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Danny Swain Sesame Studios Party Bus

Danny Swain Sings For Sesame Street

By Sarah Z. 2,181 views

To kick off its flagship show's 46th season move to HBO, Sesame Studios taps Swain to breathe new life into "Wheels On The Bus" as the hip DJ DANNY!.

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Danny Swain In Sonos Commercial

SONOS® Advert Features Danny!

By Shawn W. 73,448 views

One thing's for sure: listening is back. Watch this latest TV commercial for SONOS® wireless speakers -- and listen out for a clip from Where Is Danny?'s title track.

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Danny Swain In GQ

Danny! Charms GQ In Exclusive Q&A

By Abby R. 38,724 views

In the latest issue of GQ Magazine, Danny! gets candid in a rare interview about music aspirations, peacoats, perseverance and industry co-signs.

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Getty Images Music & Danny Swain

Getty Images Music Features Danny!

By Zoe B. 19,230 views

Over the years Danny! has had many instrumental placements on television and film thanks to Getty Images' music division. This week, he's their featured composer.

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By Mya B. 13,429 views

Fall in love all over again. Danny!'s $WAINARCADE has all of your favourite classic Nintendo Entertainment System games ready to play online.

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StarTower Music, Ltd.

StarTower Has The Power

By Ruth A. 24,728 views

We're all constellations. And StarTower Music, Ltd.'s growing roster of international talent, from Atlanta to Australia, wants to change the way we listen to music.

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