and i love h.e.r.: original motion picture soundtrack.


Danny! - And I Love HER

Title: And I Love H.E.R.: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Release Date: June 24, 2008
Duration: 1 hour, 12 minutes
Label: Self-released
Album Type: Studio

1.  intro

2.  guess who's back

3.  i want h.e.r. (she's so heavy)

4.  at what price

5.  jet set

6.  the groove

7.  not the one

8.  misery

9.  intermission (interlude)

10.  wanderland

11.  where you goin'

12.  never change

13.  i don't know

14.  yoko ono

15.  do you

16.  after the love has gone

17.  keep dreamin'

["And I Love H.E.R."] is a rich listen, demanding headphones but rewarding the investment.

Clayton Purdom,  Allmusic


[Verse 1]
Great Scott, jeepers
Only thing that changed was my crates got deeper
Big shoes to fill, word to Aesop's sneakers
Supposed to be with Jux
But I just don't give a fuck
What the fuck is I'm supposed to do?
Bills don't pay themselves
On the shelf's where they kept me at
Left D. Swain for dead
So I said "I'm bringin' sexy back"
And by "sexy" I mean that real shit
That "supposed to have a deal
So what's the deal" shit
How real is this?

[Verse 2]
But I ain't really got no time for the sad songs
My harmonica is empty
I'm just tryin' to get ahead, Monica Lewinsky
Took matter in his own hands like a physicist
Look at him, he's his own man
I can live with this
Never really been the type to fret
I just forget and get beats off my chest
But please excuse me if I sound perturbed
'Cause half of you clowns is nerds
That beat off to West
Who's gassin' you niggas son?

[Verse 3]
How can haters stand there
And say I sound like him? Hell no
Kick rocks, bitch
Timb boots, Vans or shell-toes
Or them joints with the velcro, diabetic jump-offs
You still comparin' me in 2008? You chumps lost
Pocketful of gems
But y'all was way too occupied
Comparin' me to him that y'all missed the boat
Missed the train, yes D. Swain was overlooked
So I'm on the flight home, the game is overbooked
Everybody rap now son

[Verse 4]
How can I compete when
Everyone's a hustler and I'm just a producer
Chokin' on these vocals, Heimlich maneuver
At war for half my life
Sometimes the mind can trick the trooper
Into thinking that his shine is just a blooper
Of course it feels just like a fluke
Whenever I get press but let's be honest
I'm killin' niggas right now, word to Jeffrey Dahmer
Every honor, every accolade accumulated
You have hated, never really givin' me props

[Verse 5]
So tell me when the ignorance stops
Feelin' like Jay in '95 or 'Ye in '03
Today is the day that I broke free
And stand on my own two
I guess I need to do what I need to do
Tell me how YOU'D feel if no one believed in you
Made it to the majors, eight months later
Still can't get an article in Fader, what the fuck?
Niggas act like I don't even exist
You believe this shit son?

[Verse 6]
(I do have some fans though!)
My demographic's all over the place
Kids like it when I keep it clean
Sort of like an organized book shelf
Plus I'm 24 and I look twelve, so that helps
Player Of The Year, win more awards than Matt Phelps
I put it down for the eclectic crowd
The sexually-depraved
And those that shout their expletives loud
And rock their Danny necklaces proud
A Dan fan forever
These jealous rappers make it rain
But can't stand the weather
They bitin' off everything I do now son

[Verse 7]
All I ever wanted was shine
But they gave me a dimmer
Tried to throw me overboard
And I ain't even a swimmer
Having talent ain't enough, it isn't fair
They say you gotta be ground-breaking
Just for niggas to care
So this is my last album
This is my last volume
This here's the last dance
Meet my ass in the ballroom

[Bridge: Kid Syc]
D. Swain, you gotta lighten up my man
You know what I'm sayin', relax a lil' bit
At the end of the day it's just music

You right, you right
Hey bring that beat back

[Verse 8]
Check the lyrics I drop like Papoose from Jive
'Til the year that I stop
You'll never hear that I'm not super fly
'Cause fear it or not, you're gonna cop
Two or three copies 'cause got-dammit
I'm here and I'm hot, do or die
Delirious thoughts, niggas get lost, brutalized
Who am I to complain? Committin' career suicide
"Just make the music Danny, please shut the fuck up
Nobody wanna hear you complain about the game
We know, we know
You're overlooked, you wanna blow
But oh, you're so dramatic
Let these little niggas have it"
The gloves is off, the love is done
I ain't in it for the spinach like these niggas
I do it for fun, for sport
From the soul so you know it's real
I'm just tryin' to give you somethin' you can feel
Been spittin' that fly shit way before the deal, uh

Y'all know how we do
So what's wrong with you?
Y'all niggas draw pictures
Followin' these niggas' style
Stop cheatin', copyin'
Not even worth niggas' while

