Danny! - FOOD

Title: F.O.O.D. (Finding Out Our Destination)
Release Date: May 17, 2005
Duration: 1 hour, 12 minutes
Label: Self-released
Album Type: Mixtape

1.  intro

2.  f.o.o.d.

3.  i'm back

4.  it changes

5.  i only wanna be with you

6.  so all alone

7.  prove myself

8.  regrets

9.  my whole world

10.  mind's made up

11.  so tired (remix)

12.  v.i.p.

13.  the lesson

14.  where is the love

15.  what she said

16.  goodbye

17.  we gon' make it

That's what Danny! is, actually: a storyteller, and a pretty good one too. His easy approach to his rhymes makes them seem conversational, almost effortless.

Marisa Brown,  Allmusic


You mad at the last album, I apologize for it
Yo, I can't call it, man muh'fuckin' Wyclef spoiled it
Get a sense of humor, muthafuckas
Can't you see I'm doin' this for my amusement muthafucka?
Hatin' on Puff won't make ya tough
So take this duct tape away and tape it shut
You hate my guts, really I don't give eight fucks
Too late to change it up, muh'fucka get your weight up
Fake friends smilin' in my face
Shake hands while I'm in the place
Then they put the knife to my back
Get on the radio and talkin' they don't like how I rap
Well I don't like how you look
You just an ugly-ass lame
But I'm 'bout to change the game
And resurrect the Daisy Age at the same time
I'm patient with mine
Hey yo, this intro is a hard banger
The Dark Ranger, the Report Card Changer is back
I'm laughin' at you niggas right now

[Verse 1]
Sometimes I get to wonderin', brainstormin' and thunder
And lightning and rain, inside of the mind of D. Swain
Inside of the mind of a changed man
A little deranged at times, but otherwise a sane man
Dang man, I've been on the path to success
For so long, I feel like I'm the last to be next
But hold on, I see a signpost ahead
That says 'turn around', I can't leave my hopes for dead
I'm too throwed in the game to just throw it away
If I quit now, my dreams'll go tip-toeing away
I've gotta find my destination sooner or later
A true innovator is what I wanna be known as
But to get to the top, it's gonna take my own ass
To blow past these low-class jealous mome raths, yeah
And say everything that I have to say
I'm trying to find my destination, better grab ya plates
This is the F.O.O.D.

[Chorus: *scratches by Danny*]
"It's the...it's the food, baby" - Common
"Get yours...get yours..." - Nas
"You know the...you know the...you know the deal...deal" - Mos Def
"...but I scrape the plate...the plate...the plate" - Jay-Z
"It's the...it's the food, baby" - Common
"Get yours...get yours..." - Nas
"You know the...you know the...you know the deal...deal" - Mos Def
"Get yours...get yours..." - Nas

[Verse 2]
Regrets cloudin' my future, hit rewind
Like layin' in a bed of cow manure, I got shit on my mind
Grittin' and grindin' for my moment in the sun
But my hopes are stunted; how am I supposed to get it done?
Whoever said that strugglin' was easy
Probably never had the luxury of hustlin' or being chased
I swear to God they tryin' to change my fate
An appetite for success so I scrape the plate
I grab a bite, so I guess I gotta wait for the date
That I get to where I need to be
Compare the recent me, to the me of times past
I could've easily sold my soul to the wine glass
And even though I might crash, I'm still drivin' down this bright path
Thoughts leaking from my pen, hope I write fast enough
To be an outcast is tough
I'm flyin' solo with a bag full of stuff
Nigga that's what's up


[Verse 3]
Two roads diverged in a wood, I took the one less travelled
I'm patient so that's one less hassle
If I dream it, I can live it
I've seen the light with vivid imagery
I need to write with fits of energy
But it's hard tryin' to get where I'm goin'
Without a hint or an omen
It's too late to turn around
Perseverance, gotta learn it now
But I'm stubborn how
Am I supposed to survive this rollercoaster hurtlin' to the ground?
I've heard the sound of naysayers
Yes-men, and all of the rest tend to follow 'em
I could get hurt by all the jokes and stares
Smoke and mirrors, I'm chokin' but I'm almost there
Almost clear, the reason why I've suffered for years
I'm glad I started down this road to my own career
I'm never full from all the F.O.O.D. I ate
I'm on the road to be a true rhyme great
This is the muthafuckin' F.O.O.D.


[Verse 1]
Yo I'm tryin' to make these kids stop cursin'
And these clones would agree I'm the hip-hop version of Quincy Jones
Could it be? A maestro with a nice flow
Like clothes and dyke hoes, and drive a white Rov'?
Ho! Y'all muthafuckas still don't get it
I can spit some superficial shit and still won't let it
Define my persona
I'm fine wine plus I'ma refined rhymer
Line for line, it's my time to shine
Yeah, like a lamp, flourescent
Haters spit on me and wanna see the champ more pleasant?
Nigga please, I know you tired of the kid
And the fire that he spits, I'm as live as it gets
Black jeans, yes -- but a throwback? No
The best Kappa on the scene since Ho Frat Ho
All these other rappers wanna do is smoke that dro
But I'm tryin' to get my paper let my dough smack mo'
Whoa, did I hurt your head?
Yo, maybe I should use smaller words instead
I don't know if you noticed or not
But so far, this album hasn't even gone over the top
You don't even know if I'm focused or not
While you debate, I'ma pick which Ford Focus to cop
Fuck a Benz, and I don't want a Bimmer
Rather have a shack, and a styrofoam water heater, uh
"But didn't Danny say he drove a white Rov'?"
I was bullshittin', but thanks for paying attention though
You couldn't stop me with divine intervention, no
But you can catch me at the Rhymers' Convention, yo
I'll be the guest speaker
I'd be the best teacher
I'd spit some lyrical bullets
And watch your chest leak a gallon of blood
Drop face-down in the mud
You just mad they called that new Ma$e album a dud
Welcome me back

