Danny! - Charm

Title: Charm
Release Date: March 14, 2006
Duration: 1 hour, 13 minutes
Label: Self-released
Album Type: Mixtape

1.  intro

2.  give me a chance

3.  charm

4.  it's okay

5.  can't wait

6.  temptation

7.  the last laugh

8.  duck soup

9.  strange fruit

10.  what now

11.  move somethin'

12.  my problem

13.  carousel

14.  lip flappin'

15.  you owe me

16.  where were you

17.  no guarantees (remix)

18.  fly

19.  cafe surreal

20.  rise & shine (interlude)

21.  now you're gone

"Charm" is a snapshot of sorts into the life of a musician, his personal musings, and reflections on his own life. Production-wise, Danny! has never sounded better...

Marisa Brown,  Allmusic


I took a gamble with my own fate
So I can try to get some national exposure for my home state
I had a strategy and mapped it out
The backwards route: blow up, and take it back to underground
Six years, funned around, at it again
With local rap cats, backpacks, pads and pens
The whole time I'm devisin' a plan
Supply and demand, nine songs a day, dyin' to win
My rep's bigger 'cause I spoon-fed niggas
Dumbed down my lyrics for two albums straight
I said I'd drop another CD, then I'll be straight
Allow me to make these statements
Damn I should be proud to be hated on
That means niggas is listenin'
Half these cats dis him, the other half is wit' him
They stand back, admire? I'ma shock them all
Almost dropped the ball when my plan backfired
I was supposed to blow so I could stack some loot
Go the mainstream route, then get back to my roots
Buy a house for my mama and an Acura too
But I happened to lose sight of why I started rappin'
And who's the real Danny
Too surreal, can he boost his skill
And reproduce the thrill
And be a shoe-in at the Grammys? I'm doin' this for my family
A lot of you don't, won't, or can't understand me
I'm revealin' my Plan B, the MC is back
But no matter what I spit on a track, it's still Danny
I'm feelin' antsy, I'm about to explode
The pressure's on, and I'm outta control
So now you know

[Outro: *scratched by Danny*]
"We...we...we came a long way" - Nas
"D. Swain" - Danny
"The ill...the ill MC step in" - Redman
"Once again" - De La Soul
"He got skill" - Angelika
"Wild golden child" - Nas
"Can't...can't...can't...can't...you can't touch me" - Danny

I'm still waitin' on that one phone call
That one conversation that can change it all
I'm tryin' to get me a deal, I'm tryin' to get it and chill
If I can make a mil', all my problems'll be solved
Give me a chance to make it work
So much at stake, it hurts
Gotta stay alert
If I miss my one shot, my chances'll be gone
I can't leave it alone

[Verse 1]
Bare my soul in every page that I write
I promise you this, I'm gonna make it tonight
So when I finally pop, and I make it to the top
I'm prayin' I ain't afraid of heights
Makin' tight beats, spittin' flows is my M.O.
Tryin' to get the industry's ear, like +Please Listen To My Demo+
'Cause Dan's vicious, full of dreams and ambitious
Schemes and scam-pitchin', I'm sick of these damn dishes
I'm sick of bustin' these tables for minimum wage
That's why I'm shakin' everytime I put pen on the page
That's why my tightest shit's ignited with venom and rage
I've tried to fight it everytime that I've been on the stage
I shake hands with the rap fans
The teeny-boppers say they love me
Underground niggas tell me 'that's wack Dan'
Man...can't you see that I'm on the grind?
My CD circulated in a couple states and they responded just fine
You mean to tell me if Akon can get signed
I can't get mine?
Sometimes I wanna grab the mic and just rhyme
Stand on a corner with a hat and collect dimes
My daughter just turned two
Couldn't afford the Pro Keds, so I bought her just one shoe
Landlord screamin' at me, rent six months due
If I can make one wish come true


[Verse 2]
Yo, my mind's spinnin' like the
Rims on the wheels of a Rolls-Royce
Now I'm feelin' like I'm Rose Royce, 'cause I'm +Wishing On A Star+
I'm wishin' I was far away from here
I grab my pic and my guitar and pray this year
Maybe I'll make it off sheer luck
But I fear luck won't be enough to get
All of my student loans cleared up
My tear ducts are at capacity
Baby moms harassing me
'Cause she says my paychecks don't last a week
Meanwhile, I'm watchin' these cats blow up
And throw up dollar bills like 7-Up Plus soda
I'm doin' shows for small change
Ignorin' other rappers 'cause I think they're all strange
My eyes on greener pastures
Sixteen chapters make up my life story, I should be an actor
Hey Mr. A&R, what're you waitin' on?
You know I've been waitin' long, praying and staying strong
And trying to stay sober
Man I swear, if you call me now my pain will be over
So many plots in mind to gain some exposure
Show me the dotted line, like Dame did for Hova
Pour my heart into my penmanship
So won't somebody draft a contract and send one quick?
'Cause most importantly my little girl depends on this
I refuse to lose, take it on the chin and quit