[Verse 1: Danny!]
I once was retired but he's sort of back
Haven't been the same since Uncle L sneezed on a track
(Heee-shay!) I'm 'bout to throw some D's on the 'Lac
Sike, my guest appearances is cheese for the rats
Pease porridge hot? Nah nigga, pease porridge black
Please pour a batch of Singaporan tea, more than that
Y'all gon' need some bigger cups
If you fuckin' with me and Naledge
Even college was a hustle to him, like me at Claflin
We is laughin' at the competition deviously
So much accomplished, Wikipedia's peeved
They can't keep up

[Chorus: Naledge of Kidz In The Hall]
Should I make a rhyme a day
Just so I can keep the milk carton away?
While these wack niggas, they tryin' to lead you astray
Naledge Born and Danny Swain here to take you away
So, without further ado
Let us take it away 'cause it's been a long time
And I know we shouldn't have left you
But we're here now, so respect's due

Guess who!
Y'all know how we do
So what's wrong with you?
This nigga, big picture
Sick spitter, sip liqour slow
Patiently waiting for my shine
And my time to blow

[Verse 2: Danny!]
Peace to Ted Bassett
I'm a beast on these beats, Easter egg baskets
Naledge Born, drop the science

This is an order for rappers to be silent
Witness the birth of a legend, "Jelly Bean" Bryant
808 tyrant, tastemaker
Our taste make us 'cause what I make taste gourmet
Like crab cake, courtesy of Wolfgang Puck
I am God in the goal, like Earl at the Ruck'
Or Wayne with a puck
Ain't drop 'cause Jarret ain't payin' enough
But I stay on the cut

[Chorus: Danny!]

[Verse 1]
She more fresher than a crisp pair
Of them white Nikes
Or the wrist wear glowin' like lights
Nice; shorty entice with come-hither stares
But a nigga scared, sweat rollin' like dice
Down the brow of the brother man
If I don't play my cards right
Then another can and will
Chill, chill, just tell her how you feel
If anything else
She'll respect you for being real
Chill, chill, just tell her how you feel
If anything else
She'll respect you for being real
I try to keep myself cool and composed
'Cause what I like most, she got so much soul
And what I might hope is that she'll be my soulmate
Wait, let me grab a plate of her greatness
Grab her by the waist and embrace
This impatience? I hate this
Heart goin' boomp-a-boomp-boomp like a bassist
Are these feelings real or
Is it a mirage like oasis?
Hey chick, yeah, ummm
I know we don't know each other and all
But um
They call me Danny Vanderpool III
And I would like to conversate and/or converse
Whichever verb you prefer, that would be great
Let's say we get to know each other better
And go on a date

[Chorus: BOSCO and Danny!]
(I think I'm in love again)
I try to confront her
But I just freeze
(I think I'm in love again)
I want H.E.R.
But do she want me?

[Verse 2]
This ain't a Chris dis
But baby girl I wanna +Kiss Kiss+
Under mistletoe, Christmas gift
We can slip into the abyss of bliss
I'm fixated on you lady but you get the gist
You strike me as a girl who's into 'rithmetic
So don't dismiss this rhythmic equation I made
But me + you = X-O-X-O
Gets no better than this so let's go
And let's grow
You can use my heart as escrow
But the decimals ain't enough
There ain't enough ways I could explain it
Pure, untainted
Pleased to have hastily made your acquaintance
Untampered and down sister
Boy I tell ya, I been down since the
First time I heard about ya
My man from Queens put me on
So how could I ever string you along
Yo, just give me a shot
I promise you we were made for each other yo
It must be fate
Let's say we get it crackin'
On a much clean slate, trust me
They say great things happen to he who waits
Come kick it with a brotha
'Cause these other cats couldn't relate


[Verse 1]
She was a former associate of mine
We both had similar dreams of using our music as means
To make us larger than life
Her life was like: she lived on her own
Not much attention at home
She dated this thug from around the way
Homeboy was sittin' on chrome
Now shorty could sing, this much is true
But who gave her permission to use
The people that she called friend
Time and time again
My phone would only ring when she needed me most
"Give me some tracks", I'd never hear back
Long after the fact, using D. Swain for personal gain
Now every time I'd try to push her away
She'd pull the relationship card
"Good gracious I hardly know you
Don't you have a man you're devoted to?"
Pretended to like me
To get inside the inner circle I made
Whatever it takes to make it I guess
I seen this shit comin' a mile away
So I cut her off
And I watched her go flutter off
I had my own mind and she hated that
But she was too busy to care
Her ego was gettin' inflated
Back-to-back shows, around the town
She started creatin' a name for herself
Kept dissin' her friends
And that's when the ceiling fell in

