From its humble beginnings as an instrumental on Dream, Fulfilled to a featured song with vocals on Pitchfork to its inclusion on the Danny Is Dead EP, Danny!'s "Check It Out" has certainly made its rounds since its debut in 2007.

The ambitious remake of A Tribe Called Quest's "Find A Way", originally produced by J Dilla, recently found a new home on a radio campaign for Nordstrom's annual Anniversary Sale. Captured by long-time StarTower affiliate Phillip Riedel, the footage above captures the advertisement being played on a local radio station in Frisco, Texas.

This is a Benihana job of [A Tribe Called Quest]'s 1998 classic "Find A Way" that preserves the hook and much of the original Ummah production's still-futuristic-sounding soul jazz vibe.

Nate Patrin, Pitchfork

The commercial comes on the heels of the recent passing of A Tribe Called Quest MC Phife Dawg, who succumbed to a long-term battle with diabetes. Watch the clip above to hear "Check It Out" in the Nordstrom ad, then download the MP3 exclusively from Pitchfork.

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