[Verse 2]
My redemption song
Is sweeter than a senior citizen with dentures on
I never really meant to leave you, it's been so long
You know I write eighty miles an hour, pen so strong, uh
My first LP? Critics didn't like it
But it's all good, just as long as pregnant women buy this
I don't care if niggas hate on my shit because
The negativity just gives me a buzz
And I appreciate the radio spins
Y'all muh'fuckas got me on the radio real good, that shit was mad funny yo
Your show is trash, watch who get the last laugh
Half-ass wack nigga
Lookin' like you crashed your face into a brick wall
Nigga get some balls
And get off of my nuts
You lost yo' mind, cuz?
I ain't the best lookin' nigga, but damn
This ugly muh'fucka must've got hit by a Grand Am
Am, I being too hard on this nigga?
Can't believe I fuckin' wasted four bars on this nigga, peep
How I transition back, but damn this and that
'Cause this is where it's at
I used to wear a hat but my head kinda swolled up
Dropped The College Kicked-Out, everybody goin' nuts
Didn't think I had it in me
I drink a splash of Remy
These half-rappers only half-offend me, I ain't fuckin' with 'em
The whole world can kiss my ass 'til their lips stick to my pants
Controversy like Lindsay Lohan gettin' breast implants
I'm the next Rembrandt of rap
Give me a chance, in fact
I'll have you shakin' like a panic attack
Dammit I'm back and I ain't goin' nowhere
Everybody so scared 'cause I'm so prepared
It's D. Swain, I'm still pimpin', still smackin' snitches
Still flowin' ill and the rap's vicious
I'm back bitches

[Verse 1]
Dear Teresa
I hope you get this letter
You know I have to send it to an alternate address
Because your man'll come across it
And probably bug the fuck out
He'll read about the stuff we used to do when you had snuck out
But listen, I'm through with foolish talk and reminiscin'
As much as I would like to take it back when we was just friends
I just can't, I care about you way too much
And for your patience I can't thank you enough, now think about it
Ever since I drove you away
My sunny days have been so cold and so gray
And all the color is gone
We really had a love that was strong
I didn't mind you probably rode the same school bus my mother was on
Age is just another number
How I got myself into this situation
Makes a brother wonder
I let you down and now I'm drowning in my self-pity
I hope these words'll help forgive me
Please don't leave

Just when you think that you know where you stand
You've got the world in your hands
Just when you're sure of a dream that you've planned
That's when the scenery changes
It changes

[Verse 2]
How could I ever doubt you?
You told me, you warned me to take things at face value
Conclusions were jumped to
I still remember seeing red, crying
'Cause you just wouldn't come through
I've come to my senses
But I sense it's too late
You're packing up your suitcase
And you're headin' out
I swear, I just...oh shit
Hol' up my pen's out of ink
I'm tired of goodbyes
I need more hellos
It's funny how a black boy grows
And his maturity enhances
I think that we deserve a second chance
With our personal romance
'Cause I don't know where I stand
You said not to put your trust in man
But you put your trust in me
Baby please don't up and leave
Forget my phone, let it ring
More than my friend, you're my everything


[Verse 3]
If I could take it back
That letter off your windshield, to the time we made a pact
And said no matter what would happen
Wherever things would take us
We wouldn't let (we couldn't let) misunderstanding break us
Or miscommunication, I miss the communication
I miss seeing you smile and yes, I miss your jubilation
I'm in for a rude awakening, if I ever expect
Things to get better; forgive me but never forget
Next time I'll think twice, before doin' something rash
And risk losing everything that I had
I thought I learned my lesson after Jasmine left me
Any questions that you have
Take a second and ask
My world changed dramatically
In a matter of months
It all happened at once
I pray you don't stay mad at me
I'll always love you, for better or worse
I'm forever yours, it hurts
To not have you near me


[Chorus: Ms. Lisha] - 2X
I only wanna be with you
Ohhh, and you know that my love is true

[Verse 1]
I know you seen me in the videos girl
My name is D. Swain, and I wanna give you the world
But first I wanna get to know ya
I wanna get to show ya
The real way a lady is supposed to be treated
We can chill in the cut or we can go to the beach
Just me and you, what'chu wanna do?
We can go shoppin' for shoes
The Nike Airs with the matchin' laces
We can go to Marks & Morgan, get some matchin' bracelets
Don't get it twisted, I ain't tryin' to spit game
But I'll be honest with you, half these niggas is lame
They're only after one thing, and we both know what it is
So I hope you underdig where I'm comin' from
I'm trying to make you my number one, my main squeeze
Baby tell me what you want from me, I aim to please
It's plain to see, I hope that you believe me boo
I only wanna be with you, now bring the chorus in