Never forget where you came
Never forsake all your friends
If fame should stray in your lane
Never use someone to get in the game
Oh I know you want success
And yes, there is a cost
But lost relationships
And actin' fake'll make you sick
N-now, the lesson she never learned
Is your bridges should never burn
And the people you see on the way to the top
Are the same that you'll see at the end of your term
Now I know it's been a minute
Since we've talked on the phone, uh
But I'll bet she's probably sittin' at home
And she's probably singin'

[Chorus 2X: Maria]
Shouldn't have cost me that much
To be happy
To be free
To be me

[Verse 2]
Livin' amuck, not givin' a fuck
'Bout anyone else, except herself
Expected herself to be
Much further along than she was
But she was complacent with the attention
That she was gettin', she never got it before
Her friends had been givin' attention
Support, of course, unfortunately not anymore
She pushed 'em away
The more she became a local celebrity
But she didn't know it was all that she'd ever be
It takes a lot more to get in the door
The lime of the light had blinded her sight
So she couldn't see
That the people she treated like dirt
Had gone on to do much bigger much better things
Now several years passed
Look at my ass
Finally got my name to pop
I'm famous, doc
The premise of Charm has finally come to life
But never got caught up in hype
Hopped on a flight
To visit the city I earned my stripes
Stepped into a lounge I frequented when I was young
And honey was still on the mic
She stayed in the city to sing
Never achieving her dream of using her music as means
To make her larger than life
'Cause karma came back at her twice
She was a former associate of mine
We both had similar dreams
But nobody cares
Walked out of the club
Before she realized I was there, yeah

She never felt more alive
Than when she was on the stage
But she never realized
The reason her friends had all gone away
I know that she was selfish
She couldn't help it
If only she took control of her fate
Before it became too late
Maybe then she'd have been concerned
With not letting her bridges burn
'Cause the people she saw on the way to the top
Were still at the bottom awaiting their turn, damn
It's been a minute since we talked on the phone
But now I know she's probably sittin' at home
Every night just singin'

[Chorus 2X]

[Verse 1]
G-IV dreams
With barely enough money
To buy a pair of JNCO Jeans
Straight from the Boulevard of Broken Hearts and
Disillusioned Drive, it's this producer's time to shine
I'm takin' what's mine, but umm
Fate's an ugly broad with a funny beard
Seems like I've been waitin' on this day for twenty years
She's like, "I'm sorry for the wait; I got you honey, here"
I'm like, "well it's about damn time!"
L-l-l-let's rewind to the times my rhymes was wrote on receipt papers
Workin' retail with females, conceivin' capers
Plus conceited haters tried to stop me, but
Papi struck gold when my third album sold two thousand copies plus
Now I'm the talk of the town, they stop and talk to me now
It's a far cry from when they used to call me a clown
What kind of luck is that?
I tell 'em that I'd love to chat but
Uhhhp! I gotta run and catch this flight
They say "good luck with that"
So I grab the duffel with the button flaps
Pack a couple slacks and I'm gone

Baby girl jet set with me
Baby girl jet set with me
Just think about it
We can fly over the seven seas
Or maybe take a trip to New Orleans
Just think about it
"I don't care where we go
I know, I know
All you wanna do is jet set with me"
Just think about it
When I'm with you girl it's heavenly
Let's hop a flight and catch a few more scenes
Just think about it

[Verse 2]
Sickamore style, more sicker than yours
My Flickr profile is where I store pictures from tours
Never been the type to jump on trends
I just jump on jets
And you can jump on next
Now when I zoom I assume you can handle it
Fumes from the boom take us all the way to Los Angeles
And I don't care what we do afterwards
As long as you my passenger
Kiss the friendly skies baby girl, we're a passing blur
Each day we'd wake up in a new city
Crew with me, skinny dudes move quickly
I declare we are airborne, tour van so shoddy
Miss me with that bullshit, I ain't a poor man's nobody
I developed my own style
So we travel in style and we can battle for aisle seats
Two's company, but I'd love a crowd
You, me and the music soar high above the clouds
Air Swain takin' off about a quarter to 1:00
Is you comin' or not?

[1/2 Chorus]

[Chorus 2X]
That's how we groove baby
That's how we groove
When we groove
When we groove baby
That's how we groove baby
Now all my ladies sing

[Verse 1]
Check it out
You ain't gon' find no better
Rhino-sweater wearin'
Swearin', heavy cursin'
Nestle-slurpin' nerd on TV
Surely you heard of me
The booth-attacker
Wack producer/rapper
Slash attempted hacker
Back up in this bitch again
Now that that's out the way, let's get this party started
Let's pour some liquor out for the dearly departed
You now rockin' with the hardest-workin' artist ever
How you gonna g-g-g-get down, wearin' a cardigan sweater?
You better let down your hair, chunk a deuce up in the air
And say "yeah", this is my jam
Gotdamn, three cheers for Dan and
We can get it poppin'
Rock-and-rollin', Janis Joplin-in'
Ain't stopping 'til the break of dawn