[Verse 1]
You mad 'cause I dropped two classics
Half these new jacks is fags with doo-rags on
I knew that long hiatus wouldn't break us but
If you that strong, come try us
We can take it outside, instead of fight
We can rap battle
Cats laugh 'cause it took me three times to get it right
I guess it's true what they say, the third time's a charm
I grabbed the game and let it die in my arms
Then resurrected it
Changed clothes, same flow, perfected it
They know Swain though they still won't respect the kid
But I ain't slowin' up
This time, blowin' up
Sponsors, concerts, everybody showin' up
Know enough tricks of the trade to get a record deal:
Fresh kicks, press kits, sex appeal
Had to mail my demo out 'cause I ain't had enough bus pass
To take the bus first class
So frustrated, had to puff-puff-pass
Sent my CD out to Puff, Puff passed
Must've had enough trash on his desk this year
Sent one to So So Def, but it fell on so so deaf ears
I never once shed tears, this must be a test here
I fell back, prayed about it
Made a route and now the kid got crazy clout
I ain't afraid to shout it
My charm got the ladies in the Carolina fallin' in love
Niggas that I never met before is callin' me "cuz"
And it's all because, I went against the grain
I did my own thang, radio can kiss my anus
And all these other haters tryin' to dis D. Swain is
Just a damn shame, pop ya Cris and champagne
They popped shit, sayin' "he's a nerd" or "he's gay"
Now they love me; I can get away with murder these days
Charismatic, the Kappa is back at it
My charm, got people glued to me
Diplomatic immunity nigga

Fresh off the plane, it's ya boy D. Swain
Takin' over the game, ain't a damn thing changed
(So what'chu sayin'?) Ladies love him
The kids can't get enough of him
There will never ever be another him
The third time's a charm, so I gots to make it happen
Got so much charm, so I gots to make it rappin'
(Do ya thing!) My appeal will make these people feel me
Niggas know it's still D-A to the N-N-Y

[Verse 2]
Why it took him so long to show and prove?
My demeanor's real cool, like I'm flowin' through air vents
Showin' you confidence, they say I'm showin' you arrogance
The kids ain't even gotta hide my tape from their parents
I'll use my charm to make this album # 1 in the country
Have the ladies like, "we got nothin' but love for you honey"
Plus I got enough charms on my muthafuckin' arm
(You da bomb!) To really give Lucky a run for his money
And now it's funny, niggas wanna know just how Danny does it
'Cause he got, mass appeal and he loves kids
Niggas wanna hate me for my charm, they mad they can't get it
Now it seems like everybody and they man's livid
I took that underdog status and I ran with it
Dan did it to death, I planned this niggas
Finish your breakfasts
The stress is just another part of the game
Niggas chargin' in my lane so it's hard to maintain
And it's hard to stay sane, hard to stay valid
We 'bout it, y'all niggas pint-size like Charlamagne [tha God]'s salary
My plain's outta reach, yeah I'm on a new plateau
"Danny, why you had to do that fo'?"
If you that slow, you're probably the cause behind it
The game is getting eaten, I'm the jaws behind it
Y'all hate to see me shine 'cause you'll all get blinded
Pause, rewind this; hope was lost, I'll find it
Now everybody gettin' in my sauce like prime ribs
They don't agree that I'm the boss, like "why him?"
You can debate if you wanna
I'm takin' you on a journey
I'm burning these haters like eighty-two saunas
Steamed up, got the underground scene re-ing up
'Bout to cop a grill from Paul Wall, boss hog cheese it up
Nuggets glow like mustard yo
Nine studs, daytime
Blind ya, hell yeah I'm frontin' but you love it though


I used to think that things would be okay
If maybe I just pray and play my part
I'd start to build a rapport with more MCs
But see it's not as easy as it seems
It seems I need a little more practice
My measures was drastic
But what would you do
If F.O.O.D. eluded you
And you were much too poor to afford a cordless phone to phone for help
What else is left?
I guess the best solution is to pay your dues
I had hella problems
Prob'ly gotta drop up outta college
Knowledge is the key, the lock was in my wallet
Call it a hunch, but once I bunched my plans together
Severin' ties, creatin' new ones
I knew somebody'd prob'ly hear what I had to say
My patience payin' off, I'm off to better days
But hey I promise I'll be back, but packed with platinum plaques
I'll see you at the Grammys

[Verse 1]
I be on tour 24/7, money for my brethren
My boys, we enjoy this rap that we commit to
But how you gonna travel the world
And not bring somethin' back with you? That's an issue
When I'm droppin' knowledge on my fans with me and my crew
It's only right that I grab a little piece of 'em too
I did a show in Japan, and I had so many fans
I began to think I reached the plateau of Rodan
They fed me noodles and ham
I made a false step when I asked for moo goo gai pan
Some type of dude that I am!
I had a set in the U.K. for two days
Cats rushin' the stage, throwin' me bouquets
Hey! I went to see a play
The Edinburgh Film Festival was in town, that's how I get down
The globe-trotter, I continue to spit
And I'ma broaden my horizons every venue I hit
Let's go

[Chorus 1]
Houston, Los Angeles
I can't wait, man I can't wait, man
Long Beach, St. Paul, Atlanta man
I can't wait, man I can't wait, naw
Las Vegas, London, New Orleans
I can't wait, man I can't wait, man
Philadelphia, Honolulu
Can't wait, man I can't wait, man

[Verse 2]
I got the internet goin' nuts
But I won't spend my tour time in the hotel bonin' sluts
I'd rather be enlightened, I liked when
This light-skinned cutie tried to school me in Thailand
I'm on an island, fuck it I'm wylin'
I did a set in Phuket...get it?
Soon as I step up off the plane I'ma learn new languages
I go to Denmark, eat a few Danishes
You can't hang with this, Swain is the shit
I'll do a show on Pluto if the money is right
But first I'm headed to Hawaii where it's sunny and bright
They taught me how to do the hula, fed me honey and rice
I went on stage to do my thing and everyone was polite
I'm tryin' to do a hundred shows in one night
You know you likin' every song that I play
On stage, kickin' dust
And I'm pickin' up a few things along the way, c'mon

