the college kicked-out.


Danny! - The College Kicked-Out

Title: The College Kicked-Out
Release Date: November 2, 2004
Duration: 57 minutes, 31 seconds
Label: Self-released
Album Type: Mixtape

1.  intro

2.  i need a publicist

3.  stay away

4.  i'm movin' out

5.  talk to you (remix)

6.  d.a.n.n.y.

7.  can't nobody

8.  my baby

9.  second time around

10.  grateful

11.  when you get there

12.  i wish

13.  my way

14.  no guarantees

Danny!'s a very honest MC, aware of his own shortcomings, both personally and as an artist..."The College Kicked-Out" could use some improvement, but overall it's a pretty solid debut.

Marisa Brown,  Allmusic


I used to be well-loved
But now I'm only half-liked
Friends and family keep callin' me an ass-wipe
So I grabbed a knife and stuck it in my back twice
I'm just saving 'em the trouble
I hate to bust your bubble but I'm back to bomb your crew
Produce my own beats, and I'm rappin' on 'em too
A lot of things have changed since last year
The rings, the cashmere
Fuck the middleman, you can bring the cash here
And I'm glad they expelled my ass
Wise Decisions 101, yeah I failed the class
I know these haters wanna dwell on my past
But I'm in a new zone; in fact
I'm here to take over rap
I'm just here to put some clothes on my back
While y'all all look pissed
Like I was over that Waldenbooks shit
Call it quits unless you wanna be a foster kid
Have your ass skippin' town like Austin did, muthafucka

I need a publicist
'Cause I wanna be famous
I'm tryin' to get my name in the press
And let the world know I'm dangerous
And on the mic, you can't fuck with this
Yeah, I need a publicist

[Verse 1]
Don't pay attention to these rappers with record deals, spendin' the cheese
I want the world to pay attention to me
South Carolina's prince of peace, 'cause on the piece I don't leave no prints
Blow a hole in your weak defense
Forget that gunplay wordplay
I'm tryin' to get a deal before my 22nd birthday
It falls on a Thursday
Bad press can't hurt me, I'll take the gritty route
Pull a Lil' Kim and walk around with my titty out
At the VMA's, I'd front like I was datin' LisaRaye
But I can't, 'cause I think that she's engaged
Fuck it, I'll drink an E&J with Tina Fey
And do an interview the next day with Rex Hayes
My next phase is to get on Maury
On TV, cryin' with some pitiful story 'bout
How Halle Berry be stalkin' me
And the 12-year-old girl I got caught with last week


[Verse 2]
What better way to get my name in the paper
Than to be a mile high on a plane with a razor
Stop, chill, don't be scurred man
'Cause you got the wrong cat, I ain't wearin' a turban
My words can, have my ass up on the front page
Tomatoes thrown at me when I run up on stage
But I remain unfazed
I'm still tryin' to have my face printed on the cover of Blaze
I'm 'bout to give my baby mother a raise
I'll make the hooker happy 'cause she got me eight bookings last week
That's what I call using your head
Addicted to limelight, if I lose it I'm dead
You know? I think I'll fake my own funeral
Or maybe not, because nobody would show
So when they say a word for the dearly departed
I'll hop out the coffin like "yeah, bitch!"
My rap career's started


[Verse 3]
I'm trying to be hip-hop's next media darling
With VH1 specials on at three in the morning
I'm heeding a warning: my black star's so bright
You gotta wear shades when you see me performin', but
Self-promotion is so hard
I'm sick of stickin' my stickers on Decker Boulevard
I need to hire somebody to book my shows
And help me get exposure 'cause I took my flows
And my beats to the top, man I love this shit
You know? I think I gotta get a publicist
But until then, I'll still be payin' my dues
Signing autographs dressed in a tin-man suit, what