Thank you for that guitar solo, me
Now I don't know about you but umm
It's the weekend
I just got paid
I don't care who looks at me crazy
I came here to enjoy myself

[Verse 2]
Check it
I'm on my new shit
You know I'm on my "Cafe Surreal, Pt. 2" shit
And there really isn't anything that you can do
Shit, virtual insanity
Infectious tunes
Mixed up with a dash of profanity
Fuck it
It's Friday night and I am feelin' life
And I am feelin' like you could be the one
What's your name hun?
If you gon' dance with me you can't be coy
Loosen up so I can show you
How I crank that Danny boy
Now watch me youuuuuu

[Chorus 2X]

[Verse 1: Kid Syc]
As soon as I seen H.E.R.
Face lit up like a neon
Sign, she was beyond
Fine, approachable, cool
Veins hold freon
Figured she was sick of the same ol' thing
I struck up deep conversation
On a mission like Recon
Talkin' to her seemed I had known her for eons
Told her that my team was the one she needed to be on
Sending back signals like satellite via
A glass of the vino
She laughed and I'm thinkin'
She could be the Justine to my Theo Huxtable
Must be the cause behind all the shots fired
Reload then we go from zero to hero
Then keep on flyin', passed right by him
Asked about another place and time that we could meet up
She peeped and only told me we could only be amigos
I thought I had it locked
But I was peepin' through the keyhole
When she goes

If you want me for your girl
All you have to do is see
That you're not the boy for me
That you're not the boy for me

[Verse 2: Danny!]
I'm at the spot
Tryin' to get my groove back like Bassett
But I couldn't get jack like rabbits
No homo, a hell of a buzz with no promo
I ain't talkin' 'bout my hype
I'm talkin' 'bout what's in this cup
That's got me feelin' right tonight
I'm on point like Phife
Seen this cutie in the white
That reminded me of the chick I clicked with on "Move Somethin'"
I'm tryin' to see if she gon' do somethin'
Thought I'd have to pull the "let me be yo' manager" card
But she was like "I already know who you are
And I know you a star
I think your music is a breath
Of fresh air in my chest, yes
So tell me Mr. West, what's next?
I think your third album Graduation is the best"
I corrected her quick
Told her who I really was, got a slap on the cheek
This about the third time this shit happened this week


[Verse 3: Danny!]
Lucked out at the end of the night by any means
When I got this 30-plus divorced lady from Queens
Said she liked "Strange Fruit", in that case
We can talk about the ills of the world at my place
So we was chillin' on the bed bumpin' some Isley
Thought I was gonna spread the thighs but she surprised me
When she said "oh like that? You know I don't get down"
I know my homies gonna clown, I let her stick around


[Chorus: Collette and Danny!]
(Misery I say goodbye)
It's kinda hard to say
But it's time that we part ways, hey
Life ain't impossible
Pain is inevitable
But misery is optional
(Maybe if I say goodbye
This one time I'll be set free
Or maybe I'm dreamin')

[Verse 1]
My thoughts are lofty
And to floss would cost me
But I'm awfully thrifty
Not at all Rick Ross, geez
I'm just a member of the working class
That means I go to work, then class
It hurts to have the perfect craft
And not be able to go further than Thurston Ave.
When people tell me I'm the shit
I just smirk and laugh
When people say I ain't legit
It hurts me worse than stabs
Depression gettin' in the way of my blessings
Now I could easily go pop some purple
Pills, load off and curse you and
Still feel like the bouncing egg
From Zoloft commercials
A Percocet-addicted
Nervous wreck, ballistic
Twisted nerd infected with a sickness
Worse than hepatittis, 'titis
I'm just tryin' to get this stress to stay behind me
Even though it's hard to come up
Like when my lady rides me
Find me a way to cope
And I'll say that I did it
Misery loves company
But I can't afford to pay her no visits


[Verse 2]
Except this one time
Your boy D-Diggity
Had a dream that Misery
Came to my house uninvited
I tried to hide
Decreased the volume on the TV
Thinkin' she wouldn't notice
Oh this ain't no way to cheat fate
It's Misery, for Pete's sake
So I let her in, breathin' calm
She told me stories like a veteran, Vietnam
She knew me better than the Mexicans that read my palm
I watched her rummage through old memories I deemed as gone
Like um
Like when my lady played me
While the radio wouldn't
Labels that asked for demos and stole my instrumentals, damn
The time that I got expelled
The time they lost the bail
And I was convinced I'd rot in jail
The times I walked through hell, yeah
She mentioned my stillborn with this air of nonchalance
Not even my confidants are aware of this
I just couldn't bare it
So I told her to leave, pick up her things
Because she's stressin' me
We was cool before but Misery gon' be the death of me, I swear
But she just stood there, scared that I might snap
I looked in her eyes
And there were years of disappointment starin' right back
And I was scared too, scared of what she would say
But I was embarassed like I
Like I sat through three Madea plays
Before she walked away, Misery stopped
And she said "look at your music career
You're in the same spot"
"Nah," I said, "don't even try me
Because you used to stand beside me
But I moved so far ahead you're ninety feet behind me"


