Watch Danny Swain on the big (and small) screen in these video clips.

  • Sesame Street's Party Bus

    Sesame Street's Party Bus

  • Behind The Scenes of Danny!'s GQ Interview

    GQ Interview: Behind The Scenes

  • Hey Rookie Welcome To The NFL Season 15

    Danny!'s Voiceovers For ESPN Series

  • Bob's Burgers and Danny Swain

    Danny! Loves Bob's Burgers

  • Danny Swain Performs On Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

    "Evil" On Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

  • Sonos Listening Is Back

    SONOS® "Listening Is Back" Commercial

  • Wale - Never Never Freestyle Produced by Danny Swain

    Wale's Danny!-Produced "Never Never"

  • Danny $wain

    Danny! Flaunts StarTower Advance

  • Crown Royal On Point Commercial

    "Cafe Surreal" In Crown Royal Advert

All Aboard The Sesame Studios "Party Bus" With DJ Danny!

30 Sep 2016Music VideoShadowmachine Films

Danny!'s first appearance on Sesame Street features an upbeat update to "Wheels On The Bus".

Danny Swain's GQ Photoshoot and Interview

05 Mar 2014Behind The ScenesGQ Magazine

Watch the video above for clips from Danny!'s interview with GQ Magazine, as well as exclusive photoshoot footage and a live performance of "Don't Forget About Me".

Danny! Counts $25,000 In Pointless Ineffective Viral Video

22 Jun 2017ViralStarTower Music, Ltd.

Hey, it worked for Lil Boosie.

Bob's Burgers & Danny Swain Make Beautiful Music Together

14 Feb 2017TelevisionBento Box Entertainment

Thank you, Loren.

Danny! Performs "Evil" On Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

20 Sep 2012TelevisionNBC

Debuting his first single from Payback, Danny! makes his first national television appearance backed by the hardest working band in late night. Okay, player.

Crown Royal's "On Point: #ReignOn" Commercial Features Danny!'s "Cafe Surreal"

22 Jun 2013TelevisionNBA

Swizzy's catchy coffeehouse ode pops up at the 0:15 mark in this advert which originally aired during the NBA Finals.

Danny! Song Featured In SONOS® "Listening Is Back" Advert

16 Jul 2012Television72 & Sunny

The drummer formerly known as Brother ?uestion picks the perfect playlist for his shoe lair -- which includes a remix of "I Ain't The Walrus" from Where Is Danny?.

Wale's "Never Never", Produced By Danny!, Hits Two Million Views On YouTube

17 Jan 2013Music Video1st Impression Films

The final track on Wale's Folarin mixtape gets the Maybach Music video treatment and has been viewed over 2,000,000 times on YouTube alone. Watch the clip above to watch the music video for "Never Never", produced by Danny Swain.

Listen To Danny! Narrate NFL Films' Hey Rookie, Welcome To The NFL

04 May 2016TelevisionNFL Films

Check out the clips above to hear Mr. Swain's voiceover work on the acclaimed ESPN series.