man?
God has bigger plans
But you gotta just try man

[Verse 4: Collette]
If things around you crumble
No, you don't have to stumble and fall
Keep pushing on and don't you look back
I know the storms and strife
Cloud up your outlook on life
Just look ahead and you'll be inspired
To reach higher and higher

[Bridge: Collette]
You will always do your best
If you learn to never say never
You maybe down but never out
See that's what optimism does
Don't give up and don't give in
Although it seems you never win
You will always pass the test

[Chorus] - 2X

[Chorus: Collette]
Though you're far away
I won't ever let you go
I won't let you slip away
Where we'll wind up
I don't know
Though you're far away
It feels like you're oh so close
Closer than I was yesterday
I'll continue down this road

[Verse 1]
Muh'fuckas wanna act loco
Pretend like I ain't spittin'
When I rap dope though
Treat me like I'm invisible
(Why's that?) Hell if I knew
Tryin' to X me out the game, what the hell did I do?
Who the hell did I piss off? The powers that be
That keep me from fulfillin' my dreams
Must be the karma that's making it so damn harder
I'm smart, but I gotta work smarter
I used to ride the MARTA
Now I ride the wave in increments
Calculated moves, word to Texas Instruments
Seems like every step that I +Take+, I lose +6+
But the only thing I love is making music
A veteran, see
But every other year
It gets embedded in me
"These niggas better than me"
Reinforced by the media, believin' the hype
To hear 'em tell it I'm a relic
If you're readin' it right
But even the Jiggaman was damn near 30
When he finally got his shine, I'm only 29
So maybe I'ma reach the stars in due time
I admit that it helps when I see the signs
In January I was hangin' at the end of a string
'Til Questlove took me under his wing
But it's gonna take more than a couple of tweets
And a Pitchfork blurb, the rest up to me
So if I have to be the next big thing
Twenty years in a row, I'ma give it a go
I've gotta finish this yo
But people get confused
I aspire for more so I can inspire more
Tried to be the opening act
Don't treat me like a hypeman
Wouldn't expect y'all to understand this pressure
People ask him
"Keep up the rappin'? Speak it'll happen"
Dreams, reach up and grab 'em
Like I'm almost there
What the fuck


Though you're far away
I won't ever let you go
Nooo no, no no no

[Hurricane G]
Yo, what the fuck man
Get the fuck off that punk smooth shit, man
Get with that rough shit, man
You know how we do!

[Verse 1: Danny!]
Smokin' sour diesel with Evel Knievel
Watchin' "Leave It To Beaver" reruns
With twenty-three nuns
And fifty priests
Sixty feet under sea level
She-devils rebel and rabble-rousin'
I grab a thousand pounds of sheet metal
And manufacture my own guns
Makeshift artillery, I'm killin' these niggas
Fracture their nose, dun
Take Kidz In The Hall
Toss 'em down a hallway and I finish 'em off
While I play a round of miniature golf
(There he go again!) Back on my bullshit
Smackin' new jacks in the skull
With the back of my pool stick
Diagnosed with an overdose of Imodium
Made a bomb out of hydrogen sodium
Strapped it to the podium
I ain't the hottest in the game
I'm the only one
Fuck nigga, you can runteldat
But tell it fast
'Cause I smell a gas leak in the furnace
I'm furnished with the knowledge
To beat Copernicus in a tournament
Competition, diminsh 'em
iLLmont, finish 'em

[Verse 2: Allen Thomas]
I'm a mic device domestic abuser
With the head like a male Medusa
And weight of a Cruiser
You niggas is sore losers, true shit
I got your girl and I ain't even have to seduce her
Or pursue her
We lay back on the Payback
While your man's hair goes way back
Spittin' straight facts
With iLLmont up in the tape deck
Kid we lace crack
In the grip of crushed codeine
Got cats loud
Cheerin' like my clique's the home team

[Verse 3: KhalilWho]
+Look At Me Now+, no Chris Brown
Tearin' your shit down
That's what you get, clowns
Coming with sick nouns
And verbs for the herbs
Yeah the whole crew is sick, wow
We mob on squads, tell them ho niggas "sit down"
And on our job, no more calling in sick now
Still at the crib but, all up in pics now
Online stuntin', got a whole bunch of kicks now
With Mishka beanies on
Scarf a whole bowl of Trix down, ugh

[Verse 4: EyeBeIllin]
I'm turning rappers into ashes
Knocking niggas out my ring
You'd think my name was Cassius
My devestating grammar has been patiently waiting
To demolish these faggot niggas
While they still in the making, yeah
Payback been due since way back
Verbally touching souls, I'm making 'em sway back
All I do is drop hits, I don't know how to miss
It's Eye-Double-L and don't you niggas forget
I be illin' on the mic, always killin' some shit

[Bridge: Danny!]
Always killin' some goddamn shit muthafucka
Do you know what fuckin' time it is? (about 5:30)
Do you know what fuckin' time -- we ain't done!
Who the fuck said we was done?
Bring the muthafuckin' beat back goddammit!
Who made this beat? (I'm pretty sure you did)
I did? (yeah)
Oh shit!
Son it don't stop
It don't stop son, yo
Who's next on this muthafuckin' beat?

[Verse 5: Olde English]
Play at ya man, wastin' with eight lines
I could count your verses and maim faces and break spines
Besides nigga, I heard it through the grapevine
My lines make you wanna retire
Pussy the game's mine
It's Payback, so make that a message
To the faggot-ass proctor who's passin' out all the tests
'Cause I'm a monster man, the last boss
Got a spell to mash your cool kid into awesome sauce

[Verse 6: Nihilus]
Word to Manson, you must've gone man
Lost nuts, yo you must've tossed your gonads
But I came through just to make your soul dance
See the whole ass of the ho, it's romance
It's Payback minus Mel Gibson
Took all the bars, now the sale's missing
Shell's hittin' around twelve victims
Now they gonna clam up
Mouths gettin' jammed shut
They no longer have tongues, you little wack fucks

[Verse 7: Plex]
I drop bombs on these tracks, cataclysmic
Raps with definition when I get scientific
I could polarize your photons and fuck up your image
Shoot shots with lyrics when I aim from a distance
Pow! I'm tighter than a Lifestyle
Ready out the womb so who's ready for this life now
I eat tracks for dinner
So when I shit I just shit vowels
Constant like a consonant
Well who's the shit now?

[Verse 8: Felix Von Soco]
Better call your preacher 'cause I'm rippin' your whole choir
With a calm demeanor but the spittin' is so violent
It's Payback, if you dig it then go buy it
We the captains of the flight, them niggas is co-pilots
In this hip-hop dame and I'm boinkin' her like a thick chick
You niggas stay disappointing her with your limp dick
I hold it down steady but my mind's well lifted
It's that nigga Von Soco, the double-L misfit