Show's over? I think not
Your slingshot ain't big enough
I'm cold-shoulderin' you stink snots
Beer budget with a wine glass fetish
Teenyboppers ask me "Danny, where yo' fine ass headed?"
To the studio, I'm due at ten to 6
And if I show up late
My boys'll never let me hear the end of it
But I ain't trippin'
'Cause my penmanship is venomous
You send this shit to Finland, nigga
Postage'll cost ya
I snatch the mic from rap imposters
Cover they mouth up with my hand
Now get your money little muffled frat boy
You should've got them skills when you was gettin' that degree
'Cause all them skills you got, you was gettin' that from me
I rock a stocking mask
Bumpin' rock, hip-hop and jazz
Disguised at shows
While I commence to do the Heisman on that ho, ohh
No one's freakin' with these beats
You niggas is full of shit
Like vegans eating meat
The reason D is at his peak
Every dog has his season
To be the leader of the meek
So even if it's weak
I got enough leeway to give Charm a re-release
A bonus DVD and I'm back
But I'm still here
Livin' off of my royalties for twelve years
House slippers, smelly beard
Walkin' 'round the house with a folder full of accolades
I've accumulated over the years
And letters from my fans, all of whom I'd owe my career
But 'til I retire, I'm still a villain for hire
Still in the fire, feelin' like a million Mariahs
You still in the buggy?
I'm stealin' your tires
Have a Goodyear

[Verse 1]
Rhyme kicker
Mister Mister Sick Line Spitter
Uploadin' all his videos with QuickTime
To get a quick shine, courtesy of YouTube buzz
His niggas tell him "no one rap like you do cuz"
Now who knew cuz was so savvy?
Mama told him that he get it from his daddy
Homie hit her for her Caddy
Every Friday night
So he can cruise around the boulevard
Full of hard niggas pullin' card
And sell his little demo tape he recorded upstate
With his boy Nate's pirated copy of Cubase
But he's sick of livin' in the same place
Seein' the same faces runnin' in the same race
Seein' the same 112 fans on MySpace
Just 'cause he nice doesn't guarantee plays
But hip-hop is what he needs, what he breathes
Made him go and throw some D's on the Segway™
He never dreamed of Jeannie but he dreamed of Jean Grae
His baby mama wanna see him succeed
She give him leeway
Now even she say he save heat for Open Mic Night
Might motivate him if his chain was soaked in ice right?
And the dream don't stop
Homie gets love in the street
But his seed can't eat those props
Meanwhile he's starvin' for the jewels and wealth
He want the fortune and the fame but kid is foolin' himself
He could've been the next Nas, been the next Ra
But he didn't have connections so he couldn't get far
Homie is 37 and he stil dwells
On the same dreams that he had when he was 12
He's in Wanderland

[Verse 2]
Bamboo bangels
Honey loved to waltz and to tango
And they say she got the voice of an angel
Pixie hoops and rings
Shorty was a bedroom superstar
Tryin' to live her Whitney Houston dreams
Graduated 18, full-ride scholarship
But she got a gift
First semester, dropped out
Didn't tell her mother, moved to California
Never had anybody that was in her corner
Never had a plan, she began life as a stripper
Mr. Plaid Pants always was a big tipper
Convinced her he was into music
Told her that he owned a label
And was able to stop her from dancin' on tables
Now homegirl was reluctant
The bright type, but them bright lights
Had blinded her better judgment
'Cause dude drove a Saturn
And after a while she saw a pattern
Every time he'd get her a gig, he'd be hittin' the skins
Seven years, three kids and a month later
She's still waitin' on her break yo, dude bounced ages ago
And that's the way it go...her dreams never faded away
She still believe she'll get discovered someday
But until then, she is back on the pole
Back in the hole-in-the-wall, strippin' again
Honey dip still young, only 25
And she has no clue what she's gonna do with her life
She's in Wanderland

One for the money
Two for the show
Three to get the...
H-h-h-h-here we go

[Verse 3]
I seen niggas in the hood
Trade a noose for a loose-leaf
And spit flows that they boosted from Boosie
And tip hoes at the Blue Streak Gentleman's Club
With their cash
Delusional as hell, goin' nowhere fast
And I fear I'm headed down the same path sometimes
Worried if my dreams of hittin' big are asinine
I pray to God I'm never past my prime
Wonderin' if I should scrap these rhymes
Or live in Wanderland

[Chorus: Maria]
Where you goin' to?
Things we can't explain
Are you hurting too?
Are you still breathing?