[Chorus 2]
St. Louis, Cincinnati
Can't wait, man I can't wait, man
Boston, Cleveland, Milwaukee
Man I can't wait, man I can't wait, man
Miami, San Diego
Can't wait, man I can't wait, man
Detroit, Nashville, Seattle
Man I can't wait, man I can't wait, man

[Verse 3]
You can call me Eddie Murphy 'cause I'm more than +Raw+
When I was out in California I met Gordon Shaw
He had me listenin' to Mozart
Now I'm so smart
My test scores is higher than college students and rats
I'm a lunatic at your disposal
Forced to go with SunCom, 'cause I can't afford T-Mobile
On tour, sharing the floor with forty locals
You can't call Danny small anymore, he's global
And hopefully, I'll have plenty of folks to see
I'll visit anywhere, even if it's too bizarre
And learn a few things, like I had a new guitar
I'm tryin' to be an international superstar
(Whooo!) Rock star dreams, mom start screamin'
"Wake yo ass up boy, Pop Tarts steamin'"
Damn I had so much fun
I ain't ever been on tour, but I can't wait to go on one, I'm out

[Chorus 3]
Beijing, Berlin, Chicago
Can't wait, man I can't wait, man
D.C., V.A., N.Y.
I can't wait, man I can't wait, man
Hong Kong, St. Petersburg
I can't wait, man I can't wait, man
Memphis, Pittsburgh, Orlando
Man, I can't wait, man I can't wait

[Verse 1]
3:30 and I wanna leave early
Tryin' to survive really, this 9-to-5 is killin' me
Contemplatin' on taking a quiet drive to Philly
When I got this text message on my cell, what the hell
Now I'm scratchin' my head, who is Lisa?
Did I meet her last week at one of my shows
Or is she just another one of my hoes, I wanna know, fuck it
Try somethin', I hit the reply button
She hit me back, and said it was me that her thighs wantin'
She said my frat brother gave her my digits
And now she wanna do some thangs to me that's major explicit
Aww, I see now
Temptation's got my number on speed dial
'Cause it's always callin'
Fightin' with my conscience in the hallways, brawlin'
Pause, wait, stall then reply to that
Tried to act like it ain't faze me
D. Swain's reluctant
I tried to change the subject
What, she don't know I got a baby moms
Cheated on her crazy times
Got caught, maybe I'm too lazy with mine
The good Lord gave me a spine, it's time to put it to use
Sent her some bullshit text, talkin' 'bout
"How's your day goin'" or some shit like that
I ain't get hit right back, sort of relieved
So now I can focus on stackin' my paper like George and Louise
I'm still sittin' in my cubicle
No sleep for me tonight
Phone beep and Lisa's like "Listen what I can do to you"
She said when givin' head, she's the best of course
And some other raunchy shit, but the text cut short
Gift horse, and I'm lookin' at it dead in the mouth
Instead of the South, I should've moved to Maryland
My head is about, to explode
Don't wanna fold
Gotta play my cards right
Sort of like Solitaire and 'em
I swear it's been a minute
Since temptation reared its ugly head
I'm headed for hell
If my baby mama finds out, I'm headed for worse
I'm famous now, groupies wanna give me head, it's a curse
Damn...this chick's waitin' for a reply
+Young, Fly, Flashy+ I could make Jermaine Dupri cry
So I see why she's sweatin' me
Wanna bang her out, but my conscience ain't lettin' me
Tryin' to ignore her but this chick's still textin' me
She never met me, but she wanna get in bed with me
They say an idle mind is the devil's playground
In my case, Satan's been on the jungle gym for seven days now
Infidelity, celibacy, jealousy
Plus I hate to have another woman's smell on me
So many reasons to say no
So why am I hittin' this girl back like
"Meet me at eight yo"?

[Chorus: *scratches by Danny*]
Don't get it wrong, this isn't a chick song
It's long, so just be patient
Temptation is so strong, I'm gone
"Keep...keep...keepin'...keepin' my spirit alive...
I...I...I...I've thrived" - Pep Love

Don't get it wrong, this isn't a chick song
It's long, so just be patient...
"Squeeze...squeeze...squeeze off 'til I'm empty
don't tempt me" - the Notorious BIG
"'Cause I'm go...I'm goin'...'cause I'm
goin' through thangs" - Rapper Big Pooh