[Chorus] - 2X

[Verse 2]
Girl...why you over there lookin' at me
Like I'm tryin' to be your sugar daddy?
I'm not a gigolo, I don't keep the hookers happy
But I'll bet that if we hang out for a while
I can make you smile
We can go to Kim's Diner, play pool with some friends
But I'ma beat you; I'm just lettin' you know
And there's way too many reasons why I'm sweatin' you for
And if I give you a hug, I ain't lettin' you go
Later on we can take a little walk in the park
It's not often my heart makes me fall in love so fast
I've been through a lot baby, I've been hurt in the past
But we can make this work perfect if our purpose is to last
At last, I finally found the girl I wanna be with
Someone I can hold and share my secrets with
Don't keep the fence to your heart up for too long
C'mon baby and let's groove to the song
I only wanna be with you

[Chorus] - 2X

[Verse 3]
So what's the deal, you don't have to be confused at all
If you wanna roll, all you have to do is call
And I'll be there to pick you up if you fall
Order a root beer float and get two straws
You can always call on me if you wanna talk
I'll be right there, I won't even give it a second thought
You know you're fine, I tell you all the time
You're what the other fellas call a dime, but I call you a queen
And I wanna fulfill all of your dreams
If you're diggin' what I'm sayin' just follow me
And if not then my apologies
For wastin' your time, baby
You makin' my mind crazy
'Cause all I do is think about you
Hoping that you feel me too but then I could be wrong
Hey yo, this ain't no mushy song but you gotta put me on
I need ya, I need ya, I need ya
I only wanna be with you

[Chorus] - 4X

I didn't hear any sounds
Hopped out of my bed, looked for my friend
But he's nowhere to be found
I never ever had this feeling before
Seems like a longer distance from the ceiling to the floor
When I look up
I grabbed my Kappa chain for good luck
And walked out of the house, but...
Damn, where'd everybody go?
It felt like I was dead but I don't know
The only sound I heard was the voice in my head
Tellin' me to play it cool, but I made another choice instead
Started yellin' at the top of my lungs, so all the noise could spread
In hopes that anybody would hear me
But clearly, the whole entire world must be sleepin'
Or keepin' quiet, 'cause everything's completely in silence
No traffic, no commotion, no racket
Just a sad nigga tryin' to figure out what happened
It's like the whole world flew away in a spaceship
And I just overslept and made it late to the trip
So quiet that you could hear a friggin' faucet drip
I felt like hidin' in a closet with balled fists, a small fit
I wouldn't work; I'm nervous, I'm all alone
Like I'm in an episode of "The Twilight Zone"
Surrealism had me feelin' imprisoned
Had me tryin' to figure out why everybody was missin'
Started walkin' down the street but it felt strange
So I took a look around and certain things had changed
On one side of the lane were all the nice-lookin' houses
On the other side, ugly ones with mice, crooked couches
And a dumpster on the curb, I felt sorta disturbed
Curious too, I didn't have a theory or clue
So I walked up inside of the ugly house
What I saw then damn near shut my mouth
'Cause the interior was gorgeous
And it's hard to walk 'cause the floor is slick
Made of marble? Who could afford this?
The filthy couches on the curb must've had me fooled
Because the inside was kinda cool
I'm a schoolboy so I can't forget my manners
Tried to find the owner
If he finds me first he'll prob'ly go bananas
I shouted out but nobody's home
Took me a second to realize I'm still alone
I walk out, but I feel like I'm exhausted, beat
So I headed to the other house across the street
The attractive house with the seven cars in the driveway
But I should've stayed outside, my mistake
I stepped inside and I could've died
The whole place looked, smelled and felt like a pig sty
The furniture was tattered, and if I had an
Explanation I still would be confused 'cause it wouldn't matter
I couldn't fathom it, I had to admit
The house was nice on the outside, but the inside was shit
It smelled worse than sweaty armpits
Tables and chairs had three legs, made it hard to sit
I disregarded it, until I turned around
And I found a little notice that was on the ground
This house is condemned, I should've known
But the seven cars had me thrown for a loop
Still all alone, I had to recoup
For lost time, all of my fears have been confirmed
Weird thoughts crossin' my mind
Like nobody else is in the world but me
If that's the way it's supposed to be
Then so be it
I awoke from sleep in a cold sweat
Holdin' a wet notebook and an old cassette
Tape full of beats and a folder full of studio receipts
Somebody had my CD on repeat
I looked up and it was my friend
With a grin, said he spent
The whole night playin' my CD again and again, yeah
Told me that nobody else in the game was the same as me
Shit, that explains everything...!