[Verse 1]
I just wanted to call
And tell you that I really miss ya
You know that you my sister, sister, sister
It's just not fair to either of us to part ways
We had that argument and hadn't talked in days
I know we said things that we never meant to
Must've been a mix-up, kid stuff
Happens to the best of 'em
But I don't want for us
To ever wind up like the rest of them
More than my girl, you're like my best friend
Now if you want space, that's what I can give ya
Seen the bigger picture...picture?
Pictured us as long-term
But if we can get along with time off, fine
Long as we keep this thing goin'
Just let me know and we can work it out
Get the situation fixed up
Quick but not a moment too soon
Nothing good ever happens overnight
But I just had to call to see if you're doin' aiight


[Verse 2]
Maybe it's your kiss I miss when you're away
Maybe you got your own interpretations
I know you miss my lame Akon impersonations
That I'd do to make you laugh
Who could make you laugh like I?
I had to find somewhere to stash my pride so
I can tell you how I really feel inside
I need to know if you're okay
And if you're still alive
Now I'ma be real, everybody and they mama know
Even you know, I know that I need you
And you need me
My better half, I'm gassed 'cause you complete me
So let me know and we can work it out
When you get this message call me, text me
I'll be right here baby


[Chorus 4X: Branden M. Collins]
I will never change, I will stay the same
No matter what they want me to sing
I'ma do my thing

[Verse 1: Danny!]
They say the kid ain't nice
'Cause he don't ever rap about the black man's plight
Or Zataran's Rice
Or any other underground rap cliche
I catch flack for the tracks I make
I'm sad to say but


[Verse 2: Danny!]
Check it
If you rap you're either militant with fascist views
Or a ringtone rapper making tracks for food, and um
I never followed what the masses do
That's why the kid get lifted when a few cats get it
But critics still sayin' that I lack substance
This track's just my proverbial butt to kiss
I will never change


[Verse 3: Danny!]
How you mad 'cause D. Swain ain't the same as y'all?
This whole album doesn't sound remotely close
To these self-righteous rappers with their okie-dokes
That wanna clown
'Cause their album sound extra extra underground
Boom bibbity bap, and that's that
I think their straps need to be loosened
'Cause backpacks is not what defines me
Yeah I miss the nineties
But I ain't tryin' to be another MC whining
Instead I move forward, call it progressive-hop
The only reason that I profess I'm hot?
Really it's two things: I wanna be felt from here to Europe
And I could give a fuck about these cryin'-ass purists
Talkin' 'bout they on a mission to recapture the essence
Nigga? I'm tryin' to send these young children a message
So you can keep your little niche market, shit's retarded
Why settle for a paper plane when you can whip a starship, nigga?


[Bridge: Danny!]
You got me goin' out my mind

[Verse 4: Kid Syc]
They said, "Syc, take it down a notch
Make it easier for me to figure out what you're talkin' about
I'm so used to crankin' it and walkin' it out that
All this thinkin' is making me nauseous"
Thank you, it ought to
You thought that I was playin'
When I said I was the sickest
When I'm crankin' out these hits?
Hit you with a little somethin' different
It's a shock to your system
Y'all adjust in just a couple minutes
Allow me to justify position that I sit in
I figure with no father figure
Shit's a little harder if I noticed
But pretend I never noticed
I'm a heartless nigga
That is not at all a description I wanna fit in
Never one to fit into the crowd
The clever one that knows
Until I'm underground my job is never done
So devoted, just know that if I wrote it
Then I hold it sorta close to my aorta for the moment
You're arrested by the flows, need a EKG
Feel that beat in the middle of your chest?
It's the lesson, it's the message
It's best that you get it in your head
They said "it's all the same"
My sentiments exactly, and I will never change


[Outro: Branden M. Collins]
I will never ever change, no
I will never ever ever change
Oh, fuck y'all niggas

[Verse 1: Von Pea]
I peeked, I glanced
All the while I'm holdin' your hand
Go out weekends just to go dance
Come home alone, it's still in the pants
Might fantasize 'bout the chick's hourglass
That I saw by the bar but she is not half
The woman you are, and I figured you
Already knew, well I guess I'm fooled
You be thinkin' I'm creepin'
Out shoppin' for shoes
I be up in the mall
No I ain't up in no walls
Nobody touchin' the balls
Controllin' the scrotum
Ain't nobody holdin' the totem but you
Listenin' to your friends, they so envy you
Tellin' you a bunch of things that I don't really do
But anything I say I do is really true
So pass the ham sandwich and go pretty you

[Chorus: Stephanie Mae and Danny!]
I can't stand to see her cry
Damn, I know she hate it when I lie
I can't help it though
I got people to see and places to go
She ask me why I didn't call I tell her "I don't know"