[Verse 2]
4:30, boss let me off early
Three cheers for black power
Let me off a half-hour
Before Headliners and Legends with Matt Lauer
Oops, hold on a minute wait
I plumb forgot that I had a damn dinner date
I'll scoop her up at ten 'til eight
Slackin' if I ever let my pimp game disintegrate
I tend to make a mountain out of a molehill
What I'm goin' through is so real
Birth control pills?
I hope she's got 'em, stop son
Pump your brakes
Three things I love in this world: pussy, money and steak
If someone opened a door, would he run and escape?
Look at these dummies with cake
Oh how I pretend to hate them
Now I'm fixin' to emulate 'em
Use my star status for a one-night stand
But we supposed to have some fun right? Damn
Man...I can't do it
Damn, is Dan foolish
Cancelled all plans, that's when temptation
Began to be a nuisance
Excuses is useless
I tried to tell her that I can't make it
She said, "you can't just make some muthafuckin' plans and break it
Besides I wanna do a strip for you and dance naked
Damn Danny, I'm throwin' coochie in your hands, take it!"
Take it? Take it as a sign from God
S'posed to be a Christian but I ain't doin' my job
Just then I heard a nice voice
Tellin' me to make the right choice
Stop livin' life like a slob
Was it God or a commercial on the radio?
Could've been both, but either way I'm goin' crazy yo
I wanna give in, but livin' in sin is a horrible thing
Can't deal with any more flings
So I decided I ain't gonna go through with it
If for no other reason so my
Baby's mother doesn't fuss and go into a fit
Fast-forward, four hours later
Man, how could I do this shit?
I'm in her bed lookin' up at the muthafuckin' ceiling fan
It wasn't even that fulfilling, damn
The girl was hardly even worth it
Now she got the nerve to tell me she's in love
Hello...earth to chick!
Can't you see that we in deep shit now?
My career's in jeopardy if just a peep gets out
So keep shit out, ya mouth
Don't say nothin'
Matter fact, here's a couple bucks
Don't say nothin'
I make music, now it's time to face it
Sex has always been my vice and now it's time to embrace it
Made her promise not to say shit
I reach for my pants
There go my WWJD bracelet

[Verse 1]
Sick of these cats with their "sicker than" raps
They sicker than this, they sicker than that
Well while you're sicker than that
I'm gettin' your sister to lick on my fat
D-I-C-K, oh why did he say that?
Ha, because I can muthafucka
I'll never grow up, like Peter Pan muthafucka
I'll +NeverLand+...I soar pass the lights
And the weatherman said my forecast was bright
+Whateva Man+ like Redman, muddy waters
But now I'm livin' large like a pudgy doctor
I thought I told you son-of-a-bitches
To shut up and listen
But naw, you just wanted to pitch fits
So now I've got the whole state suckin' my big dick
I told y'all niggas, then I showed y'all niggas
You can't knock this little boy's hustle
I'm just a dude doin' my thing
Then I found a way
And now I'm sayin' ha ha ha

Ah, ha...I told you so
It's D. Swain and I'm comin' with a whole new flow
I'm laughin'...ha ha ha, I'm laughin'
Now now now...two plus one, nigga do the math
I be stirrin' up the game like some half & half
Now guess who got the last laugh?
Danny got the last laugh

[Verse 2]
Trackmaster D. Swain, alias Danny
"Yo what the fuck you drinkin' on?" Maybe it's brandy
Which singer's gonna give me ass? Maybe it's Brandy
She needs the publicity
People butt-kissin' me
Ever since I got my scrawny ass on TV
Before they wouldn't even try to rap on my CD
But now I've got the ghost-tops askin' to eat me
The change was real drastic
And it really hurt when niggas
Called me Kanye West, I'm past it
A better description is A Tribe Called Quest on acid
Is Danny makin' moves now? Well let's see
So much cream, a nigga is past rich
(He ain't really sayin' nothin' yo)
Kiss my ass, bitch
My cash cow got the people askin' how
My ass about to blow up, look who's laughin' now

[1/2 Chorus]

Y'all cats can't examine my stamina
I flow greater than eight of your favorite
Rap individuals
Trappin', I did it too
But not kilos of coke
More like these MC's in a chokehold
Gee whiz I'm loco, disregardin' my sanity
"Damn it he spits it so candidly"
Nit-wits can can it, please
Why my name don't get brought up
When South Carolina get thought up?
I oughta be whinin'
But I'm shinin' like I was the forehead
On Mario Winans
I'm sorry your highness...but this time it's official
I wish you wack rappers would strap a
Bomb to your baby Timbs
Maybe then you'll blow up before I do
Your IQ is minus 2
I'ma do me, y'all niggas still rhyme for food

[Verse 1: Peace of Thunder Snatch]
See, strange fruit comes from strange roots
It's a shame, why we afraid of truth?
Truth is, while people we wanna be hangin'
In the streets and brag about all the dope we be slangin'
I'm maintainin', even though it gets deep
I often wonder, why my people so weak?
Some nights I can't sleep, I should be restin' my mind
Waking up from nightmares of us hangin' like vines
To me, it's a mystery
Seems like, some cats repeatin' history
I got a question: why we hate each other so much?
Another question: why we don't wish each other good luck?
Ridin' in my truck, I be bumpin' them oldies
"Young, Gifted and Black"; that's what Hathaway told me
And my parents showed me, how to act properly
And that's why I know I ain't gotta be

(Strange fruit) I ain't ashamed to say it
I don't think that we advancin', black
People still be plantin' that
(Strange fruit) I don't know what it is
That made us tolerate this hatred for so many years
I'm talkin'
(Strange fruit) Down here, where the mansions' at
You can find 'em where the branch is at
Take a glance at that
(Strange fruit) Can somebody please
Tell me what's goin' on?
What's goin' on

[Verse 2: Danny!]
Yo, what do you mean
I can't get this hotel room?
For those of y'all just tunin' in, I'm fumin' again
I'm on tour with two of my friends, we zoomin' again
From city to city, we sippin' on Peruvian gin
But now we sippin' from the cup of reality
A couple legalities are bein' broken
I know this ain't right
How you gon' tell me I can't get this hotel room tonight?
When I talked with you before on the phone, you was nice
Now I'm here in the flesh, and I guess that you see
That my skin colour just isn't what you thought it would be
Now is it? ... Look at me when I'm talkin' to you
You don't really wanna get hit with a lawsuit, do you?
You told me it was vacant
When makin' the reservation
Now after seein' my face
Your racism is blatant
I hate to say it but damn
It's hard enough bein' a black man
You treatin' me different because I'm black, man?


