danny is dead.


Danny! - Danny Is Dead

Title: Danny Is Dead
Release Date: July 16, 2007
Duration: 30 minutes, 0 seconds
Label: Self-released
Album Type: EP

1.  now you're back

2.  the world is yours

3.  rhyme writer crime fighter

4.  press conference

5.  cafe surreal, pt. 2

6.  fly, pt. 2

7.  check it out

8.  outro (dead...?)

[On "Danny Is Dead"] Danny! is a stronger-sounding rapper, surer in his flow and rhymes, able to portray his personality confidently...

Marisa Brown,  Allmusic


You off sides, better play your position
Like lost dice, I'm what the game's been missin
D. Swain's been fishin' for compliments
My competence has been wasted
I ain't seen my conscience since the spillage
Is he the illest? It depends who you ask that
Type of nigga to make a beat from violins and a hatrack
Humility it stems from my cabbage patch
Rooted in my friends and my habitat
Matter of fact
I chop a break fast for breakfast and
Beat a nigga to the punch for lunch
Dig in the bargain bin for dinner
The skinny nigga done made good
The media insists that I stay hood
But I never was to begin with
My penmanship is intricate
But Jay already said that it don't get you shit
So I would write it if y'all would get it
All y'all would-be critics
Must've mistook me for an idiot
I seem soft-spoken
But I need not for you to open your mouth
And hit me with obscene blog-postin'
"What's so special about him?
Charm is his best album
But he need to stop it with all that Kanye West-soundin'"
I +Heard It All Before+ like Miss Anderson
Don't mess with broads no more, I kiss mannequins
No Tylenol no more, I switched to Anacin
Schizofrenic, I guess my sanity is scramblin'
Ramblin', just to see if you're still here
I would've been blown up, supposedly
I came up with the Gnarls Barkley concept and they stole it from me
Even if everybody thinks I'm crazy
I ain't never goin' under
Before I do that
I'll use my fame to gain Raven-Symone's phone number
No sleepin' pills needed
My Dream, Fulfilled believe it
I'm back!
Mama I made it

[Verse 1]
I'm the most prolific artist, tried to oust Picasso
Used my whole head; nose bled, rhymes out the nostrils
I always ate supper but my supplement's determination
Dropped a couple hints and yearned for greatness
Mama I'm gonna sing
I used to keep a stack of records from Stax
A record in fact, never met a cat with more records than that
Ample samples for pickin', my hands was cramped from the mixin'
But dammit Dan's so ambitious, I think he's on to somethin'
Slept on so much it should've been a felony
Led on so much from lies these niggas sellin' me
I kept on per good advice my friends would tell to me
Now I'm the best on the scene, my seams is bustin', Della Reese
And thanks to Jocelyn
I ain't had to worry 'bout the gangsta posturin'
She kept my head afloat when all them gangs was watchin' and
Told me to be myself and now D. Swain's on top again

Danny was bored
So he dropped a classic album
Wound up at the Grammy Awards
Below the stage, front page
That means I'm smarter than you other rappers, truth hurts
Snuck a peek up Robin Troup's skirt, while you watched at home
Keep watchin' holmes

The world is yours baby, and that's the truth
Don't ever let nobody tell you what you can and what you can't do
(True!) 'Cause in this life you only get a chance or two
(True!) Don't take these dreams for granted, make your plans and move
The world is yours baby, all you have to do is try
You're bound to reach the stars if you just shoot for the sky
So shoot for the sky...just shoot for the sky
"World...world...it's the world famous" - M.O.P.
"D. Swain..." - Danny!
"...world..." - M.O.P.
"...the world is mine!" - Kanye West

[Verse 2]
Now watch me soar across the skies y'all
Ambition big as Tracee Ellis Ross's eyeballs
They thought I'd gone and forgot my Roots like Dice Raw
Eat competition like a Tyson brawl
Chew you up and spit you out
They told me n-never argue with fools
So I stayed in my lane just like a car pool
Stayed true to myself and dammit if it didn't pay off
Critics' predictions way off
But you know I shed some tears; +Why Must I Cry+ like Reh Dogg?
Why must I stress, a lot can happen in a year's time
I disappeared so my career would be revered
I'm still tryin' to climb and make my mark just like brasierre lines
Would've had a singer on this track but Britney Spears declined
But no worries, too much at stake to lose
Cats be like "if this corny nigga can make it, then I can make it too"
Now I'm their inspiration
But no one will come as far as me
Star of "D. Swain Motivation 101", +Let's Get It+

I thought I told you I won't lose
I'm in my prime
While all y'all struggle with the "wish-I-had-skills-but-I-don't" blues
You tried to deny me but I don't give a flying fuck
I'm on iTunes, you're on iSuck
Your time's up nigga


