constellations (single).


Danny! – Constellations

Title: Constellations
Release Date: February 14, 2016
Duration: 8 minutes, 19 seconds
Label: StarTower Music, Ltd.
Album Type: Single

1.  constellations

2.  constellations (instrumental)

3.  constellations (danny's reprise)

Danny!'s "Constellations"...is a carefully considered and sonically smudged falling-out-of-love song. Swathed in sounds borrowed from jazz, vaporwave, and Outkast, Danny! ponders the possibility that the constellation — i.e. the girl, his partner — he is gazing upon is fabrication, but a splash of stars.

Zara Golden,  The Fader


[Verse 1]
Does it come as a surprise
I'm sick of all the lies
So done with all the stories
I want someone to show me
Some type of affirmation
That love is no hallucination
So used to all the stories
Don't let it be, let it be

I'm out of patience
Because I'm facin'
These allegations
Of always chasin'
No consolation
In fabrications
Of elevation
We're all adjacent

Head in the clouds
How'd I wind up here again?
How many more times
Before I fall?

[Verse 2]
I should've seen the signs
The stars were misaligned
And since I missed the warnings
Won't make it to the morning
Don't need no further reason
To want something I can believe in
If something's out there for me
Then let it be, let it be

No consolation
In fabrications
Of elevation
We're all adjacent

[Verse 3]
Star-gazer forever
At least back when I met her
My OG be telling me
"Danny start chasing that cheddar"
These impractical notions
Be as vast as the oceans
Cast my rope in the open sky
Hope I snag me a dope one
So to Gina Fernando
Genevieve from Orlando
I appreciate the deceit
Way to set an example
These celestial beings
Never kept me from reason
Yet I'm living and breathing
For things I'm not even seeing
I love it

Head in the clouds
I think I like it up here
How else could I feel
Without the fall?

With fabrications
Of our creation
We're always chasin'

What are we still searching for?