You better tip-toe when you in the Metro
Boy it's gettin' wild down here (so stay away)
You don't wanna be found in C-Town, with your guard down
Don't you know they smell your fear (so stay away)
If you wanna run your mouth then them guns come out
Boy Columbia don't play no games (so stay away)
Cap City, everybody rap with me
'Cause you know ain't a damn thing changed (so stay away)

[Verse 1]
Where niggas'll mean-mug ya
Believe me, I seen the gutter
They'll squeeze and release
Leave your brains creamy like peanut butter
Where cigarette smoke clouds the atmosphere
And where they're trying to bring button-ups back this year
I'm from the land of the free, the home of the brave
Where sorry niggas take a stripper home to get laid
And everybody roll up on twenty-inch chrome blades
I guess their light bills won't get paid
I'm from the city where the cops surround you
Hold you down on the ground with them cuffs around you
If you try to get tough, they'll pound you
Lock you in a cell, face swoll
All the inmates clown you
Don't be surprised if you're gonna need a ride
'Cause your car got tooken, left the keys inside
Little kids gangbangin' and they're just knee-high
And if you're an out-of-towner they can see it in your eyes


[Verse 2]
Last Monday I saw niggas
Just runnin' down Broad River
Boostin' a gas station
For money and hard liquor
And every cop got a canine truck
Last week I saw a grandmother throwin' gang signs up
Even if you held your breath 'til your face turned purple
You still can't escape gettin' chased down Percival
Mexicans curse at you
For steppin' on their turf, dude
On Harden Street, they hardly beef
Oops! That's a mistake yo, pardon me
Over there, all they ever do is drink and smoke
Cab drivers gettin' robbed, old women get choked
Them Rosewood niggas
Them up-to-no-good niggas
They always plottin' on somethin', misunderstood niggas
And if you ever wind up in Woodfield
Watch your back homie, 'cause you could get killed


[Verse 3]
So Metro! Stand up
Yo we pop a lot of junk like Fred Sanford trucks
Police always got our hands in cuffs
Niggas still walk around with their pants leg up
Middle-aged women look like Michael Jackson does
And you can't get a deal unless you rap about clubs
Grimey niggas givin' daps and hugs
Sayin' "that's what's up"
Then they stab you in the guts
Bums piss in a cup, give 'em a minute and DAMN!
Now they settin' up lemonade stands
Motels double as whore houses
So niggas on the block can get their rocks off
Next thing you know they're in the clinic with their socks off
Shoes off, green face
Better stay away, it's a mean place


[Verse 1]
Sometimes, I wish we weren't acquainted
'Cause things ain't been the same since
I got some fame, and now it's like you speak a different language
'Cause you be talkin' fast and snapping fingers side-to-side
I hate to say it girl, but things between us kind of died
I'm tired of the fights and daily drama
I should've known that you should never argue with a baby mama
'Cause I came home from work and all my clothes were waitin' on the doorstep
How you managed doin' that, and you ain't finish chores yet?
What bothers me the most is
We used to be the closest
Remember at the bowling alley, it was me and Joseph?
You walked up to me and the rest, they say is history
Now you callin' all your friends and they all say you dissin' me
I'm sick of feelin' like I'm crazy, I'ma
Have to set things straight 'cause everybody knows
That you're my baby mama

I'm sorry baby but uh, I-I-I'm movin' out
So all the finer things in life you'll have to do without
Now you about to throw away the promises you made me
Why you actin' shady?
Think about the baby!
Right now I start to
See that all we do is argue
And for me to put up with it all
Girl you know it's hard to
But I'll visit on the weekends just to see my child
I'm sorry baby, I-I-I'm leavin' now