[Verse 1]
Caped crusader
Stay souped with lasers
A gray deuce-deuce that I used to blaze
I slayed spooked troops in my youthful days
And flew away in the Spruce Goose, ruthless ways
Now you could say my style was aloof but hey
I gotta stay elusive
And that's why I moonlight as a producer slash rapper
Slash ass-kicker, ridiculous rat bastards
Face down on the gravel, have gun will travel
Out the blue steel barrel, get ya crew killed
Harold from Peru filled the streets with pills for weeks
Had his operation based in Brazilian suites
Women swimmin' in counterfeit bills with grills for teeth
And had a half a mil' concealed beneath Building B, ugh
Received word they on the block
I got the call on my two-way radio watch
It was a Tuesday, shoes laced, gazed at my clock
Hope I can ruin their clientele in time to catch Seinfeld
Crime prevails daily, it's a hundred fanatics
That's why my hip's equipped with guns and gadgets
That's why my lip is stiff, no one can match it
That's why I dip whenever the sun comes
Had it with Harold and his shenanigans, everyone's frantic
When they peep the piece and the heat I brandish
Shut 'em down son, took 'em to police then vanished
I made it home but I just missed Costanza's antics, dammit
Such a job is selfless
But the mayor feeds me eggs, corn cobs and shellfish
Rebellious for the hell of it, villains audacious
I'm still in my spaceship, I know that I can fly with my cape
But that's some lame shit, I'm cooler than that
Preservin' justice, just show me where the hooligans at
And this is my hooligan r-r-r-rap

[Danny! talking]
And you know they don't give a brotha no superpowers
So I gotta keep more gats than a Papoose verse
You feel me?

[Chorus: *scratches by Danny!*] - 2X
"D-D-D. Swain..." - Danny!
"...r-r-rhyme Writer..." - Street Life
"The best...best...the best looking crime fighter..." - Will Smith

[Verse 2]
In the daytime he's meek and mild-mannered
But the D. Swainmobile is sleek and piled with hammers
I got a slick pistol that I nicknamed Crystal
Her thick frame bristles when I exchange missiles
For some quick pain, whistle at her, see if she don't snub you
I keep the broad around but I don't ever say "I love you"
I stay between gats and my laser beam hats
George Bush the button to thwart a crook, it's nothin'
I got a fly chick as a sidekick
Always on her Sidekick, tryin' to find some Jordan-signed kicks
I try to give her leeway; lost my utility belt
Assed-out for three days, she copped a new one from eBay
Heesheeeay! Blowticious, villains so vicious
Mutated goldfishes, magicians and old witches, and
Islamic crooks with atomic hooks
I done battled all of these cats, and still ain't no comic book!
Look! ("we don't believe you!") I know you hear my flows and doubt it
Don't believe me? Ask Edna Mode, she's the broad that sews my outfits
The sensational, back is the +Incredible+
D. Swain the Vigilante, back-handin' criminals
But don't tell nobody


[Danny! talking]
Good evening ladies and gentlemen
I've called this press conference today
To address a number of questions
That I'm sure a lot of you have of me
Uh, yes I'm signed to Def Jux now
Uh, yes I went to the Grammys last year
Ummmm, no I don't get a lot of love
Outside of the two or three people that know about me
Now that that's out of the way
I'd like to address anybody that's got any questions

[Verse 1]
Yes, you in the three-piece?
"I purchased your first three albums
But how do I find your beat CDs?"
Beats me; of course you COULD start down Limewire Avenue
Turn east on Kazaa Street and beep the horn at the main center
And tell 'em D. Swain sent ya
"Is it true you went to the Grammys
Off of the strength of Charm?"
Yes, I just extended my arm
I looked and saw my name on the ballot
But not enough votes were gained or tallied
Sad story, should've been nominated
For the "Overlooked MC" category
"Did you really get expelled for making 11 G's
Changing student's grades from F's to B's?"
Umm, next question please
"Hey yo Dan I'm your biggest fan but listen man
I'm tryin' to be like you! What's your secret to success?"
Jesus, sleep and sex
Next? Yes, you in the orange blazer
"I think you shouldn't joke on your views of our Lord and Savior"
Who's jokin' homie? My relationship with God is great
Although I did exaggerate: I haven't had sex since '98

[Chorus: *scratches by Danny!*] - 2X
"Split second I'm answering all questions..." - Ms. Jade
"N-n-niggas don't know but they front and don't ask..." - Mos Def
"...ya-ya-ya-ya need to ask me" - The Notorious B.I.G.
"It's the questions, c'mon..." - Common