[Verse 1]
Picture me tryin' to prove myself
Like I'm convinced a shot of vodka would improve my health
Or move my wealth to seven-hundred-and-four figures
Got more niggas tryin' to hate on my flow than Rah Digga
Bigger balls than last year, I'm cocky as ever
And more fly than a box of Czechoslovakian sweaters
When I hop in the Jetta
I put my CD on blast
If you don't like me nigga fuck you, kiss my ass
I ain't got nothin' to prove, so you can beat it
Niggas heated when I breathe on the mic, I'm so conceited
I give a shit if you don't like what I'm rappin'
Go back to your rims, your grills, your pills, your ice and your trappin'
Y'all ignorant niggas, y'all need help
Don't you know my track record? Man it speaks for itself
I kept the best beats for myself
My instrumentals out of reach on the shelf
You can't touch me

[Chorus] - 2X
I don't need to prove myself
I don't need to prove myself

[Verse 2]
How many times must I tell ya?
Catering to everyone turns you to a failure
That's why I don't get mad when they say that I'm wack
Or hate on my tracks, talkin' all that shit in my ear, yeah
Get off my dick and tell your bitch to come here
The first cat to drop an album and get rich in one year
Got more status in my pinky than Patricia Romeire
In her whole career
Charismatic with a capital K
The Smooth Kriminal is back to put the wackness to shame
It didn't have to happen this way
But I got sick of niggas rappin' the same
You need practice mayne
I'm in a class of my own
The rap game's George Thorogood, I'm +Bad To The Bone+
I'm glad to be home, quit talkin' all that trash on the phone
Don't call me with that bullshit, you can rap to the tone

[Chorus] - 2X

[Verse 3]
I give a fuck who you battled against
Underground/mainstream, yo I straddle the fence
When I step up to the mic, all the kids say "wow"
I'll bet you're probably gonna want me on your mixtape now
It's great how a dude tries to do his own thing
Tries to spread his own wings then a diss breaks out
First album that I dropped was a classic
Took it to the radio and then they tried to trash it
Callin' me a lame but really I'm the last sick
Nigga with a habit of kickin' niggas asses quick
And I don't really give a fuck about who's tough
You'd figure that the lyrics that I'm spittin' would be proof enough
But no; if I ain't talkin' 'bout 'caine-sniffin'
Wood grain-grippin', lane-switchin', bangin' the fifth
Then I ain't really sayin' shit or D. Swain is a bitch
But I ain't changin' what I spit until D. Swain is richer than you
The fuck I gotta listen to you for?
You niggas swear you're too hardcore, I'm havin' fun with this shit

[Chorus] - 2X

[Verse 1]
Whether it's beatin' your wife down or pushin' powder
Most of you cowards be doin' things you ain't proud of
Don't try to act like your life is all rosy and shit
Then try to judge me, nigga you don't know me and shit
You throw me a brick, but give me a break
It's bad enough tryin' to deal with my regrets on the daily
'Cause I had it rough, under stress goin' crazy
Gotta grab my nuts, it's a test that He gave me
Only He can save me, but yet and still you attack Swain
Just because I used to live my life in the fast lane
That's unacceptable
I know I'm young and restless
Though I've got a bigger conscience than the rest of you
It's best that you regard your mistakes as a lesson learned
Instead of regrets, respect you earn
We all have regrets, but that's a given
The name of the game is knowing how to live with 'em

[Chorus: *scratches by Danny!*]
The past is crazy, but the past made me
The man I am today, nothing's gonna stand in my way
Mandatory, no one else can plan it for me
Yo I'm layin' my regrets to rest, I'ma be okay
"Wh-wh-what are we talking about here" - unknown
"In order to survive, gotta learn to live with regrets" - Jay-Z
"St-still ain't forgave myself" - T.I.
"Steady at it...d-d-deadly habits" - Guru

[Verse 2]
I've got a lot of remorse for stupid things that I did
I could've been settled by now, had a wife and a kid
Didn't have a father figure in my life when I slid
He created me and dipped the fuck out like Michael Biv'
And I think that's why I am the way I am today
Too afraid of being him to start a family
I'm sick of lettin' these regrets stand in my way
Too many damn mistakes made, could've landed me in J-A-I-L
Think of all the lies that I'd tell
All the hearts that I would break and all the times that I fell
I wish I never got that password from Miss Payton
Man I wish I hadn't left Teresa waitin'
I wish I gave a bigger plate of F.O.O.D. to my ace boon coon
And hadn't my first taste of poon way too soon
Won't let the past change my destiny
Best believe I ain't gon' let regrets get the best of me


[Verse 1]
I see skies of blue and clouds of white
Fuck that, I see hungry children cryin' every night
Single mothers on welfare, these kids can't eat
The whereabouts of their daddy is a mystery
Poverty, probably is keepin' blacks in debt
And that's why every first of the month we cash our checks
And ask to get, a lottery ticket and some Newports
So surreal, kinda like a movie of sorts
I see so many things in my world goin' on
So this song was conceived with my heart on my sleeve
Little boys droppin' out of school, it's hard to believe
And little girls being raped, now it's hard to conceive
A child, I'm seein' niggas that'll stab you in the back
For a pack of cigarettes, and a jacket that matches
His bandana, gangbangers, 'caine slangers, chain swingers
Check out the picture that D. Swain paints for us

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls
Let me welcome you to (my whole world, my whole world)
No diamonds and pearls, just stones
And broken homes (my whole world, my whole world)
I'm only paintin' a picture
I care about it this much (my whole world, my whole world)
Follow me and we can see some things
C'mon and walk with D. Swain (my whole world, my whole world)