[Verse 2]
Now that my wrist is glowy
And all the misses know me
It's like I'm losin' sense of self
I kinda miss the old me
Because the old me wouldn't put up with the shit you throw me
But I ain't doin' this for you, I'm doin' this for Zoe
Told me you would chill and save me trauma
My friends would tell me, "you should never argue with a baby mama"
And nowadays it's like you seem to take my kindness for a weakness
Walkin' round, giving me the silent treatment?
I don't need this
I come home late and I'm accused of infidelity
I just think you're jealous, B
But yet and still you yell at me
But YOU come home late
It's like, damn, all the levees break
Quick to set the record straight
Like you were all at Debbie's place
You pause and hesitate like eighty commas
I guess that's what I get for trying to argue with a baby mama


[Verse 3]
Your attitude it triflin'
I've had it boo (goodbye!) you win
I can't bear to be with you 'cause half of you is stiflin'
The other half excites me when I grab your hips and hold your thighs
Then the second half comes out, gettin' jazzy, rollin' eyes
I'm so surprised, baby you make me wanna
Just, ooooooooh
I'll pack my bags now
Rags and towels
It's too late for backin' out
Leaving you with nothing, funny how nobody's nagging now
Aiight, the house is yours
I can buy a thousand more
I'll even give you money just to buy some diapers from the store
But afterward, that's it
Don't even ask for shit
'Cause we ain't married, now my money you want half of it
I have to get Zoe baby pajamas
And whatever else she needs
But I ain't payin' nada to my baby mama

[Chorus] - 2X

[Verse 1]
Hate crimes, rape, lies, feelings of hopelessness
Crack fiends on the corner looking for dope to get
Teenage mothers and the stress that they copin' with
Drunk babydaddys beatin' on 'em with open fists
And this the thanks that we supposed to get
I got a big can of worms, pardon me if I open it
But I gotta speak this before somebody else does
So bump this in your speakers from the lobbies to the health clubs
America, we owe you so much more
But our problems keep poppin' up like a doughnut store
We borrow money from our little brother just to stay high
But when we pass him on the street, we don't even say hi
America, if you had a face
You'd be shedding tears
And I'll bet that you'd be all cried out
Man I wish this was a game so I could call time-out
Or a foul or somethin'
Baby it's now or nothin'
I wanna talk to you

[Chorus] - 2X
I wanna talk to you
I wanna talk to you

[Verse 2]
'Cause we disgrace you everyday while AIDS runs rampant
Activists for civil rights? Yeah, they parade on campus
But their campaigns are falling on deaf ears
And it's a damn shame racism is dead everywhere except here
One person uses drugs to escape the pain
Times that by a million and, what do you gain?
A million Americans are addicts, man I've had it
Up to here, maybe better luck next year
Yo it's about time we had this little heart-to-heart
'Cause other people wouldn't have the heart to start
To sit and speak to you like you was a real person
I'm talkin' to you like you was a real person
And as the mouthpiece
Of every single citizen without peace
Direction and leadership
I'ma spit it 'til your ears can't believe this shit
We got weapons of mass destruction, and we is it
I wanna talk to you

[Chorus] - 2X

[Verse 3]
Man I'll be damned if I have other people choosin' my role
I swear this shit'll have you losing control
I'm just a baby boy, 21, brand new to the polls
But I'll be voting like I'm used to the rigamarole
Livin' in cold for so long, my hands have frostbite
But I'm happy that we're having this talk like
My thoughts might, start a revolution of sorts
I'd be glad to be a leader, let me carry a torch
To spark a generation of youth
I'm penetratin' the truth
With the words that I spit in the booth
And I ain't trying to give a sob story
But the truth is, America you've been robbed of glory
You've had it rough, bad luck
Name dragged in mud
And I've had enough
But if everybody's to blame, then who must pay?
Am I the only one that cares about the USA?
I wanna talk to you