[Verse 2]
"What happened, thought you was managed by some lady at Sony?"
You know some ladies are phony, they try to play a jabroni
Homie I might've jumped the gun but she could've called me
No hard feelings here but she's probably tryin' to blackball me, damn
"Well how do you feel about it?"
I'm gonna keep it real: I doubt it made a major difference
Ain't like I'm what the game's been missin'
Booth-attacker, wack producer/rapper, slash attempted hacker
Nah, I wouldn't have sold
My record would've went fools' gold
"Well what about the Def Jux deal now?"
I hope that it goes well so please
Wish me the best of luck for real now
Scared to put my future into somebody else's hands
With somebody else's plans
Damn, somebody help this man
"Do you wanna get signed or don't you?"
Only if the money's right
My money's tight, I beg for table scraps on every Sunday night
But I ain't Marmaduke or Scooby-Doo, I paid a lot of Scooby dues
So Scooby Dooby-Don't you try to screw me, dude


[Verse 3]
"Why come yo' name never gets mentioned?"
The game is payin' attention but dang
I think I'm goin' insane listenin'
To the pub these others rappers get
My album made the Grammy shortlist, but I guess nobody gave a shit
"Well what'cha gonna do about it?"
Either take another breather
Or just take consumers hostage, brandishin' my mother's heater
Lead 'em into my basement, my cassette tape taped to their hands
And stand on a box and scream at 'em ("take this!")
"How come you and so-and-so ain't never collaborate?"
I'd love to elaborate, but maybe next Saturday
I don't hate 'em, I just sour-grapes 'em;
Takes a man to keep it movin'
Keep pursuin' my dreams, elitists keep on snoozin'
"You think you'll ever get the props you feel you deserve?"
Before that, I'll probably fuck around and join the Reserves
Or enlist in the French Legion, sit on the bench with heathens
Heavin' smoke from a peace pipe before niggas say "D's tight"
Yes, you in the back?
"I think what you're doing is wack
In fact this track'll never get burn
This conference has taken a nasty turn"
Um, please put your statement in the form of a question
Four minutes left in this informative session
Any more need addressin'? Didn't think so

[Verse 1]
Yo, D. Swain is back on the block
He went from laughingstock
To rappin' in happening spots
And nappin' on yachts
Don't get your head wrap in a knot
You gotta unwind
Gotta remind yourself that stress is all in your mind
Speaking of your mind, there's a little place that we all can go
Let me take you to this spot that you never saw before
Close your eyes, and uh
Count to five, and uh
Meet me on the corner of Dream Street and Freedom Drive
This be the venue where anything goes
We staying overnight my nig, did you bring any clothes?
Let's roll

This cappuccino's
Too cold for me
So grab your stirrers
And roll with me
Let's go to Cafe Surreal
Lemme get some creamer in here
Lemme get some stirrers, some syrup
Lemme get my dreamers in here
Relax your mind
Let your conscience free
If you don't wanna come
That's more coffee for me
Let's go to Cafe Surreal
Lemme get some creamer in here
Lemme get some stirrers, some syrup

[Verse 2]
This is a dream, right?
That's what you thinkin', right?
Stop all that thinkin'
You thinkin' too much for me tonight
Just let your mind roam free, grab a seat by the front
I'll go grab us some coffee, how many creamers do you want?


[Verse 3]
Surrealism got you feeling imprisoned? Don't let it
Just chill and listen to the intricate sounds
Of Mr. Renowned, I'm renowned around the globe
And I'm inviting you to pack your favorite gown or robe
Or whatever you're sleeping in, just keep it thin, pack light
Don't act like you don't remember what happened last night
You're now tuned to my nocturnal fantasy
Never mind that melting clock, disregard that dancing tree
Can it be? Danny l-l-losing his marbles?
Imagination, I've got a jarful
Carpool if you need a ride, your unconscious is your guide
You can hang your coat by the door, but leave your cares outside
Where's all my fellow free-spirited, open-minded free thinkers?
Free drinks're on me; go grab a latte
But not a lot, hey
'Cause I may need some
Open mic for dreamers, won't you please come?

[Chorus] - 3X
(Two for tea)
Two for tea, you and me I hope you like (mayhem)
We flyin'?
(Flying) Loosen up, don't sip your cappuccino (silently)

[Verse 4]
I had it with rap
So I got on the transit
Disappeared like a bandit
Reworked my style
Nowadays I like to hang at Cafe Surreal
Loosen up, don't sip your cappuccino (silently)
Niggas is afraid to be themselves these days
Originality's the key
But I'm the only one that's got it on his keychain
D. Swain for mayor, stick T-Pain for paper
Loosen up, don't sip your cappuccino (silently)
I may be overlooked
But I'm never overworked
My fans go berserk when we in Cafe Surreal
Infatuated with tea, imagination is key
Loosen up, don't sip ya cappuccino (silently)
But this place ain't for slow-mos
So get in where you fit in, grab a cup of cocoa
Yo, you know I'm still a pro with the prose though
Loosen up, don't sip your cappuccino (silently)
Y'all can't tell whether I'm peddlin' coffee or
Peddlin' creative energy and free-mindedness
Rewind this disc 'cause by the time you catch on
I'll be on another birthday, my 95th
And everytime I sip on a chai tea
And it ain't hot to me
I'll heat it up and switch it up and change my route
Cafe Surreal remix, D. Swain, I'm out

