It's been offered as a pre-order, then swiftly removed. An uncredited appearance from Stevie Wonder and Al Green was once rumored to be the album's centerpiece. Even a spokesperson for Kanye West acknowledged its existence at the very end of an unrelated article in The Independent about West's pro-Cosby Tweets.

Highly-anticipated? Perhaps, but up until recently the only thing revealed from Danny!'s new album The Book Of Daniel, originally slated for a Leap Day 2016 release, were short audio snippets spontaneously published on his Instagram feed. 100+ posts later (most of which were removed by Mr. Swain), and still not a tracklist to be found.

Finally, Danny! has let the official artwork for The Book Of Daniel out for the world to see, along with an official tracklisting. Check out the twelve track titles from Danny!'s upcoming album below.

  1. The Gospel According To...
  2. Hello!
  3. Machine
  4. Paul Is Dead
  5. Sweet Virginia / Mama, I'm Sorry
  6. Why Not
  7. Love U 2 Much
  8. Black Zombie, Pt. 2
  9. (They're Gonna) Let You Down
  10. My Dear Mother Agatha
  11. Goodbye (Cruel World)
  12. Savior

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