[Chorus] - 2X

[Verse 1]
Hey yo spark up the doobie and pass the beer
The little newbie that came to save rap is here
In a street battle I spit three bars to make you see stars
Niggas say I'm sick with the flow, I sneeze SARS
But uh, I take an aspirin to control it, thanks for askin'
Comparing yourself to me is like a Bimmer to a stationwagon
And wack rappers I'm bound to expose
I'm showin' love to them strippers dancing 'round the poles, yeah
I'm from the city where Confederate flags fall
And everybody got a neck redder than rat balls
That's why I rock a sweater with tags off
And keep at least one chain and bracelet on my neck and my wrist
I flip records like bricks
You muthafuckas never seen a nigga flip a record like this
I cock and squeeze my Smith & Wesson like this, nigga BLAOW

D, 'cause he does it right
A, 'cause his flow's aiight
N, 'cause he's new, to the
N, 'cause he's kinda nice
Y, would you ever wanna doubt the kid?
It's Danny, Danny Danny

[Verse 2]
(How you livin', Danny Swain?) I'm surrounded by prostitutes
Throwin' my banana around like I was tossin' fruit
Smackin' ass and mad titties
I swear, her booty was telling me to grab on it, just ask it
If getting head from your mom was a class, bet I'd pass it
Shit get drastic, I'm passing her the chapstick
D. Swain, ain't nothing stoppin' him
Make famous dead people hop up out a coffin and
Do the Rockaway, on some Michael Jackson "Thriller" shit
Got my own style, I don't care if you ain't feelin' it
I got fans in places I haven't yet seen
I can even make a lesbian have a wet dream
I guess, the next thing for me to do is sit back
Spit raps with flows that are fresher than Tic-Tacs
Sold beats for my album? Yeah I did that
I bring the heat nigga, keep your socks on
When they want a hot track it's my door they knock up on
All of these producers asking me, what records should they stock up on
If I blow up and everybody act stank
I give a fuck, I'ma shimmy all the way to the bank, yo
Word to Gamma Nu, peace to Alpha Lambda
Any problems with the kid, they'll be bringing out the hammers
And I ain't talkin' 'bout guns
I'm talkin' 'bout sledgehammers bigger than Attila the Hun
We roll deep up in the building, it's done
I even crash award shows, Norah Jones, that's my Grammy
(You that nigga from Da Band?) Nah, that's Miami
One thing come before the music, that's my family
One thing come before that, my Lord
Oh my Lord, I think they 'bout to tow my Accord
I'm double-parked on these Billboard charts, nigga BLAOW


[Verse 3]
...that's the sound they make
When I pull out my 37-pound snake
(Gosh darn it, what's the big idea?
Does he always have to brag on what his dick size is?)
Actually, I was talkin' bout my pet anaconda
He's the best and I'm fond of him
Except there's something wrong with him
All he wanna do is sit next to Wanda Sykes, sike
Change the game what I'ma do
I'll be at a bar mitzvah spittin' a rhyme or two
The rap game needs a change
So I ain't gonna stop 'til I hear everybody screaming my name
Nice guys finish last? Hell nah, nice guys finish first
Competition I'ma put 'em in a hearse
More flavor than a pack of Cinnaburst, nigga BLAOW


[Chorus] - 2X
Can't nobody love me like you do
Can't nobody, can't nobody, no
Can't nobody love me like you do

[Verse 1]
On a summer day in 1983
That's when I first, met the lady that birthed me
A little newborn baby, I was thirsty
So you gave me lots of loving I could drink on
Used to turn the sink on, had me taking baths with the dishes
Taught me how to read at age three, fast little whiz kid
Gave me soup to feed my fevers
Laughin' at the jokes that we would weave up
You were June and I was Beaver
You even warned me 'bout the C-word
No one else stuck up for me
Head hurt, you would rub it for me
A mama's boy in the worst way
We went to Taco Bell together when I skipped the first grade, hey
A celebration then, a celebration now
You're not just another face in the crowd
'Cause you're my mother and I wanna tell you how I feel
Your love is better than a Sno-Cone, without the chills, yeah