[Verse 3]

I'm glad I talked to you, and got your two cents
I'm through ventin'
Got a new dent in my mind, I had to mention

I'm glad you listened
To my advice and what I told you
Those situations are what we go through

Throwin' two fists in the sky, it's you and I
Pluckin' our people from these trees
One root at a time

I feel that rhyme
And your two cents
Let's bounce; this cat is actin' like a nuisance


Two years, eight months, three weeks, eleven days
Twenty-seven minutes, forty seconds
Since heaven gave me a reason for breathin'
Remember when our daughter grew her teeth in?
Me and you, we used to stay up
Late nights, play fights, pillow-fightin'
Thriller Michael Jackson was our jam
Now our love is so surreal, it's frightenin'
I knew that somethin' was strange
When I got the voice mail sayin' 'Danny, you changed'
How did I change? I know that I don't call as much as I'd like to
But baby girl I wanna spend my life with you
It's bad enough my friends are sayin' the same thing
I figure this is one of the ills that fame brings
Besides, I Western Union you two times a week
And I gotta be doin' somethin' right by buying that Jeep
For your moms, sometimes I wish the price for trying was cheap
So tell me what do I do now?
I got a beep, hold on

[Chorus] - 4X
We can do it like this
We can do it like this
We can do it like this
We can do it like that, girl

[Verse 1: G. Test]
We can do it like this
Peep game that I spit
*something something something, lyrics indecipherable*
Parallel with a carousel
Feelin' high while I glide from the sip
Too much shots I got, ridin' ya hips
Don't look at the clock, we gon' rock 'til it quits
Don't stop 'til it hits...in the midst
Of a kiss you gon' flip, then we gon' ride to the crib
No ad-lib, non-verbal assist
No words heard but I murder the shit
Like, "damn, we can do it like that"
Too loud for the crowd, gotta ? like that
Matter of fact, the way I murder a track
Is similar to the game that I craft
I know you like that
Smooth grain how I spit game
So young dame, just remember the name
G. Test


[Verse 2: Danny!]
Now that I'm rocky, I'm so damn cocky
Bitches on my jock, watch 'em flock to me
What up chick? Before we do it like this
Can you move your nice lips on my tip? Thanks Mo
I'm tryin' to find me a ghost-top
Most ghost-tops boast that they supposed to blow cock
Or dick, shit, whatever you call it
Now that I'm harder than a cylinder block
I'll find a girl with low self-esteem, feel on her rocks
It's funny what a shot of Smirnoff'll do to me
It's got me thinkin' I can move
When I usually do a little hip swivel
My dick shrivel if I lose my buzz
And forget about how cool I was
I'm tryin' to find an overnight romance
Told the shorty with the white pants
"I don't dance, but if you move your little hips
We can groove and we can do it like this"


Depression mode in my dressing room
Pressure's on, grateful for my blessings
Though I think I found success too soon
How could it be like this?
Should've warned him if he got successful he might flip
Yeah my dreams are comin' true and all
But who do you call
When it seems the weight of the world
Is glued to your balls
I ain't being jokey, nigga this is serious
Running 'round in circles but my mind is the weariest
Why am I delirious?
I got everything a brother could ask for
Feel like I'm being smothered in asphalt
'Cause I let my problems trample all over me
Too many straws have got my camel fallin' on his knees
For example I -- oh hold on, hold on
Lemme take this drink, hol' up
Now where was I?
Finally got my wings unclipped but now I'm scared to fly
But this ain't stage fright
Nigga this is e'ry night
Fans screaming, stampeding
Dan's speeding, movin' too fast
I can't even walk in the store anymore
Without a bunch of people standin' by the door
Asking for an autograph, man I oughta spazz out
But I gotta think about my daughter
Speakin' of her, me and her mother are goin' through some thangs
Ever since -- man fuck it, I gotta take...
I gotta take another drink, my bad
My mama said I'm actin' brand new
Said the fame changed me
But that can't be true
People that I used to call my buddy
Only actin' buddy-buddy
'Cause they want some money from me
And these honeys never came around before
Now I'm gettin' love from all these dames while I'm on tour
I wonder if they'd love me just the same if I was poor...
Yo, who's bangin' at my door?
("Six minutes, Danny Swain you're on!")
Man I ain't comin' out this room until my pain is gone
I...I need a couple seconds to sit and drink
Uh, I mean THINK...damn I can't think
Damn, what was I thinkin', I'm drinkin' again
Whether I sink or I swim, I know I gave it my best
Sometimes I -- I gotta, I gotta take another drink
I'm lonely and I'm nervous and I'm scared
Thought I wanted the fame, I guess I wasn't prepared
To be an overnight sensation
I hoped that I could take it in stride
I went from open mics to Vegas and died
Somewhere along the way; at least my sanity did
I didn't plan to be big, I just...
I just wanted to shine
Wanted my rhymes to reach the people one at a time
Funny how my small problems are all contributin'
To my biggest issue of all: my alcohol addiction
Is it me or is it...is it gettin' dark in here?
Oh shit