[Verse 2: Danny!]
Now now, honey
I'm the same cat
That got dissed in Scratch Magazine
By Plain Pat's no-name ass
Damn what a loser
But baby girl I choose ya
Like that other Pat from the projects
We was makin' progress
How you gonna try and hit me with them foreign objects
Throwing accusations, I'm just
Tryin' to be as faithful to thee as can be
D.J. Rogers, put your trust in D. Swain, holla
Now please refrain from the keychain drama
Sayin' that's my new girl in the picture, that's my mama
And when I had to leave
In the middle of the night
Last night I was, I was tryin' to catch the fight
At my homeboy's crib ("who that is over there?")
That's my homeboy Sid
He say, "yo, what it is"
But yo I gotta go
My phone's about to die
Like all them damn Mohicans
I ain't cheatin' baby, bye!


[Bridge: Danny!]
She asked when my Def Jux album droppin'
Told her "I don't know"

[Stephanie Mae]
Why you do me like that, boy?


[Verse 1: Che Grand]
My mind work a little different
I can see the vivid in the most vague description
Try not to be a hypocrite
Everything can kill you, don't smoke cigarettes
Binge quick the dollar menu
Folk crazy hate you in the same vein they shootin' heroin in
That's why either way, I don't listen
The point you've been missin'? I'm hot
You strugglin' like tryin' to warm a mansion
With a stove in the kitchen
It might happen with a little bit of patience
A case of pneumonia, whole lot of prayin'
European euphoria, I need a Desparate Wife
Like a Eva Longoria, I can see the whore in ya
Huh, and your gimmicks is fresh hardly
Pardon me, my interest is to get that money
Fuck being in the Concrete Loop and makin' buddies
That's a buddy with a female anatomy and she's smutty
The answer is Grizzy
The question is: what's really better
Than your average backpacker doin' a lot of chatter?
Who want a lot of cheddar, it's not for flossin'
My whole fam got a gift that need endorsin'
So I'm takin' a portion and givin' it back
Other than that
I'm fixin' to throw some D's on the 'Lac
Desalena Pass, we can talk when I get back
Cook a little more audio crack
"Grand" tatted on the small of her back
And Danny she like that
(She like that?) She like that Danny, she like that
(She like that?) She like that Danny, she, she

[Verse 2: Danny!]
Blessed with a style but
You clones messin' my style up
Big mess in my house, wrestlin' with Jessica Alba
I dubbed this whole album on tape decks for nostalgia
Let me break it down for ya
I defy the standards
I supply the anthems
Hold rap for ransom, y'all ain't gettin' it back
I seen all these wack niggas get championed
Yo where's the love for Danny and Grand?
Far be it from me, I'm tryin' to set an example
You wack niggas startin' to run out
Of Curtis Mayfield records to sample
So I +Hit 'Em Wit Da Hee+, took it overseas
Now my crates bigger than Quarter Pounders With Cheese
Resort to poundin' my keys if it needs enhancement
Y'all niggas still sample Gladys Knight?
Goddamn son
Not again, get your hands out the dollar bin
Don't fake moves, take cues from Colin Quinn
'Cause I swear some of y'all are better off as comedians
I gave you the blueprint, but you can't be him
I gave you a few hints, but you can't see him
D.I.Y. 2.0, go cop my new joint yo
2003 made y'all aware of my prophecy
Beats, rhymes, equal on both sides, isoceles
Arrogant, I gotta be
The derelicts might bother me
Claim non-violence then chop you in your larynx (it's hypocrisy!)
So 'til the kid's Def Jux debut
(Whenever that is) Wish him the best of luck, stay tuned
They tried to play me but they can't fade me
I call this track "Yoko Ono" 'cause this bitch is crazy
Can I kick it? (Yes, you can)
Can I kick it? (Yes, you can)
Can I kick it? (Yes, you can)
Yo can I kick it? (Go on then)

[Verse 1]
Single mother, Papa Rolling Stone
Rolled away when little man was ten years old
Left a noticeable hole
Where her heart had once resided
Tried to hide it with a cold lump of coal
Slowly turned into a woman that she knew before
She was four years old
When her father walked up out the door
And her mother never loved the same again
Now granted, men were in and out her home
But she'd love 'em leave 'em
'Cause her heart of stone
Just would not allow no occupants
And since her love was non-existent
You can bet her daughter missed it
When she'd try to find it all she'd get is
Empty looks, no confirmation
Only complications
Watched her mom become the woman that she
Tried to avoid, she said

Do now as I say darling, not as I do
See the way I play kid, not do as I do
Do do dodo do do dodo do do not as I do
Or you'll feel blue

[Verse 2]
But despite her mom's advice
Everybody knows the cycle goes around and around
Little girl is grown now
But she never found
Anybody that could change her
Back into the woman that she was
Woman that she was, she attempted
To instill some values into little man
Never wanted little man to grow up fatherless, but
Showing affection is something that she never bothered with
So little man grew up to be misogynistic
Got a twisted sense of how to love
From the way his mama did it
Mama didn't ever set a good example
But she never wanted little man
To end up cold and lonely like she was
Wasn't in her plan
Yet here I am