[Chorus] - 2X

[Verse 2]
I must've took the word "army brat" literally
'Cause I always used to act up
Everytime we'd pack up
Carried all of my troubles in the back of the truck
And when we touched down, I would turn 'em loose
But still, that was no excuse
To have to go and boost
Your green apples and cranberry juice
Then lie about it, raise my voice and cry about it
Hoping that I was convincing you, but I doubt it
Yet and still, you never tried to fuss or shout or curse
Then I started stealing, taking money out your purse
That was your last straw, and I don't blame you
'Cause all the junk that you put up with, I'd be tired of playing games too
So I ran away from home, yeah I made tracks
But your love was super-strong, so I came back
You cared for me, even though I wasn't perfect
Overloading me with love, and you know I didn't deserve it

[Chorus] - 2X

[Verse 3]
Even when the rain clouds seemed to pour in the drama
No one else has stood in my corner more than my mama
More than a woman, my mom, you're a fortune and I'ma
Have to put you in a myth book, you're more than a goddess
You're like a door to a cottage, you stand tall
And you always open up to me
This mother-son friendship is close enough to be
Hard to shake, like a coconut tree
It's good that we both see things in a similar view
So that you know just what I'm spittin' is true
And I just wanna say I'm so sorry for the trouble I caused you
So far gone at one point, I thought that I lost you
But you never left, I give you all respect
I wish you all the best...
Well I guess I'm done saying this to you
Truly yours, Danny Swain, a.k.a Mister Do, c'mon

[Chorus] - 2X

Be my, my baby (I really need you to)
Be my, my baby (let's make it me and you)
Be my, my baby (I wanna have some fun with you)
Be my, my baby (so what you wanna do)
Be my, my baby (I really need you to)
Be my, my baby (let's make it me and you)
Be my, my baby (I wanna have some fun with you)
Be my, my baby (so what you wanna do)

[Verse 1]
How you doin' shorty, let me introduce myself
My name is Danny and my album debuts on the 12th
I wanna get to know you better baby
Maybe we can lock ourselves up in the studio for eight weeks
I was headed over there anyway
How 'bout you slip them seven digits and make Danny's day?
I can take you to states you've never been to
Have you on a yacht, eating steak and Mexican food
World travel don't intrigue you?
I can put you in a catalog, modeling for Spiegel
'Cause your face is a ten, and your body's like whoa
Let's take it to the basement and...
I ain't like them other fellas
You can even take me home with you and make your mother jealous
I can shower you with cash, did I mention
We could be 2004's Ashford & Simpson if you


[Verse 2]
Girl you got my engines revvin'
But can I ask you a question?
Would you rather have the keys to the Hummer
Or a nice quiet night, listening to Stevie Wonder?
'Cause I prefer the latter, but girl it's up to you
And we can do what you wanna do
But if it were up to me, I'd play you a song on my rock guitar
Maybe we could even go adopt a star
So that everytime it twinkles in the sky
I'd think about the twinkle in your eye, gimme a try
Or gimme your phone number, I can be your man (oh yeah!)
I'm what you need, baby just give me a chance (oh yeah!)
Oh yeah, all that stuff I promised in the first verse
I was just trying to impress you, I don't really have a yacht
What's that? You say you still wanna roll?
Oh for sure


[Verse 1]
It's 10:00 on Friday
I'm 'bout to hit the highway
I got my pistol just in case somebody wanna try me
I'm headed to the club
So I can get messed up
I'm gonna holla at the chickenheads and press my luck
I've gotta freshen up
Oh, snap! Look at Danny
Daps, smiles, Black & Milds
Everybody actin' wild
And rowdy in the parking lot
All it's gonna take for me
Is two swigs of Armadale to get this fuckin' party hot
Whoever wanna see ID
Get popped up in their E-Y-E
I'm just trying to have a little fun up in the V.I.P.
These strippers gettin' restless
They wanna hold my necklace
They wanna dance around a pole for me and get butt naked
And I don't mind at all
Final call for alcohol
Wylin' out, cocky like I had a hundred thousand balls
It's, time to get it pumpin'
Listen to the music bumpin'
Club packed, dub sack
I'm gon' make you love this track, c'mon