[Verse 2]
I see trees of green, red roses too
I see a preacher doin' things he ain't supposed to do
Collection plates, he's puttin' in his back pocket
But karma's a bitch, so best believe he's gettin' robbed quick
Fake gangstas and wanna-be thugs
Shootin' up the club, hot over a bottle of bub
I see a bunch of drunken junkies, potholes and drugs
A lot of homeless families with no one to love, but um
The worst thing is that it hurts to see
An uneducated black man in his thirties
But y'all don't hear me or your eyes are wide shut
Dudes goin' to job interviews high as fuck
What the fuck? I see politicians makin' promises
To fuck us up quicker than the '80s Reaganomics did
I see bums on the stoop lookin' stupid
They had a shot at life and didn't use it


[Verse 3]
Twelve-year-olds with cell phones
Callin' their man up so he can hit it when nobody else is home
I see kids havin' kids, man it is what it is
Homie this is how we live
Prostitutes, they're on the street corner peddlin' sex
Disabled vets, waitin' on their settlement checks, yep!
20 percent of money is spent on women
The other 80 is wasted on vodka
Stop the madness kid, ain't no adjectives
That can describe how I feel when I look back at this shit
Pops drunk, now he's smackin' the kids
The next day, can't remember what he did
I see people settin' up their own kinfolk
Babies gettin' sick from their mama's secondhand smoke
I see a man hittin' a lady but he ain't a pimp though
I'm just sittin' by my window
And this is what I see


[Chorus] - 2X
I've made up my mind for a lifetime
I've made up my mind for a lifetime

[Verse 1]
Bring in the verse and let's go
I think I've gotta be the most indecisive person I know
That incident I can't forget about in Paris, France
I spent seven hours pickin' out a pair of pants
I'm just a rapper, a bastard child
But sometimes I think my brain is on backwards
After a while, I'll finally come to a decision or two
It's kinda funny what a 90/20 vision'll do
Like this one time, I must've set the time
One hour too late, woke up at a quarter to 8
I had to be at work in fifteen
But it takes me forty-five minutes just to get clean
After showerin' another half-an-hour
When I iron a shirt, you've gotta try it, it works
I'm tryin' to find an excuse to not go to work, but instead
I swallowed my pride and got out of bed
Funky as hell

[Chorus] - 2X

[Verse 2]
Now I'm at my baby mom's house
If this chick gets to actin' crazy, I'm out
Kinda mad another nigga treats her better than I did
But I'm here to see my kid
Me and Zoe playin' patty-cake
I put her to sleep, and now I'm wantin' something to eat
So I'm in the kitchen lookin' for a plate
I look up and my baby mama's standin' in the doorway
She said, "Danny boy, we can do it your way
Give it to me daddy, I don't even need the foreplay"
Now I could smash potatoes and leave
But she'd be calling me for weeks
And I wouldn't be able to breathe
All I want is mashed potatoes and greens
Apple juice, where the cups at?
Shorty grabbed my nutsack, panties fell down to the floor
Ahhh, fuck it; just listen out for the door
Man, pass me a towel

[Chorus] - 2X

[Verse 3]
D. Swain, and I'm back as
The phat trackmaker, for paper
I would razor-blade your black ass
But don't think for a second that I'm clueless
Just because I'm inconclusive, get a clue bitch
But before I let you go, true story:
I was rockin' at this show and everyone was rootin' for me
But this one guy was booin' at the top of his lungs
Being rude and obnoxious, son
So I finish my set, walk off the stage and I get
The same lame nigga in my face, making a threat
He said go back to the Gap, because my flow was wack
And my beats are trash, what kind of critique is that?
A bad decision would've meant I had to listen to him
But if I did then I'd be missin' music
It's been a year to the day that I took that chance
I made up my mind to rap and I ain't look back since
Yo that's real talk man

[Chorus] - 4X

(Love's got me so) Love's got me so
(Love's got me so) I can't take it no more
(Love's got me so tired)
(Love's got me so) Love's got me so
(Love's got me so) Man, I'm walkin' out the door
(Love's got me so tired)

[Verse 1]
Hey yo, what's the deal with these ladies?
Every time I give 'em a chance, they wanna play me
First they wanna get in my pants, they wanna taste me
Then when I break 'em off, they drive me crazy for eight weeks
They blow up my phone, they come to my house, I'm sleepin'
I wish they left me alone 'cause I'm out, I'm leavin'
I knew I shouldn't have boned, 'cause now even
Middle-school girls fallin' in love for all the wrong reasons
This one chick tried to take me by surprise
She had a fat booty, pretty face and hazel eyes
She said, "Danny boy, you ain't like them other guys
You ain't tryin' to be my friend just to get between my thighs"
I replied, "C'mon baby girl, stop frontin'
Unless you wanna take it to the hotel or somethin'"
We went to the room to do what we do
I woke up the next day in the nude with a broom, damn!