It's not possible to teach a kid by preaching
When you do the opposite

[Chorus 2X]

[Verse 1]
I put my all in it
Calling it quits was a schtick
Just a ruse that I'd use
If I started to get
Sick of the conflict wearing away
At what we set and so I'd threaten to leave
Hopin' you'd beg me to stay
And you did but this time
There ain't no coming back
Despite the fact
That I don't wanna see you with somebody wack
So I guess we should just
Put this thing here to rest
Yes, I hate to but it's for the best
We were compatible
First date was magical
Hurts to take a sudden sabbatical
I gave you collateral
With no money down, you said my heart would suffice
Back on track three, see
You wasn't treatin' me right
A cause for concern, maximum effort but
All I got was minimal results in return
Burn ya abacus 'cause this doesn't add up
Sad but I have to know: what happened to us?

[Verse 2]
How do I move on
And still get my groove on?
Who's gonna captivate my soul
With a new song?
Who's gonna saturate my life
With a new long-term relationship
And how much longer can I wait for it?
When I know the only woman that I loved was you
Am I still in love with you?
Nah, who am I kiddin'? Give it up, we're through
They say if you care for something then set it free
If it don't come back, it wasn't meant to be
I think about the coulda-beens
And how it ended, I'm dependent on your sugar
Friends would probably want us to work it out
If word of mouth continued
They don't know the half of what we've been through
They mean well, this is my farewell
I'ma cherish the good times
If there was a good time to leave
It would be now
We're just kiddin' ourselves so let's stop
If y'all ain't know
I'm talking 'bout my one and only true love
And that's hip-hop, let's go

[Verse 1]
Before D. Swain there was Daniel
A scrawny kid in sandals
Handled his Yamaha with ease
He didn't need a manual
Example: samples were hurt
Trampled into the dirt
Only thing older than records he'd flip
Maybe his flannel shirts
"But, but, but
Yo Danny how'd your shit turn out so phat
And, and, and
Ain't never heard drum patterns sound like that"
He envied his MPC
It deserved credit, and not he
For all he'd ever have to do
Was whatever it asked him to
At two in the morning, yawning
Cookin' up beats without warning
Throw a little horn in, Pete Rock would be proud
But will +They Reminisce Over You+?
So he did a freestyle, freeform
D is reborn
No more late nights and cheap porn for him
Drum kits, come spit
On my tracks you dumb shit
No takers, no one was takin' him serious
Here he is makin' this heat
Older heads were just leery it's
Apparent, starin' at his figure
Figured if he gets slimmer
Then these dreams gon' have to be his dinner
Bon appetit, nigga
Came in the game with a frame of mind that
Anything he'd spit they would say "rewind that"
Sign of the times
He's combinin' his rhymes with his sound designs
It sounds divine
But initially it was a mixed reaction
People tried to tell him "don't commit to rappin'"
But he stayed with it, played with it
They hated it, so he took the negativity
And built a barricade with it
Marinate, bitches
Vindication was an indication of his innovation
He told you so
Not neo-soul, not soul nouveau
But a whole new show, starring him
Flipped the script, and he'll flip it again
My man

Keep dreamin'
'Cause life's too short for second guessin'
I keep steam in
My locomotive destined for success, yes
And I don't care what you (or you)
Or you may have to say
I'ma live my dreams and do things my way
So keep dreamin'
And if they try to bring you down
Just keep believin'
What goes around will come around
(Who, me?) Yes
And I don't care who you are
Long as you reach for the stars
And keep them dreams in a jar
The world is ours

[Verse 2]
Need a light? Right
I write because the beat's tight
Retire twenty times a year
Because it keeps my teeth white
But I need to lighten up
Think of the hope that I give these kids
Think of the dope shit I did, shit
Got a little dose of exposure, s'posed to
Pave the way for these babies who
Say "Yo D, I wanna be like you"
Show them it's cool to be yourself
Nigga had no help
Picturin' a Grammy on the shelf
Was my inspiration, dying to go to the show
Now I've been two times in a row
Man, talk about perks
Opportunists hoppin' out the woodworks
I dap 'em up and keep it movin'
Deep down inside they jealous
'Cause D. Swain just keep improvin'
Old rappers just don't know what time to quit
So they sit
On they ass, complain and bitch
Too much pride to give me props
So they cop out and call me Carolina's Kanye West
I'm not vexed
I brush it off 'cause I'm the best
Thing to come out of S.C. since Jesse Jackson
"Let's retract our statements once he makes it big
Say we loved him way back when
Yo D. Swain, how'd you make that Grammy list?"
I tell 'em