[Verse 1]
Another day, I think I'll take the pony for a spin
Do or die, I got +The Bluest Eye+ like Toni Morrison
Get it? Toni Morrison?
Attack the clones, I'm back to bonin' bony whores again
Used to beat my meat, I guess I got bologna foreskin
Hey girl you feelin' lonely? Pour the gin
We gonna get you rocky, but this dick is only for your friend
So choose your poison, either Beef-A-Roni
Or a tin can full of hors d'ouevres
Served on phony porcelain
They forcin' my hand
"Danny, you ain't right"
I beat the Blue Man Group in a blue paint fight
I'm your favorite rapper's rapper
Rap depraved me, made me
Wrap my fingers 'round your sister's throat
Impatience made me snap her neck
Man I'm 'bout to cash this check
I had respect a couple years ago
I'm fearless, phone my dad collect
My crew? Thicker than Steinbeck novels
We visit Milan, and do the Heimlich on models

[Chorus x 2]
There's so many people who can
Talk and talk and talk and just say
Nothing, or nearly nothing

[Verse 2]
Everbody talkin' pistols, gats; it's boring
I'll flip a new topic for you: rabbit abortions
(Ewwwwww) I'm a fetus's nightmare
No one can save 'em, even if Jesus was right there

[Verse 3]
The pie-jacker, I jack pies for money
You niggas is sweet, must've got baptized in honey
Rockin' skirts like that bagpipe country
Speakin' of pipes
Danny lays more pipe than a plumber on a summer afternoon
When I'm in the tabernacle
I can make the daughter of the pastor swoon
Watchin' cartoons...my alter ego is a
Raccoon with a pair of shades, I call him Master Poon
Hey Master Poon, what'chu doin' today?
"Well I was gonna do a track with you
But you went away!"
Hey -- what more can I say?
I can't help it that these rappin' cats is borderline gay
"You mean to tell me that cats can rap too?"
Never mind Master Poon, it's time for a nap soon
If I ain't the dopest on the mic then I'm the closest

[Chorus x 2]

[Verse 4]
The streets is in a panic
Police need to increase the peace
Even though priests and obese people are
Destined for heaven even when they get beaten
I'll invite your grandfather out to Denny's and eat him
Mind of a psycho
Rhyme with my eyes closed
No piece of paper, a freak of nature with nine toes
I know you nerd rappers gon' love this
I just spit a whole song and I didn't say shit
I know you backpackers gon' love this
I just spit a whole song and I didn't say shit
I know the underground gon' love this
I just spit a whole song and I didn't say shit

[Chorus x 1]

[Verse 1]
Next up it's the kid with the fresh cut
Stepped up my lyrics and my spirit's in check, yup
I'm here in the flesh but a lot of people envy my spot
They pray I'll get shot and rot in a box
I got, more detractors than I do benefactors
I'll try to interact but then it's back to basics
Back to bass kicks, penning tracks in the basement
Class act, matter fact I'm giving rapping a facelift
Haters talkin' all that smack get smacked
I rap exactly how I have to be
I'm glad to be the talk of the town
I offered you clowns pound
You left me hangin' so I'm tossing you down
They tried to stone me
Kicked, punched
Six months later now they clone me
Holding me up, they postpone me
Niggas that don't know me, they're backing me now
I made it cool to be yourself, they're just jacking my style
You owe me

If I gave you a beat for free
Man, you owe me
If you got your whole style from me
Nigga you owe me
Get up off of me dog 'cause you don't know me
You below me homie, and you only slowin' me down

[Verse 2]
Okay, you claimed you had a couple rhymes
And your mind was correct
But I gave you beats for free, now it's time to collect
You better stop the moochin' or I'll stop producing
The rap game kinda remind me of prostitution
The way they try to pimp me, is senseless
You ain't gotta lie to kick it dog, that's the common consensus
Don't tell me you about to blow like I'm interested
If you're reachin' for fame
Then the fee is the same
And all these MC's in the game
Want beats from D. Swain
I ain't givin' up these treats for free
I'll tell these rappers 'no' and that'll be wise
They using lies as collateral
"Hey lemme get that beat dog, I swear I'll give it back to you"
Cats claimin' that they reppin' the streets
I'll hook you up but how you expect me to eat? That's real
These niggas forcin' me to go the unemployment route
Now that I'm famous I'ma be sendin' invoices out
You owe me


[Verse 3]
Yo I been out here in the struggle since the struggle began
I'm 'bout to blow, I ain't talking 'bout a plug and two fans
My third album and I'm lovin' it man
The Times & Democrat ain't gotta interview me, the Republic can
Pat Buchanan, I pack two cannons
My beat-making abilities and raps you can relate to
I hate to come off like I'm arrogant but
I really...who am I kiddin', I'm arrogant as fuck
Niggas forced to take snapshots, 'cause staring ain't enough
F.O.O.D. for thought; I hope you let it marinate enough
Who'd have thought, this cat inherit major bucks?
Wow! I can picture all these MC's now
They'll be like, "Funny how D. Swain was on some cruddy shit
Took home 3 Feet High & Rising
Listened, studied shit
Now he's on some 'Buddy' shit, insightful out the blue"
They'll hate but then they'll try to bite like Tyson's mouth'll do
Now that I'm famous all these strangers that was doin' me favors
Like my success they had a hand in, now they got their hands out
Niggas that don't know me try to act like they my homie
Tap me on the shouldey
Like, "D. Swain, I think ya owe me"