[Verse 2]
This girl Tammy had the worst game
At least this time, messin' with a broad I got her first name
Never told her mine, told her it was Billy
Now she sit at home lookin' silly, really
You feel me? These hoodrats don't wanna roll until he
Whips out the dick, hey yo these chicks is tryin' to kill me
I'm just a man lookin' for some affection
Not a whore that I've never seen before...correction
I made this girl Tina scream my name
I left her body feelin' weak and in pain, but that was last year
Now she want the rings, the cashmere
Bitch'll get a beatin' if she brings that ass here
I'm at the end of my rope, I can't cope
Love got me tired, I feel like I'm in a soap
+As The World Turns+, these ladies stay connivin'
But these are the +Days of Our Lives+ kid, I hate it


[Verse 3]
Love's got me so tired, I'm sick of all these groupies
Little hoochie mamas always tryin' to do me
Of course I want the coochie but it's really just the love that I pursue
Guess I'm tryin' to have my cake and eat it too
Plus it don't help when they throw me poon that I eat it too
Keep a few bullets on my waist like police do
I do so much runnin' I need a cleat shoe
Beats me why I can't find love easily
This song is for Erica, Erin, Rebecca and Jada
Sarah and Clara and Jessica, Meagan and Kayla
Shelley, Maria, Corrida and Jamie and Jana
Kelly, Sabrina, Anita and Amy and Shannon
Beep-beep in the caravan, damn I need to
Call Kei'ke, MaryAnn and Lakeiya
Yo I had a longer list but I lost it
Lookin' for love got me exhausted, but I can't call it quits

[Chorus] - 2X

Whoever wanna see ID
Get popped up in their E-Y-E
I'm just trying to have a little fun up in the V.I.P.
We havin' fun like we don't care
Party people, throw your motherfuckin' hands in the air, yeah
Whoever wanna see ID
Get popped up in their E-Y-E
I'm just trying to have a little fun up in the V.I.P.
"Skip all that singin', let's get right tonight mami" - Jay-Z
"You now...now...rockin' with a pro" - 50 Cent
"C'mon!" - Jay-Z

[Verse 1]
I'm just trying to have a little fun up in the V.I.P.
Funny, everyone is being nice to me
I stepped fresh off the "E" Train, D. Swain
Rapper for real, and on the beats I drop heat mayne
So I guess that explains a lot
We in the V.I.P. spot and we came to rock
Came to plot on somebody else's girl
D. Swain is not just another selfish squirrel
That's out to get a nut, we 'bout to hit it up
The B-A-R, I keep my radar on all night
Short hoes, tall dykes
Your clothes fall? Might
Door closed, y'all wanna fight?
I'm trying to get some alcohol in my system
Wakin' up tomorrow with a Barbie doll and a Mr. Ed
Poster, c'mon ma, get a little closer
You gon' do a dance or get my hopes up? Let's go


[Verse 2]
Pop Cris'
The ladies in the V.I.P. are topless
You need a club banger, nigga cop this
I'm locally known
I just met a lil' hoochie and I hope we can bone
I respect you lil' cutie, I'm supposed to be grown
But I get real giddy when I see your titties
If I whisper in your ear, shawty please don't hit me
But the Hennessey kinda put the evil in me
Whoa! You now, now rockin' with a pro
Tell Mo to stop, stop talkin' to the hoes
We havin' fun ma, why stop?
I've got a couple of bucks
So after this we hittin' IHOP
Free drinks, and the shorties with ass
And every fight scene in this bitch is choreographed
And in the morning we'll crash, at the Hilton
Or into the side of a building, whichever comes first


[Verse 3]
Got bitches on my jock out in Lexington
'Cause they think I date a motherfuckin' lesbian
So I told 'em it was k.d. lang
They was like, "Dang, way to go Danny Swain!"
I told 'em, "Meet me at the club scene, Night Pearl
I'll be chillin' with the preteen white girl"
Breezed by, then I headed to the V.I.P.
Why do all these ladies wanna be my sweetie pie
When I hop up out of the truck like I don't give a fuck
Two swigs of Armadale'll mess my dinner up
Made a fake phone call to impress my crew
"Yo Meagan Good, what up...it's Danny, can I come through?"
We at the Platinum Plus, drinkin' Bacardi
Tryin' to mack a shawty at the bar we meetin' at the afterparty
So just remember when I piss on your mom
Yo, I only said it just to finish the song
Lighten up niggas

[Chorus] - 2X

[Verse 1]
Uh, make way bitch, I'm comin' through
I'm Danny Swain, nigga who the fuck is you?
I'm a blast from the past
So second-guessin' his ass is a bad suggestion
But class is in session
I know you're mad and depressed
When I brag I'm the best, +Ain't No Half-Steppin'+
Take your pencils out your bag, I'm testin'
I'm askin' questions, so grasp the lesson, huh?
Number one: who's the realest MC?
The answer's "me", b-boy stance is enchantin'
And I spit rhymes candidly
All I need is a mic, sweatpants and a tee
Number two: who's the best producer?
It ain't you bruh, guess again
My instrumentals will impress your friends
Hell yeah, pay attention unless you intend
To fail, this is the lesson y'all

[Chorus: *scratches by Danny*]
"Y-y-y'all know the name" - Pharoahe Monch
"D. Swain" - Danny
"G-get it right" - Charli Baltimore
"Y'all...know" - Pharoahe Monch
"D. Swain" - Danny
"Sl-slow down...slow down" - Jadakiss