[Chorus] - 2X
We at the club tonight
We'll make you feel all right
This is the second time
And we gon' do things right
We came to claim the crown
We 'bout to lay shit down
Because (this time, we)
We almost made it now

[Verse 2]
One Mississippi
And two Mississippi
By the time we get to ten, we gon' all be real tipsy
When I sip up on the Crissy
Ditzy bitches lookin' pretty
Liquor got me +So Gone+ like Monica and Missy
I'm about to roll the sticky but
Oh, snap! Look at shawty
She got the tongue ring gleamin' like it's looking for me
I'm 'bout to spit some game
Grey Goose the one to blame
I ain't gon' leave this muthafucka 'til I get some brain
Hey shawty, what's your name?
"Candy Cane!"
Perfect, with a name like that I know you can work it
Twerk it, put it in your mouth, don't hurt it
Like you're supposed to
Girl you gotta work hard for a damn Danny poster
Posted up, with a case of vodka
Pimped out like steak and lobster
I do my dirt and then forget it 'til the cases pop up
Stay lookin' proper you can catch me dressed to def
With my waves, Timbs
Grey Benz
I'm gon' make you dance, c'mon c'mon

[Chorus] - 2X

[Verse 1]
The rewards of praising the Lord
My faith is too strong for y'all to ever ignore
I think about all the things that I've been through
And all of my friends who, smile up in my face and pretend to
Like me, but I get the feeling that they're all sheisty
I'm never mad, He's the best friend I ever had
My Jesus is the only reason I'm forever glad
Even when the weather's bad I give Him the praise
'Cause Lord knows I've had my fair share of rainy days
But He's been with me every step of the way
He's got a set of footprints to the left of me
Without saying a word, I know He's there and that He will never leave
Even when the cops had arrested me
He stood next to me, and what perplexes me
Is that He knows about how much I've sinned, and still I'm blessed
So I'ma sing his praises 'til my death, I'm so grateful y'all

[Verse 2]
I never felt more alive than watching Top Gun
At age 5, I used to fill my pockets with crumbs
By the age of 13 I had pockets full of dreams
To do music, blow up and move units
And I could sell a mil' but still won't come close
To the love I get from You because I need it the most
And I'm just a lad, addicted to the blessings
Especially when I think about the rough times I've had
By any means necessary, I'll let it be known
That with You, I'm never alone
And when I can't explain why, I'll just look to the sky
A couple of raindrops'll fall in my eye, I blink twice
Don't have to swallow my pride, I've got no shame
And I'm always gonna speak Your name
No matter what, if I fail or succeed in this game
I know one thing'll remain the same: and that I'm so grateful


[Verse 1]
Yo I could never forget the day I saw you at school
For the first time, girl you must've thought you was cool
'Cause you were dressed in all white with your hair pulled up
I knew I'd fall in love if I wasn't careful enough
But our friendship was tainted before it even started
The whispers and the rumors, you swore you'd disregard 'em
'Cause you wanted so bad to believe me, I'm glad you believed me
We became best friends gradually
Left all the drama in the past
Explained that we were friends to everybody and they mama when they asked
But the people in the ghetto understood me wrong
And tried to knock me off the pedestal you put me on
But when it got out of hand, I didn't jot out a plan
I'd just sit back and watch the show
And now I just sit back and watch you go
I'm missing you so bad, you're the sister I never had

They say you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone
So I guess that all I've got is this song
Girl you got me so weak 'cause we don't even speak
But what do I have to show for it, only this beat
Only this rhyme, trapped for a moment in time
Let me know how you've been doing, baby show me a sign
When you reach true happiness, just give me a call
Just call me when you get there

