Upon its release, And I Love H.E.R.: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack was acknowledged in publications including ABC News, Pitchfork and L.A. Weekly, and continues to receive retrospective accolades long after it first appeared in retail as an "innovative, memorable" album.

Production-wise, the album was noted for pushing the envelope past "Cafe Surreal" into a genre all its own. Fusing a range of samples from Peanuts interludes ("Jet Set") to vintage library music ("After The Love Has Gone") while borrowing cues from underground electronica legends such as Blue States ("Your Girl") to Arkestra One ("Seu Pariso") -- all while paying tribute to the Beatles with song titles such as "Yoko Ono" and "I Want H.E.R. (She's So Heavy)" -- Danny! became assured from the amount of press during that time that he had made the right decision sonically.

Eight years later, Danny! has teamed up with StarTower Music, Ltd. to press up physical copies of arguably his most definitive album to date. Featuring all original 17 tracks, the re-release will also include liner notes and a bonus instrumental disc. A tentative date has not been announced yet but Danny! says he expects the reissue "in time for the album's 10th anniversary".

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