[Verse 2]
D. Swain, I'm the next to set it
So put the hatin' to the side, I suggest you dead it
Commit to the best, guess I've got a success fetish
You'll be staying after class for some extra credit
If you don't take notes, you dope
Tryin' to pass off as an MC with them fake quotes you wrote
Talkin' 'bout you did this and did that
With the click-clack, that's your pop's gun nigga, give it back
Gotta show these rap cats how to do this, son
Producer-slash-MC, I'm a two-for-one
Whose rhymes is more clever? I'm a sure-better
Designed for your pleasure, you guys is sore-headed
Like lime and orange sweaters, your style is tacky
You're better off sweepin' trash piles at Zaxby's
Meanwhile I'ma smile at that weak
Shit you tryin' to kick, kinda quick with the gimmicks
Is you in it to win it or what?


[Verse 3]
I'm teachin' rappers how to keep in practice
But they're looking at me funny like I'm speaking backward
Sleep in class or read a mag with tig ol' bitties
And I'll bet your ass'll fail, and get a 50
On this test that I'm passin' out
You better throw all your chances of passin' out
When you see your test scores you'll be passin' out
And your skills'll still stink, if you pass an outhouse
You probably couldn't even tell the difference
Your whole flow's like a bowl of Kibbles and Bits and shit
I hope you fuckers paid a little attention
It's a shame that the dean got rid of detention
'Cause I'd let you sit there
'Til you learn how to get to where you need to be, lyrically
Instead of focusing on fame and bucks
It's D. Swain, here to help you step your rap game up
Pens down


[Verse 1]
Man, you jealous-ass niggas just make me laugh
Nah, fuck that; all of y'all just make me yawn
Goin' on and on about my rap style
But it's gonna take a little while for this black child to back down
I'm giving you all my balls and my ass to kiss
Y'all really got some audacity
Half of these niggas talk shit like an ass with lips
The other half don't even know the half, so take a class bitch
Lesson one: I love it when you diss me
I've been gone so long, you must've missed me
Lesson number two: you gotta find something better to do
Go rob a bank, bust a nigga's head, sell drugs dude
Whatever ignorant niggas do, you need to do it
Talk about me 'til your face turns blue, I give two shits
Oh, just because I sample soul music
I'm a biter? Nah muh'fucka, I ain't new to this
I wish I knew this many people would've been on my dick, though
It's making me sick, they're talking slick
Yo you never thought I'd bust back
Why you got a grudge that you ain't budgin' from
Nigga where's the love at?

These cats down south
Don't know what they're talking about
When they start runnin' their mouth
It makes me wanna shout
I'm trying to count
A hundred mil' and be out
No doubt
Where's the love nigga

[Verse 2]
Maaaan, y'all remind me of some gossipin' girls
All that chit-chit-chatterin' behind my back
Wanna nit-pick at him like my rhymes is wack
And get a stiff dick everytime I write a track
Never mind the fact that my beats made your mother do a backflip
Why the hell these haters had to diss me on that tip?
Talkin' this shit and that shit
Lookin' for a fat lip? Well, catch
Oh, now I'm gay 'cause I don't talk to bitches
All the tricks they got up their sleeve is just ridiculous
Can I get a witness?
Steady schemin' tryin' to break my heart
Or take me apart
Nigga I ain't gay, I'm smart
What, I'm gay 'cause I don't wear baggy jeans, nigga?
You don't know what a faggot means, nigga
Take a look in the mirror
I'll bet your homo-vision get real clearer
I'm just laughin' at you
Ran up in the tabernacle
Niggas looking at me fruity like a bag of apples with a dash of Snapple
But oh no, niggas callin' me gay
Just because I don't speak, nigga fuck what he say
Or she say or them say, if I don't speak it means
I don't like you, get some hair on your chest nigga
Arrogant, yes
Homosexual, no
As if I really had to say the shit
But I'm just lettin' you know

[Verse 1]
I met her at The Spin
She said her favorite book was "Catcher In The Rye"
It grabbed me by surprise
Had to take a second look, thought I saw some magic in her eyes
Disco lights were playin' tricks all night
She said, "If it's all right
I'd like to buy you a bottle
Of Heineken are you
Old enough to even be drinkin'?"
I laughed to myself, 'cause I can read what she's thinkin'
But she shocked me when she said
"You don't need to be winkin'
At these other chicks," she said that she could work the dick
Said she liked it from the back, and she loves to lick
Now I usually get a kick from a broad talkin' dirty
But something just didn't click, plus my plane leaves early
But dammit she lookin' thick, she's still being flirty
She said that I could meet her at the hotel at 3:30
Don't wanna risk it, can't stand to be wrong
But she said that she'd be waiting with no panties on
Danny's gone

[Chorus] - 2X

[Verse 2]
She said her hotel was down the street
I left the club an hour later, she was sound asleep
She was startled by the sound of my feet, I knocked softly
So the manager would not toss me
Out on the curb, I'm twenty minutes late, gonna cost me
She offered me a bagel and a cup of coffee
I said "naw", she's shoving her tongue down my throat
She said she really wanted to rock my boat
She said I'm not supposed to do a thing, just relax
She was lickin' my neck, yo she was kissin' my back
Then she said, "Let's get down to the nitty-gritty"
I pulled my pants down, whipped out the itty-bitty
She said, "Damn Danny, either you're cold
Or you have the penis size of a five-year-old"
She said she likes to have it all the time
But she never met a dude with a dick that was smaller than mine
That's fucked up

[Chorus] - 2X

(Goodbye!) I'm 'bout to say goodbye to the game
I'm tired of playin'
(Goodbye!) Goodbye to the fame and money
Yo ain't a damn thing funny
(Goodbye!) Goodbye to the hatin' for real
Too many niggas talk greasy, fa' sheezy
(Goodbye!) (Jay-Z: "Can't leave rap alone, the game needs me!")