[Verse 2]
Now the bright lights around me seem dimmer
My face seems slimmer 'cause I skipped lunch, I missed dinner
But uh, more importantly I miss you
I'd wipe my face with a tissue
But I've got so many issues
That I can't seem to stop the tears from fallin'
"Quit messin' around Jasmine, damn...just call him"
Nope! I want you to call when you get ready
Not because my legs feel like spaghetti
Every time I take a little walk down memory lane
Remember Jerry? Remember Elaine?
It's a little too soon to say goodbye
I knew I should've told you 'bout the money I was making on the side
But I was full of pride and I didn't wanna lose you
Let's sit and talk a while, sharing stories like we used to
Get used to me askin' to come back in my life
You almost left me once but I won't let it happen twice


[Verse 1]
I wish A Tribe Called Quest would get back together
And record an album of twenty tracks or better
I wish society would stop trying to box me in
I wish me and Jasmine hadn't had to stop speakin'
I wish the hood on my car was fixed
I wish I had a deal, so I could get paid off the bars I spit
And the beats I make
I wish I had the money to buy everybody in the world a rib-eyed steak
I wish the government would quit tappin' phones in the ghetto
(Leave us alone) I wish my student loans were all settled
I wish they'd quit riggin' elections, the shit is depressin'
Bet your bottom dollar Bush wins again, no question
I wish AIDS didn't exist
I wish I didn't have flashbacks of my cousin slittin' his wrists
I wish there weren't so many single mothers and deadbeat dads

[Verse 2]
I wish I had a one-way ticket to Kalamazoo, Michigan
I'm wishin' it were 1996 again
And De La Soul was playin' on the radio
850 spins a week
I wish muh'fuckas wouldn't diss me when I speak
Yo, I wish that I could rhyme on beat
I wish I had some silk slippers for my mom's feet
I wish Baby Girl was still here, and Left Eye too
Jam Master Jay, with Biggie reppin' Bed-Stuy too
Freaky Tah, Big L, Big Pun and 2Pac
I wish that I could buy a new clock
'Cause we're runnin' out of time
And the way hip-hop sounds these days
It seems like we're runnin' out of rhymes
Yeah, I wish for a world with no hate
I wish we all had a soulmate
That'd be so great
I wish I didn't have to live alone

[Verse 3]
I wish cats would take down south MC's more seriously
I'm wishin' I were more advanced lyrically
I wish I was engaged to Miri Ben-Ari
And at our wedding she can even play some "Overnight Celebrity"
I wish Harold would just let it be
I wish the unemployment rate weren't so damn high
I wish politicians wouldn't tell no damn lies
I wish I'd never have to see a lonely old man cry
Yo, I'm wishin' that nobody ever coined the word "nigger"
I wish I were a few inches bigger
And I ain't talkin' 'bout my height
I wish for fried chicken, buttered corn, dirty rice and sauerkraut tonight
And on that note I wish we didn't have no stereotypes
I wish the dream killers would chill, take care of yo' life
I wish nobody was shunned for being different

[Verse 4]
I wish everybody could make it to church on Sunday
I wish Ms. McIntyre would see her son one day
I wish I could talk to God, face-to-face
Well...that wish'll probably come true one day
I wish every son could give their mom a kiss
At least twice a day
I wish we wouldn't through our life away
Over some material possessions
I wish I wasn't clowned for eating cereal for breakfast
I wish I had a genie to grant these damn wishes
I wish my critics wouldn't call me too ambitious
I'm wishin' my ass never got kicked out of school
I was a foolish muthafucka, livin' without rules
Yeah, I wish I made wiser choices
Fuck that, I wish we all did
So we can all live
Yo I've been wistful ever since I was a small kid

