In support of his album Payback, Late Night With Jimmy Fallon invited Danny! to come and perform his single "Evil". Following an enthusiastic introduction from Fallon, Danny! and the hardest working band in late night television embarked on a four-minute mission to officially introduce the Atlanta-based artist to the world.

"I'd bet money on this guy," Fallon chirped about Danny! earlier in the broadcast which also featured appearances from Piers Morgan, Joshua Topolsky and Michael Peña.

Shortly following his set, Danny! signed autographs from a long line of new fans as members of his entourage looked on. Danny! remarked he was "supremely honored" when informed about Fallon's on-air endorsement.

Watch the video above to check out Danny!'s energetic performance of "Evil" on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon (now The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon), with background vocals from Gavin Castleton. Be sure to peep the homage to Missy Elliott's remix of "Hit 'Em Wit Da Hee" at the 3:18 mark!

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