[Verse 1]
Dear Teresa
I hope you get this letter
Better yet I hope you get the picture
I ain't even trying to sweat ya
I hope you get the gist 'cause I ain't gon' let ya
Just throw me out on the curb, woman I deserve better
You got some nerve Teresa, for dragging me along
On your emotional roller-coaster I never asked to get on
You get on my case, talking 'bout how I'm trippin' and
How I just don't listen and
All that other shit but you just missed your man
Then when shit hit the fan, you began to panic
Claimed I read you wrong, you and I both know that you just led me on
Chillin' on that new couch
Got your rocks off and went the "I was just confused" route
Yeah I know what you about
You told me so many lies and I believed 'em
Talking 'bout your man like you was tryin' to leave him
Throwing out all kinds of reasons
How you gon' just throw me out in the cold, I'm freezin'
Keep in mind you started this
Left me hangin', now you got a heart to fix
I'm sayin' yo

[Chorus: 'Drea]
Where were you
I thought the love we had was true
How could you just walk away
From all the things we've been through
Think of me
When this is just a memory
Will you still be loving me
When all your color is gone

[Verse 2]
We was a reenactment of "Me & Miss Jones"
You had your fun and now you wanna leave this alone?
I don't think so; I swear to God I wish we never met
Or better yet, I wish you could feel the pain you got me feelin'
Got me feelin' foolish, you was gassin' me up
Telling me things and selling me dreams
And then you left me, what I wasn't flashy enough?
Either that or you got sick of me
Probably saw me on the job all by myself and took pity, shit please
I don't need your hand-outs, I don't need no charity
Spare me, I'm barely breathin'
My reason for speakin', clarity
I need for you to realize
That I don't need your real lies
Or fake truths, so don't go try to blame it on the Cuervo
Or the Grey Goose, fuck makin' a truce
You made me feel useless
You could at least not disavow me
Now it's clear that you don't give two shits about me
Where were you when I needed you the most, you was ghost
You leavin' me? Jesus, have the decency to say goodbye
I thought we was close


[Verse 1: Danny!]
I can turn it on, but the guarantee's what I'm holdin' back
I don't care about a Soundscan or a golden plaque
I'm not a throwback rapper, I'm a new jack
And my crew stacks chips, bitch I thought you knew that
How could you boo that? When I be rappin' on stage
The audience, they don't be actin' their age
They'd rather act their shoe size
When my crew tries to put it down
It's like we always gettin' booed, why?
Ain't nothin' worse than looking up at a dead-eyed crowd
And if I +Force+ it on 'em I could make a Jedi proud
But I ain't tryin' to kick what they ain't tryin' to hear
By the same time next year
They'll be saying that D. Swain's kinda weird
You niggas trying to berate me
This shit is driving me crazy
Quit criticizing my ways, please
Y'all haters poppin' up like late fees lately
Spite me? Bite me
You ain't gotta like me, but give me respect nigga

I can turn it on
But I'm holdin' back the guarantee
I get excited every time that I recite it
I can put it down but I can't make you like it
I can turn it on
But I'm holdin' back the guarantee
(Jay-Z: "All I need is the love of my crew
The whole industry can hate me, I'll thug my way through")

[Verse 2: Jinx]
I can switch up the 16 by rehearsing the verse
But the verse should be hot
You can hate, but you're only adding fuel to the fire
I never thought that I would make it this far
Could you even see what I saw?
For a dream, would you put your blood, sweat and tears in it?
Would you see something great to the finish?
I live life like it's a couple of hard beats left to me
Despite the discrepancies, an old man told me
Once before, 'never forget about your people'
I see through those egos
Like guidelines on a picture, on the easel
I don't try to paint what ain't me
I suppose I'm fly but I don't try to sweat the technique
A humble individual; I do it for the love of it
Move back...throw real like a fighter
Joe Louis, not a hider
Wasn't called a hymen for nothin'


[Verse 3: Danny! and Jinx]

I made this track to give the people a reason to talk
They criticize me every fart, sniffle, sneeze and a cough
The underground niggas tell me I ain't deep enough
But when the ladies peep my stuff
They be like, "Danny keep it up!"

Though no matter what they say I still put my all in it
For the people that see you great or rather you fall in it
Gotta get 'em, search for the goals of my dreams
How I live 'em
Never stop a flow in its means, no

I rhyme grown, this is more than peach fuzz
The audience be shittin' me like Morgan Reese does
I ain't switchin' up shit for a cheap buzz
Dope rhymes, dope beats: what more do you want?