Yeah I'm lukewarm now but I was cold once
The rap game won't accept me, I ain't got gold fronts
I don't cruise on dubs, I don't shoot up clubs
I don't push weight homie, I never moved drugs
But I did start from the bottom
Had a hard head, soft bottom
And now the Billboard charts got him
Ranked at number one, and thanks to everyone
Who appreciates what I'm doin' here
The beats that I make are a keepsake, like a souvenir
But I wasn't always doin' music
I was stupid and foolish
Livin' life recklessly
Like the time when the magistrate arrested me
I was writin' like, check after check every week
Couldn't help it but the money interested me
But I wised up quick, best believe that
Now I only cop a sweater if I need that, yeah
I came a long way from pickin' up chicken at Dodge's
To bein' on stage, shimmyin' next to Roger
Those were the good days, but I'm forgettin'
Some of them didn't want me in, they said that I was different
So I fell back, and I prayed about it
Couple days later, heard them boys had came around and
Now I'm onstage with a cane, shoutin' my name
Yeah, y'all know the rest
Yeah, and there are many other instances to speak about
But I ain't mention 'em on purpose, had to leave 'em out
'Cause if I told you everything that I've been through
You'd probably wanna jump up out the window
And if I told you 'bout the things that I've seen
You might scream 'til your eyes pop out like high beams
Have your ass drinkin' Visine, yeah I did it my way
Like Baskin-Robbins ice cream, Irene take it away!

[Verse 1]
I can flow with the best of 'em
Do shows with the rest of 'em
Mos Def, Kweli, Kanye West and 'em
But when it comes to doin' a gig
Down where I live, man the shit is ridiculous
I did a show at the Colonial Center
But the crowd was real cold like the snow in the winter
Damn! It must've been the lyrics I spit
'Cause 'round here, they don't wanna hear no spiritual shit
Ain't nothin' worse than lookin' up at a dead-eyed crowd
And if I jumped into the audience, I bet I'd drown
'Cause I'm about one song, maybe two or three
Maybe four songs away from the crowd booing me
Feel like a failure when the crowd gets shady
Man this shit'll drive you crazy
I'm a product of the eighties
So I sit in my Mercedes, after a show
Then I cry like a baby but don't let nobody know

I can turn it on
But I'm holdin' back the guarantee
I get excited every time that I recite it
I can put it down but I can't make you like it
I can turn it on
But I'm holdin' back the guarantee
(Jay-Z: "All I need is the love of my crew
The whole industry can hate me, I'll thug my way through")

[Verse 2]
It ain't the same when I perform in a different state
Up in Wisconsin they be feedin' me fish and steak
Don't get me wrong now, I love the Metro
And the Metro got love for me
But it's hard for me, to bring a new kind of sound
When all they wanna hear from me is "Second Time Around"
Damn! There's more to Columbia than thugs
And drugs, and studs and dubs and wylin' in the club, what
I got booed at a show downtown
But at the afterparty all I ever got was pounds
And daps; this one cat said "I like your raps
But could you talk about guns? That'd be kinda phat"
Dude I'll be right back...I took a stroll outside
And gave my head another blow to the bike rack
Now I ain't gotta rap about havin' guns, but instead
I can tell everybody I be bustin' heads, take 'em to the house


[Verse 3]
All I ever do is rock a show and hope for the best
I told a Seinfeld joke and it went over their head
And I ain't even tryin' to be the Dennis Miller of rap
I'm tryin' to get the crowd jumpin' 'til the ceiling collapse
'Cause on the mic +I Try+ hard like Macy Gray
And when the DJ puts on "Stay Away"
The whole crowd wyles out, and starts riots
But when he puts on "Talk To You" the whole room get quiet
Now I could get frustrated and forget the game
But that shit would be crazy, yo I'd miss the fame
Catchin' flights to Korea, takin' trips to Spain
It'd take a whole lot of money to convince my brain
So until then, I'ma do what I does
It ain't the fame or the money, it's the music I love
And if I ever get desperate
I'll fuck around and put Lil' Jon on a record, say I won't do it

[Chorus] - 2X