[Verse 1]
So I've been through these hard times, mentally scarred
Almost lost my sanity but got no sympathy cards
And there's been a couple times when my knees buckled
I'd be in a heap of trouble if I didn't juggle these rhymes
You know these God-forsaken issues make you wish you could fly
Sometimes I wanna put my fist to the sky
And say goodbye to these worldly things
I wish that I could trade these pearls for wings
And give complacency a whirl, it seems
Every time I feel content
It's meant for me to lose
Control of situations, my patience is overused
Confused, my friends are saying I should be glad that I made it
So tell me why I feel so jaded
I'd trade it all for a couple minutes of some peace of mind
And leave behind this stress; if I cease confinement
Of my soul my soles can finally leave the ground
I ain't never comin' down

Just fly away now
Just fly away now

[Verse 2]
If we try we can rise above
And fly with doves so high
It's the sky I love, listen
To the sound of liberation
No bounds, no limitations
No trials and tribulations
The ground's disintegratin'
Let your problems disappear with 'em
But it's so hard to let go, I know
It's like so many people want you to fail
And if you ain't the type to raise your voice they want you to yell
Or maybe you got it as bad as me
Cats don't wanna see my success
They'd rather see me in a tux and a vest
Laid up in some old coffin being carried away
Carried to some nameless cemetery, buried today
That's why I'm wary today, I pray for clarity
But it's like the energy I put into it's tearin' me up
That's when the air lifts me up, the blue abyss is callin'
A shot at peace of mind is greater than the risk of fallin'
So one time for my disillusioned artists, I hear ya
Two times for the kid that air-guitars in the mirror
Three times for the 9-to-5in' bus ridin' dudes
And four times for my dreamers, yo I'm just like you
That's why I sing for my queens with their own pair of wings
My brothers flyin' beside me, drama behind me
Mama tried to find me, she inquired emphatically
I was in the sky with all these other ghetto kids, defying gravity, uh


[Verse 1]
Messin' me up my whole head
Teasin' me just like Janet did Q-Tip
What the fuck, what is you stupid?
Schoolboy crush but I ain't in no rush
The whole world sees it, but what do you care?
My peoples sit and rave 'bout your class and your flair
My name is out your mouth but you sassin, I swear
Got me out of breath, steady gaspin' for air like
Speakin' of which
We at the beach and I itch like I'm allergic to sand
But I put up with it to show you how determined I am
(You hurtin' me man) Forget it, I ain't tryin' to set trip
Not dealin' with nobody now that's what you let slip
I said "hey yo it's cool, keep it on the friend tip"
'Cause yo, picture me screwing it up
Like ridin' dirty while I'm sippin' on a brew in the truck
Shit, you finer than J. Lo
But how can I move forward if you never say go?
Kisses on the cheek is what confuses me though
'Cause out in public we don't even speak so what's the deal yo?

Now you caught my heart for the evening
Kissed my cheek, moved in, you confuse things
Should I just sit out or come harder?
Help me find my way

[Verse 2]
Now why you wanna go and do that love, huh?
Makin' things for me toward you harder
Killin' me, just when I think we tight
You say some stupid shit and mess up my whole night
Like tellin' me about next dude
But next dude ain't the nigga with the clue
Who got your best interest in mind
Let's go to Cafe Surreal and have an interesting time
And let it just happen make it front-free
Just sweat me like honey sweat bees
Diggin' you, tryin' to get inside of your world
I can be your Prince, minus +Diamonds & Pearls+
Forever or however you want it, say word
But don't you ever don't you ever push me to the curb
D. Swain ain't tryin' to haggle you, I will not disturb
'Cause uh, it ain't in me and uh, I ain't no herb
But I'ma still try to chill with you
Maybe things'll change if you feelin' me too
If not then I guess it is cool
I ain't a clown like the rest of these fools
Seperate checks please

[Verse 3]
Tribe purist to the fullest
If'n you ain't feelin' this track, then you're full of it
Pull that li'l shit if you wanna, ya dig
But you ain't gonna do me like you did those Kidz, and clown me
Homage, comma, props
Call it what you want, but I'm not gonna stop
Record hit the store and I'm not gonna flop
And if I do, well then it's fodder for the message boards tomorrow, say what

[Chorus 4X]

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