Better yet, describing the whole swagger is me
Enough to snatch points and carry a whole team
I never hold back
But if you don't expect hot shit on a track?
Then here, have that

[Chorus 2X]

[Verse 1: Danny!]
So I've been through these hard times, mentally scarred
Almost lost my sanity but got no sympathy cards
And there's been a couple times when my knees buckled
I'd be in a heap of trouble if I didn't juggle these rhymes
You know these God-forsaken issues make you wish you could fly
Sometimes I wanna put my fist to the sky
And say goodbye to these worldly things
I wish that I could trade these pearls for wings
And give complacency a whirl, it seems
Every time I feel content it's meant for me to lose
Control of situations, my patience is overused, confused
My friends are saying I should be glad that I made it
So tell me why I feel so jaded
I'd trade it all for a couple minutes of some peace of mind
And leave behind this stress; if I cease confinement
Of my soul my soles can finally leave the ground
I ain't never comin' down

If we try we can fly
To a place in the sun
All we need is belief
And a friend we can trust
If we try we can fly
To a place in the sun
If we try we can fly

[Verse 2: Peace of Thunder Snatch]
Let me reflect on my situations
And what I'm dealin' with
I had to grab my pen
That's when I grabbed my healing quick
And then I realized that I wanna fly
To the place I see every time I close my eyes
Because it's hard to deal with everyday tension
Ill intentions, fake cowards, I gotta mention
These devils comin' at me with hopes to interrupt
God's plan, I'm tired man, I've had enough
I'm tryin' to live it up, but they wanna see me down
They wanna see me frown, they will never take my crown
I take 'em round for round, and I won't fall
And while the weak drop, I just stand tall
Got haters throwin' stones, but they can't rock me
Just because I'm so confident, they say I'm cocky
This constant ignorance gets old I can't lie
That's why I'm using my wings
I'm 'bout to fly

If we try we can fly
To a place in the sun
All we need is belief
And a friend we can trust
If we try we can fly
To a place in the sun
If we try we can fly
To a whole 'nother place

If we try we can fly
To a place in the sun
All we need is belief
And a friend we can trust
If we try we can fly
To a place in the sun
If we try we can fly

[Verse 1]
Yo, D. Swain is back on the block
He went from laughingstock
To rappin' in happening spots
And nappin' on yachts
Don't get your head wrap in a knot
You gotta unwind
Gotta remind yourself that stress is all in your mind
Speaking of your mind, there's a little place that we all can go
Let me take you to this spot that you never saw before
Close your eyes, and uh
Count to five, and uh
Meet me on the corner of Dream Street and Freedom Drive
This be the venue where anything goes
We staying overnight my nig, did you bring any clothes?
Let's roll

This cup of cappaccino
Ain't hot enough for me yo
It's much too, much too cold
Lemme get some creamer in here
Lemme get some stirrers, some syrup
Lemme get my dreamers in here
Now now now, our destination
Is your imagination
Accept this invitation
To Cafe Surreal
Lemme get my dreamers in here
Lemme get some... (*beatboxing*)

[Verse 2]
This is a dream, right?
That's what you thinkin', right?
Stop all that thinkin'
You thinkin' too much for me tonight
Just let your mind roam free, grab a seat by the front
I'll go grab us some coffee, how many creamers do you want?


[Verse 3]
Surrealism got you feeling imprisoned? Don't let it
Just chill and listen to the intricate sounds
Of Mr. Renowned, I'm renowned around the globe
And I'm inviting you to pack your favorite gown or robe
Or whatever you're sleeping in, just keep it thin, pack light
Don't act like, you don't remember what happened last night
You're now tuned to my nocturnal fantasy
Never mind that melting clock, disregard that dancing tree
Can it be? Danny l-l-losing his marbles?
Imagination, I've got a jarful
Carpool if you need a ride, your unconscious is your guide
You can hang your coat by the door, but leave your cares outside
Where's all my fellow free-spirited, open-minded free thinkers?
Free drinks are on me
Go grab a latte
But not a lot, hey
'Cause I may need some
Open mic for dreamers, won't you please come?

[Verse 1]
April 4th, 1998
Back when Marvin had the scooter with the shiny plates
Me and him would split a meal, everytime that we ate
We were happy just to get the tiniest taste
We were more than friends, we was like brothers
We ain't had much, but we had each other
Used to battle for his mother's affections
She used to treat me like a son yo
Piss poor, damn if we ain't had a lot of fun though
Sittin' on the stoop, we had our own rap group
Pipe dreams of being rich and famous by 19
But now I'm 22
And all I'd like to do
Is fight the dude
That got behind that wheel and snatched your life from you
A drunk driver took my partner from me
And to this day I still get nauseous every car that I see

[Verse 2]
October 23rd, 2001
I was just a lil' nigga that knew how to have fun
A couple personality flaws
I had a trust issue with bitches
My uncle told me 'never smile at these broads'
But I could sense that you was different from the day that I met you
They way you carried yourself, that way that I'd sweat you
I bet you never thought we'd be the best of friends
I had the best intentions, but let's pretend
For a second we never met; would you still have the memories
Of meeting me outside your dorm when it was only ten degrees?
Your hands was freezing when you told me 'keep pursuing your dreams'
But I ain't know that it would mean Danny losing a queen
I used to think that we would grow old together
But instead you chose to sever the ties
Forgive me for the lies

[Verse 3]
November 14th, 2003
Nobody else at school was screamin' louder than me
When I discovered I was being expelled, for the hell of it
'You why you gettin' kicked out?' Forget it, it's irrelevant
D. Swain ain't never dwell on shit
So why would he start now?
The perfect time for him to depart
Vowed to make a name for myself
Get some fame, maybe gain some wealth (what else?)
I gave you the pain of a black man going through thangs
Just being myself and showing you Swain
Now a nigga feelin' disenchanted, jaded
'Cause instead of gettin' props, Danny got hated
Yeah I made it to the top, but I'm tossin' myself off
D. Swain kill his image? Chalk it up as a loss