[Verse 1]
I've been in the rap game for a minute
Stackin' change, but the fact remains: this is a business
Now I've gotta call it quits
All of this hatin', it isn't called for
Pride tried to swallow it
I even tried at Apollo
It was one fine-ass model
Said she's feelin' all my shit
But I had a hard time believing it
She didn't know my songs by heart, hard time repeating it
I swear, no one else appreciates me
I'm from the home of white tees, and geechies maybe
I should call it a day, and put the mic away
I'd like to say I'm playin', but I can't say "sike"
And stayin' ain't an option, but patience might stop him
From making the mistake of a lifetime, I write rhymes
And make beats, but if it don't move your feet
I might as well just take a seat
Peace out


[Verse 2]
Fuck rap, you can have it back
I feel like a FOX special, "When Doormats Attack"
'Cause I don't feel welcome
It's gonna take more than an autograph signing in the store to help him
Change his mind, 'cause I'm the same guy that brought you
My other hits, like "Stay Away" and "Talk To You"
I'm catchin' Flack but my name ain't Roberta
These other rappers get away with murder
'Cause every other joint that they pumpin' on the radio
Is soundin' like the same ol' lame ol' shit they played way before
Meanwhile, I'm out bustin' my ass
Can I get an applause? Is it too much to ask?
Dag, I think I might as well hang it up
Either that or take my style and just change it up
D. Swain is just another jaded MC
Man I tried to be as patient as can be
But I gotta leave

[Chorus] - 2X

[Verse 3]
He said this, and she said that
And he claimed that D. Swain couldn't rap
I'm better off in the game cookin' crack
Took this slack for a minute, sick of people lookin' at
Me like I lost my mind
I couldn't sell a copy of my CD even if it cost a dime
Even the radio won't play my hits
I rap about positivity, they hate my shit
I gave my album to a friend at the camera shop
Man he said that he was feelin' it, he said it was hot
But a couple days later, as luck would have it
I overheard another nigga say that he said it sucked ass
Shit, I tried to bring something new to the table
At the rate I'm going I'll be dropped from my label
So I'm done, yo I quit, I'm retirin'
Applyin' at McDonald's, yo I hope they're still hirin'
'Cause I'm gone


All I ever really wanted was my name in the bright lights
Tryin' to get my fanbase expandin' from Asians to white dykes
I still need a fuckin' publicist
It's D. Swain, and I'm giving you my butt to kiss
Let me take it way back when I didn't have scratch
Listenin' to music, sayin' "I can do this too!"
It's cool, just do your thing
Don't ever let these haters try to ruin your dreams
I knew things would start slow
Dealin' with a DJ with mood swings
Cheap articles were made, I played my part
I stayed on the charts
Gotta keep my mind and my tongue razor-sharp
Back then, when I did venues for chump change
Why they wanna keep the top billing from Swain?
Dropped the first name, added a dot
And kept the last name -- "is that Swain?" -- daggit, he's hot
I went away to school, then I got kicked out
Shit happens, but I gotta stick to rappin'
I'm still doing shows but they won't quit laughin'
When I tell 'em what went down at Claflin, so that's it
I get down on my knees and pray
For a chance to say everything I need to say
Matter fact, I said eight prayers
The College Kicked-Out dropped five months and eleven days later
All of a sudden, a star is born
And to think, it all started in a dorm room
More boom than a lil' bit
I'm a little nitwit that made good
A little quick wit will get you real far
If you know how to use it
Got my whole school doing music, it's true bitch
And I'm still tryin' to make it in the game
Tryin' to soak up all the fame
But I hope it don't choke up all of Swain
Yo I'm trying to get these folks to call my name
I let 'em clown me so the weak could win
Now I'm headed to the top with a sheepish grin
Only one hit away like Bleek would've been
If he would've been in my shoes, who would've thought?
D. Swain taking the blame and never get caught
The fame don't come easily, or cheap, or free
You gotta work hard to get to where you need to be
Take it from me, I know what I'm sayin'
All the hatin' in my ear is getting old, but I'm waitin'
For the day that I'm famous
I'll have fans in Alabama like, "Man, D. Swain is a genius!"
Danny Boy, not the one to mess around son
Thought you suckers had me 'til I dropped the second album
Fresh like a pair of starched jeans
I'm still tryin' to be rap's next media darling
If success is the next best thing to gettin' sex
Well then, gimme that there
Wait'll you see my hits
I'm gon' be successful as fuck, watch me